Spiritosa – The Spirit Dares

Confusion - Neptune in the 3rd.



in Italian,




Something like that,

along those lines.


The word came to me,

as words do,

to all of us,

they come,

say hello…

and off we go,

so off I go.

following, flowing, along a random thread.



lo spirito osa,


Lo spirito osa,


the spirit who dares.


Being witty,

being spirited,


a dare,

to us,

to others.


Our spirit,

is a daring…

What is spirit?


There is much about us,

which is tangible,

which feels real,

to us,

to others.

We can feel it,

hear, see, taste, smell, touch,

hands touching something solid,

the texture of it,

the texture of us.


That’s what makes things,





But there is also much about us,

which is intangible,

to us,

to others.

We can feel it,


it can’t be heard, seen, tasted, smelled, touched,

not in the usual way,

in the physical way,

in the physical reality…


Yet it can feel just as real,

sometimes more real than real…

it has a texture too.



yet visible,

to that part of us which can see what is unseen.









Holding us together,

tearing us apart.


At the seems.




It seems.


We’re all very much here, now,


Yet also unreal,

away with the pixies…


I wonder if the pixies enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs…

We do enjoy theirs…

Don’t we?


Where is my mind?



Wits - Shakespeare


  1. I love this, Ursula; it has a delightful lightness to it, a pixilating and capering spirit which I warm to. Great post! xxx


      • Unfortunately for me (sorry everyone else) wittiness, or at least the word wit still throws up a red flag, as narcs are very often full of it and indeed my narc parent had a very clever forked tongue. But growing up on the East coast and having Italian friends I would have to say spiritosa is not about wit and more about a deeper character culture, spirit. Your point to begin with. So…forget about it!


        • Fugetaboutit 😉

          A narcissist can turn anything into something ugly. Any trait in their hands becomes a red flag.

          Most things are neutral until we infuse them with power, the power to heal or harm, to uplift or depress, to create or destroy, affirm or deny. We are constantly choosing what things are for us, for others. Applying labels with a magic labeling machine which never runs out.

          It’s intriguing to explore the many meanings of things, words, ideas.

          Have you ever noticed that for all the ‘wit’ the narcissists think they have, they are often devoid of humour. They are the practical joker who loves to play pranks and laugh at others, but woe betide anyone who pranks or laughs at a narcissist. Their ‘wit’ only flows one way.

          And we always have to have our wits about us when dealing with narcs.


  2. I do agree with Alienor (BTW, wonderful name reminding me of one of the most stunning women in history!) and I take spiritosa as an Italian hommage; I love the Shakespeare’s quote, he makes me laugh whenever he speaks of wits..and so you do, tu sei davvero spiritosa in tutto quello che fai! Being light-hearted is a gift, i am a heavy grumpy chops most of the times; we also say” sdrammatizzare”, hard technique to put into practice! xxx


    • Thank you 🙂

      I have an invisible monkey tattoo behind one of my ears which comes to life when I’m being too serious and whispers alternative ways to view things, making what is serious appear surreal. It changes the texture of things.

      When I was a child this monkey was made to feel very naughty in a bad way. People used to say to me – Quanto sei spiritosa – similarly to – Well, aren’t you a smartass. As though humour, a sense of the ridiculous, was a crime. People kept knocking my monkey out of trees. So for a long while I stopped listening to the monkey and became crushed by gravity. I tried to climb trees but my body was too heavy and so I lost perspective.

      Everything has a purpose, especially if we create one for it, so this phase of heaviness made me appreciate being lighthearted, and also taught me to keep some of that to myself – know when to share and when not to share – because you have to learn that not all ears like the whispers of monkeys.

      I can also be a grumpy chops, and when I am my monkey whispers – Why so serious? Have a banana, then thrown the skin down and slip on it, this technique can offer an interesting perspective and is recommending by 12 out of 10 monkeys.

      We all have an individual, unique to us (sometimes shared with and similar to others), wit. That wit is connected to all the other parts of us and works with them, although sometimes it feels as though it works against.

      Let your spirit dare to reveal itself to you, our spiritedness is a valuable gift of surviving being human in a world full of other types of human 🙂


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