The Rules of ZigZag



Are the words in this sign…


Calligraphic instructions for the letter ‘N’…


Or are they…





Directions for climbing stairs, and what to do once you’ve climbed them…


Or are they…





From the Flight School for Dragonflies training manual.


Or maybe it’s a hint…

…hinting in a zigzag manner that none of the above apply.


In the maze of life perspective is sometimes needed to figure out which way to go… then again sometimes we need to go every which way to find the path, the answer, which is right for us… and who cares if the answer and path is right or wrong or a combination of both or neither for others.




β€œLife is unrest, and its passage at best a zigzag course, that only straightens to a direct line when viewed across the years.” ― Elbert Hubbard





  1. Yes, you are right…but in my case, to be able to look for our own path in a non judgemental way, without guilt or a priori features to fit our own “ideal” vision we had been nourished by our parents, it takes such a long time and so much honest and hard work on ourselves..I am getting there finally, in the future, mybe, sooner or later..At least, it’s my own path and it makes a difference compared to what I was supposed to be. i love the dragonfly picture!


    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      When I glance back at my life there are so many changes of direction that it looks like a crosshatch pattern formed out of many zigzags, a chaotic mess, yet there is a linear undercurrent, an order to the chaos. I suppose we see what we choose to see, we find what we seek, our frame of mind pulls out the files which correspond to our thinking at the time.

      I kind of view everything as being part of my path, that includes my N parents and what they brought into the mix. So when I have those moments of wishing things had been different, that I’d had different parents because then everything would have been neat and tidy, happy and so much better than it was, I remind myself that that is an illusion, and chances are that if things had been different my life would in all probability still be a crosshatch zigzag mess, because that is my life, my path. No idea why or where it is all going, such is life πŸ˜‰

      It’s wonderful to hear that the benefits of all the work you have been doing are beginning to make themselves felt! Have you ever seen what a dragonfly looks like before it turns into a dragonfly. Some years ago when the pond in my garden wasn’t overgrown with pond plants (which the wildlife loves as there are plenty of hiding places, and it makes it hard for humans to spy on them), I was able to observe dragonfly nymphs (not really what I had as a mental picture of a nymph, in fact they actually look more like dragons in the nymph stage), and later watch them change into dragonflies. For a while I kept an old nymph casing. Anyway, that’s a metaphor for you, and me, and every human on their individual path, we go through stages and eventually we emerge to be the creation which everything moved us towards being. Something like that πŸ™‚


      • Thank you:)
        To tell you the truth I am sharing something with someone and it was completely unespected, so love knocked on my door.
        But did it enter because it wanted to or because my door was open without knowing?i imagine i am a better person now, I am more myself and started loving myself more so someone thought of me as somebody to love( i still think i am unlovable). This is help from the outside but it affects my inner world and makes me feel alive. Another very important feature of this gentleman is that is not a N; he came to me so i didn’t work with my N radar; it’s a wonderful human experience before calling it love, to relate to an healthy person.
        You breathe, you are free, you are not censored and you are accepted for what you are, how you are.I thank the sky for that every night before sleeping.
        Definitely being in love with a N is horrid and self destructive, it’s the worst choice possible i worked hard to understand why i have made it so many times.
        And as it’s complicated, I am living it as it comes, without labelling or putting it in a box, it’s a zigzag path too; in the eyes of people maybe not a sensible choice or not leading anywhere, but i feel loved and i can love in return.Maybe i am like the dragonfly, metamorphosing and changing life path..


        • The unexpected sharing with someone, love knocking on your door… ❀ …enjoy the now and all it offers, where it will lead can only be discovered by going with it!

          Best wishes, Beautiful Soul πŸ˜€


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