Gossamer Blues



“For men are held above their fellows by the gossamer of reputation, which is so soft and fragile a breath can blow it away.” – Iain Pears


With one word,

One word used a certain way,

A certain way to denote a criticism,

A fault,

A flaw,

An imperfection,

A lost ideal,

A disappointment…

A criticism disguised as authoritative fact,

A fact passed on from mouth to mouth,

Mouth to mouth not breathing life into the lifeless but sucking life out of the alive,

The alive which is perhaps too alive for one person,

One person can rob another of their reputation.

“Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself

Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself

You say I’ve been spending my money on other women

You’ve been taking money from someone else.”

– Eric Clapton


Before you criticise another person,

A person whose reputation may hang on your words,

Your words which once spoken,

In haste,

In anger,

In envy,

In desire,

In pain, pain doing the talking…

Spoken to be heard,

Heard by others and passed on,

Passed on until your word becomes fact and truth,

Truth which was only yours now colours another,

Another becomes black and blue because of you.

“You hear lots of notes, don’t you? Some have a major sound. Some have a minor sound. But there’s not one blue note among all these black and white keys. The real blues, the soul of the sound, comes from the spaces in-between.” ― David Mutti Clark


Take a look at yourself,

Look at yourself as though in a mirror,

The mirror of another face,

Face to face,

Eyes to eyes,

Mouth to mouth,

Heart to heart,

Soul to soul…

The face which you see is it theirs or yours,

Yours is the reputation being taken,

Taken as a given in the making,

Making yourself taller by making them smaller,

Smaller has way of becoming very big.

“Avoid doing what you would blame others for doing.” – Thales


What is done to us we often do to others,

Others do to us what has been done to them,

Them versus us,

At odds,

At war,

At any price,

At opposite ends of the spectrum,

At peace with ourselves because we fight them…

Us versus them but are we fighting them or ourselves,

Our selves implies many within the one,

The one we appear to be is made of many sides,

Many sides which cause conflict,

Conflict within causes conflict outside.

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