Seize the Fray

In this thing called life,

we can only be certain of one thing…

or so they say…

What that one thing is varies according to the they who say.


Sometimes we are the they who say…


Seize the day, they say…

But which day?

Maybe your birthday,

but which one?



Trying to decide which day to seize…

sometimes the day seizes us,

fed up of waiting,

for us to decide to seize it.


We enter the fray,

yeah or nay,

yay or neigh,

seize the fray

or try to run away.


We bottle it…



Or try to bottle it…

whatever it may be.


Something wonderful which we want to keep forever,

a genii to grant our wishes…

a magic moment to relive sip by sip…

a scent,

a sound,

et cetera…


Something awful which we do not want,

throw it away,

known as letting it go and moving on,

thrown away,

please take it afar,

from me,

a vessel for the ocean,

a message in a bottle,

no one wants to open.


We get caught up…





the road is never easy,

the path has obstacles,



fences to sit on,

and other catchy things,

which catch us unawares,

our awareness elsewhere,

not here,

not there,

…things happen.



Swirling around in the fray,

of life,

of living,

and all things living.


Bubble bubble,




The fray seizing us,


seizing the fray.




Two posts in one day…

I am seizing,

not thinking,


not looking…


Things happen…


Carpe frayem… frayum… does it matter?

Friday… I’d fray.



  1. I love it ! Fragile moments of life and bliss, so short and intense they can’t stretch even to the end of the word “present”, but they are worth a thousand long dull hours.
    Birthdays are tough though, and they seize me rather than the opposite!
    And guess what? After writing to you, I unbottled myself and started writing! Thank you, you are my precious touchstone (just in case, it’s a compliment). Your creativity is contagious, even miles away..
    Being unbottled is definitely a moment to seize, just even for once in life. xxx


    • Thank you 🙂

      That one took me by surprise when I looked at it afterwards. The detail and design is more than I expected. It was just a snap of a discarded drink cup which I took while strolling and snapping shots along a country road. I have a bit of a fascination for things which we sometimes consider to be ‘trash’. Someone somewhere put thought and effort into that design, then someone else, somewhere else, just threw it away. Life is intriguing.


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