By the Pricking of my Blogging Thumbs…


I have a small quandary with which you may be able to help.

Whether you are a blogger or not,

whether you comment on blogs,

on this blog,

or not…

You have an opinion and a voice,

and personal experience fueling that opinion and voice,

and I need it right now because the quandary is connected to voices and censorship and such,

and I love feedback

and feedforward.



The other day I received a comment on one of my posts – Insensitivity Training – Learning From Narcissists

It’s a fairly old and obscure post,

compared to some of the others I’ve written,

about one of many perspectives I play with when trying to figure out this and that about NPD,

and how those who have it have affected me.


I like to try things out, experiment.

I explore options and tangents and ideas… that’s what I do.

The more I do that, the more I sort things out, figure things out…

sometimes because I realise I’m on to something,

and sometimes because I realise I am wronger than wrong and need to rethink my strategy,

and many other variations on a theme.


I question myself,

I question others,

I can be… a bit blunt… a bit abrupt…

a bit of a pain in the ass when I have a bee in my bonnet.

Mars in Scorpio, I blame you! (kidding, sort of, not really)


Usually after writing a post what I’ve really figured out is what is going on within myself.

My story.

Here and now, and there and then.

Or something like that.

That’s why I write,





The comment:

“I stumbled upon this blog. Could you tell me who you are and how I can reach you? Have you written any books? Are you a professional counselor? Do you offer office visits?”


My reply:

“I can be reached via the comments on my blog – I don’t have an email connected to my blog at this time. I haven’t written any books. I am not a professional counselor, so no office and no visits or anything else which professional counselors do. I’m just a regular person with a personal blog wherein I share my thoughts and experiences and my attempts at figuring things out in the posts on my blog. That is all.

There is a bit more about me on the ‘About’ page of this blog – on the bar at the top of the blog page – and in all of my posts, but I’m guessing you would prefer for me to know about you and the reason you stumbled on my blog. You have a personal experience and story which you’d like to share, concerning NPD?

If you can bring yourself to share your story in a comment, which is public, please feel free to share. There is no way to contact me privately at this time.

If you want to discuss a relationship with a narcissist – Kim Saeed of – does private consultations to help those who have been a victim of a narcissist.

There are many resources for those dealing with NPD in one form or another, forums, blogs, run by those who have experienced NPD personally, and experts who deal with it professionally. It is an issue which is very much in the public mind’s eye, so it is being covered from many angles and perspectives.

Thank you :)”


Their reply to my reply:

“Thank you for your response. Would you mind removing my first post? Sorry about that.”


My reply to their reply to my reply:

“I prefer not to delete conversations on my blog. Part of my reason for that is outlined in this post.

Your question was a good one, and is one which someone else may have if they stumble upon this post as you did. Your question and my reply may answer their question too. That is one of the benefits of sharing information and ourselves.

However if it is important to you to remove your comment, which will also require removing my reply, I will do so.

I would appreciate knowing your reason for asking for the comment to be removed. Usually when someone asks me to do something, I like to know why I am being asked to do it before I acquiesce to their request, especially when I am being asked to do something which I would not normally do.

Thank you 🙂


Their reply to my reply to their reply to my reply:

“Could you keep the question but change the name such as create a fictitious name like Angie? Thanks so much.”



What do you think?

What do you think I should do?

Or what would you do if you were in this position faced with this scenario?

One of the things I did do along the chain of replies was to Google this commenter’s name.

There were a lot of results connected to one person, which left me with even more questions to my quandary.

One of those questions being – why would someone who is an online public figure of sorts want to hide their visit to my blog?

Are they afraid this comment will come up in search results or…???


Why are they asking me to cover their tracks for them?

Why did they not comment anonymously in the first place?.


Actions = consequences…

I don’t actually see any consequences of any consequence for those particular actions which would need covering of tracks,


I’m not them,

and since the issue hasn’t been adequately explained…

It’s either suspicious…



What exactly?



I know what I would prefer to do…

I’d leave things as is,

as I don’t see what the problem is and the problem they see with it,

my empathy is malfunctioning…

and… so is theirs…

they refuse to explain the issue so that I can see it too.


Just a few words and all is clear, right?

Rather than a few words making things even more unclear…


This reminds me of something…


But I do like to be considerate of others…

…even when they are not being considerate of me?


What to do?


It could just be…

a misunderstanding…

or a mountain slowly growing out of a molehill…


This reminds me of something…

…something contained in the post on which the comment was made.

And therein lies the nub and rub of my quandary.


Please help and share your view…

your views are much appreciated.


In the meantime, I guess I’ll just ‘unapprove’ their comment.

It seems the least complicated option,

the easy option,

and yet…

it bothers me.


Why is this so complicated,

it really doesn’t need to be, does it?

and yet…

it bothers me.




When something bothers me…
it’s a pricking of my thumbs,
which should not be ignored…

Not sure what it is, maybe you can help me to find it.