Waiting for Something which may not Happen…

There are many myths, stories, legends, fables, which populate the world of humankind,

of the human mind,

passed on from generation to generation,

through word,

through image,

through the collective consciousness.


Some sweep us up and carry us away to a castle in the sky…

or a dungeon deep within the earth…

or elsewhere…

anywhere but here.



waiting for something




Some are real,

are based on what was,

once upon a time,


yet through time,

what was once real has become unreal,

so it still real,

if it was once real…


If it seems real,

could it be real,

could the unreal be made real,

maybe not…

but perhaps if we wished hard enough…


One of our collective favourites,

which inspires the inner child,

who never grew up,

with the promise of magic,

magical thinking,

making our fantasies real,

just by willing them so,

with a wish,

a birth day wish,


wishes come true…



rumpelstiltskinRumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time



The child within who is,

still wishing,

always hoping,

that one day…


One of our myriad wishes will come true…

and if one comes true,

we usually want more,

and more,

and more,

because one is never enough,

one wish granted,

awakens more than just greed,

it opens a door which can never be shut,

unleashing all that we have kept at bay,

imagination unchained,



Even the most restrained of us,

the down to earth,

the skeptic,



the adult who was never a child,

has dreams,


a longing…

for power,

for the magic it confers,

to make wishes come true,

no matter how practical it seems,

to them,

to us,



hard work.



Midas - walter craneKing Midas by Walter Crane



We each have a quest,

we seek,






and wish.


We see others achieve,

their dreams come true,

why them,

not us,

they’re squandering it,

misusing the gift,

mistreating it,

not appreciating it,

we admire,


if only we had it,

we value it,

not squander,

we’d use it well,

not misuse,

we’d treat it right,

not mistreat.

then all would be as it should be,

not as it is.


There is better than,


That is better than,




little mermaid - helen strattonThe Little Mermaid by Helen Stratton



We live and learn,

but what do we learn,

luck favours some,

are we one of that sum.



there she appears,

there is here,

here is,

a witch


Hang on,

we’ve heard about witches,

know about their reputation…



This is our witch,

not the witch which visits others,

this witch is a good witch,

because she is ours.



Circe_Offering_the_Cup_to_Odysseus - J.W.WaterhouseCirce Offering the Cup to Odysseus by John William Waterhouse



She offers us a choice,

a wish to be granted,

just say the word,

a wave of her wand,

her magic wand,

and it is ours.


Smallprint: with this granted wish comes consequences,

the consequences,

like the choice,

belong to you,

to us,

not her.


No refunds,

or returns,

or wishes ungranted.


A witch,

a wish,

does not have a complaints’ department,

so make your choice,

then shut up.


But what a choice!

To hell with caution,

reason be damned,

cautionary tales forgotten,


not ours to be made in this moment.



point of no return candy company




no time to fret or worry,

or the witch and her wish,

will scurry,



Fate is calling,

The fates warning…

sorry wrong number,

the number you have dialed…

is not listening anymore.


So you make a choice,

the wand is waved,

the witch gone,

the wish done,



You pause,

remember the myths, stories, legends, fables, which populate the world of humankind,

to think…

when has a wish ever gone right without going wrong,

when the wish was returned to sender,


the wish offering witch should make the choice,

for you,

for her,

let fate decide.



Arthur-Pyle_Sir_Gawaine_finds_the_beautiful_LadySir Gawaine finds the Beautiful Lady by Arthur Pyle



You pause again,

think again,

and wonder…

maybe this,

who I am,

what I am,

is already a wish that has been granted…

I just forgot,

the here,

the now,

the previous wish,

…it happens.



Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady - selina hastingsSir Gawain and the Loathly Lady – Selina Hastings



A choice to be made,

includes the choice,

not to choose,

at all…

and perhaps,

no choice at all,

is a choice already made.




  1. You are such a great story teller and i love the lines and the Pre-Raphaelite images..True, we always wish more, we think we could appreciate better what others have and undermine, making choices is so hard as by them we define ourselves, do we really want to be something and give up other possibilities?I claim my right to change! And transform myself into a different, better one…


    • Thank you 🙂

      The right to change and transform ourselves is a ‘magic’ which we offer ourselves, a natural form of magic and a very different kind of choice. Beautiful!


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