The Zen of Minecraft

I was uncertain, but kept going.


Because that is how I live my life.


I was uncertain about what title to give this post, which image to choose, which first line to use,

what this was going to be about,

and so many other aspects of this…

This thing called blogging.


This thing called life.


So many rules,

reading the instruction manual would require an entire life…

So many rituals,


things to not do,

and things to do.


I was uncertain about this thing called blogging, but I kept going.


I was uncertain about this thing called life, but I kept going.


I was uncertain about this thing called Minecraft, but I kept going.


At first I kept going away from it,

I was certain about not wanting to play it.


But that is not how I live my life.


And soon enough I became uncertain of my certainty…



a different direction - yogscast.


I was uncertain about playing Minecraft…

I don’t play as others do,

as well as others do,

or seem to do,

they seem to know what they are doing,

how to do what they are doing,

what you’re supposed to do,

be doing…

But I kept going.


I was uncertain about my name, my skin,

the world I was in,

the place I chose to make my home, to build a house,

how to build a house,

the house I built…



lewis brindley.


I was uncertain of how to gather the materials,

the raw materials,

which I needed,

to survive,

to stay alive.


Trees needed to be cut down for wood,

wood was needed to craft tools,

tools were needed to create and destroy,

and to mine,

mine for ores,

for fuel,

for treasure…

Diamonds and gold,

not for adornment or vanity,

but to make stronger tools,

to dig deeper,

go further,

survive longer.


I was uncertain about killing animals…

I needed the food,

without food,

you die.


If you die…

You lose everything you had,

and have to start all over again…


You cheat.


That’s an option,

there are many options.


Collect seeds,

farm the seeds,

grow crops,


and keep the cycle going and growing.


That knocking on the door…

Is it an opportunity or a zombie?


I was uncertain about the monsters,

so many monsters,

relentlessly spawning,

making of the night,

a terrible fright,

a primal fight,

and scurrying flight,

for shelter.


Trapped within shelter,

counting the seconds as hours,

what an endless night.


This world would be better without monsters…



Minecraft monsters.


Then I could explore,

come rain or shine,

dark or light,

roam far and free.


Free from practicalities…


Free to be me…


Free to live the life I was born to live…



I am doing that,

of that I am certain…

I was uncertain, but I kept going…

This is the life I was born to live,

uncertain about that and everything else,

but I keep going…


Keep going.


Keep digging.


Dig yourself into a hole,

keep digging,

dig yourself out of the hole.





I was uncertain about all the digging,

it can go on forever,

deeper darker,

no end in sight,

running out of torches,

out of light,

running out of tools,



but not flight.


Wondering if death is an option…

dying here and now,

to be reborn,


Not here but there, elsewhere…

and start all over again.


But just at the point,

of no return,

as death seems more desirable than life,

one last block,

broken by hand,

gives way and…

Light streaming in,

sight greets the weary,

with a welcome…


I was uncertain of leaving the dark,

the hole,

the hole I had dug with bare hands in the dark,

the hole which had become a home,

even though it was not the home I wanted,

dreamed of creating,

it was still a home,

because I was here,


as much as I had wanted out when I was in…

I was uncertain what lay ahead…

But I kept going…

And before me I saw a paradise,

stretching far,

in vivid blues and green,

a new land to explore…


It’s a big world out there.



paradise by cheri lucas rowlandsParadise by Cheri Lucas Rowlands




  1. I can dig it for sure…never thought about respawning but like swimming; yesterday I found paradise all around after leaving the beer cloud and getting to the gym. In the zone, the middle of the “triangle,” the objective viewer again, before the whole cave-in and the digging begins again, then I remember (thank you very much) we have unearthed paradise, always do, it’s always there…it’s all good. Just stay in the clear shallow water ere the sun hits the bottom and the color is everywhere, start fish and pearl rainbows even in the rocks. Our hearts can’t mend in the murky deep where bottom dwellers lay in waiting, but we go looking for the pieces burred in the mud only to find they have floated toward the sun while we were digging. Love.


  2. I can feel the toil and fatigue of a life trying to find a place, a way and to make sense; to adjust once again.You are uncertain, yet you are determined and brave. And authentic
    I really hope this is just a metaphorical meditation of a past moment and no earthquake is approaching and life is more peaceful and you did find your


    • This came out of a long weekend (bank holiday in the UK) of playing Minecraft. My partner downloaded a Yogscast mod – Mission to the Moon. We’ve been playing it together and it’s been very interesting. The way he plays and the way I play is so different, and those differences have been intriguing to observe, especially as our gaming styles correlate with our living styles.

      Part of the quest of this game is to gather the materials necessary to build a rocket to the Moon. My partner in a short space of time has already built a rocket and gathered many of the necessary components, harnessed power, built machinery to refine fuel and ores, etc. He is very efficient, methodical, focused and determined. I on the other hand have spent that time, stumbling around, getting killed a lot, exploring randomly, using whatever tools I have in an inefficient manner (which works for me, but if I built and used better tools it would make my gameplay easier), and generally doing everything all at once while accomplishing nothing much towards achieving the quest.

      Sometimes I feel completely useless (as a gaming partner) but sometimes I see how useful my uselessness is (mostly because my partner points it out – he has no problem with my style of gaming, I’m the one who criticises myself). And our different styles complement each other – like in RL.

      It’s an intriguing way to discover new perspectives on myself, on my partner, and life.

      In the game I could, if I wanted to, be very different from who I am in RL. I could be and do all the things I feel that RL restricts me from being and doing. But I’m consistent in gameplay to who I am in RL. And that is eye-opening and thought-provoking.

      That’s what this post was about. It showed me a new way of looking at my old ways. To see that my uncertainty is in some ways my certainty. That it is something from which I benefit rather than something which is to my detriment. This uncertainty is not doubt, not self-doubt, not in the usual way, it is how I learn and how I like to be. I’m at my best when I have no idea what I’m doing.

      The opportunity to see… is everywhere 🙂

      Thank you for being concerned. As far as I know there are no earthquakes approaching, there are some practical things coming up… practical things always cause mini-quakes for me. I excel at the impractical, the practical always challenges me 😉


      • If the small earthquakes concern house hunting and moving out, i am sending very positive vibes, hoping you find a special any case, Capricorn corresponds to the 1st ground chakra, earth and home and work, and you have a very good relationship with whatever is with under your feet.
        i am concerned for you as you are a real friend, although behind the screen ( and i still can’t guess wherever under the pole you live). Take care, xxx


  3. Fab story, and big thumbs up for the originality. I would never have expected that one of the prompts would lead to a story on Minecraft. It’s my son’s favourite game, and after months of playing with it, I still haven’t got a clue how to play or what to do!


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      Playing Minecraft is similar to writing. The game is like a prompt. You can do anything you want with it, the imagination is free to roam… and that is both the beauty and the beast of it.

      Have you watched the Yogscast videos? They’re hilarious! And show just how far the imagination can go with Minecraft. One of the Yogscast team has compiled a video guide to Minecraft – – which I should probably watch as even though I’ve been playing the game for a while, I still just stumble around in it, which is one way of playing it and quite fun!


      • Thanks, my son got crazy with YouTube videos from Sky Does Minecraft (I think he was called). I think my problem comes from him bossing me around, or destroying my towers or turning them into lava fountains and stuff… basically him just ruining my fun lol 🙂 Will check out those videos, thanks for the link 🙂


        • Sounds like your son loves playing with you, it gives him a different experience of your relationship, builds his confidence – he’s messing with you and you love him anyway. That is very precious (albeit annoying 😉 ). Have you ever turned his towers into lava fountains?


          • Hahaha! All hell would break loose if I did! I played Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare with him the other day, and he was shouting, so I told him off, and he kicked me out of his party (he lives with his dad). I went on playing (because I like this game and I didn’t want to lose the points I had already acquired) and, being a sunflower, I started healing things before the next wave of zombies arrived… and I ended up healing him. His reply? He chucked a bomb at me. So I stopped playing! Then we had a good chat on being rude and all that. Hopefully he’s learnt a lesson.

            But yeah, thanks for the idea, I might just try doing that next time we’re on Minecraft 😉


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