The Zen of Minecraft

I was uncertain, but kept going.


Because that is how I live my life.


I was uncertain about what title to give this post, which image to choose, which first line to use,

what this was going to be about,

and so many other aspects of this…

This thing called blogging.


This thing called life.


So many rules,

reading the instruction manual would require an entire life…

So many rituals,


things to not do,

and things to do.


I was uncertain about this thing called blogging, but I kept going.


I was uncertain about this thing called life, but I kept going.


I was uncertain about this thing called Minecraft, but I kept going.


At first I kept going away from it,

I was certain about not wanting to play it.


But that is not how I live my life.


And soon enough I became uncertain of my certainty…



a different direction - yogscast.


I was uncertain about playing Minecraft…

I don’t play as others do,

as well as others do,

or seem to do,

they seem to know what they are doing,

how to do what they are doing,

what you’re supposed to do,

be doing…

But I kept going.


I was uncertain about my name, my skin,

the world I was in,

the place I chose to make my home, to build a house,

how to build a house,

the house I built…



lewis brindley.


I was uncertain of how to gather the materials,

the raw materials,

which I needed,

to survive,

to stay alive.


Trees needed to be cut down for wood,

wood was needed to craft tools,

tools were needed to create and destroy,

and to mine,

mine for ores,

for fuel,

for treasure…

Diamonds and gold,

not for adornment or vanity,

but to make stronger tools,

to dig deeper,

go further,

survive longer.


I was uncertain about killing animals…

I needed the food,

without food,

you die.


If you die…

You lose everything you had,

and have to start all over again…


You cheat.


That’s an option,

there are many options.


Collect seeds,

farm the seeds,

grow crops,


and keep the cycle going and growing.


That knocking on the door…

Is it an opportunity or a zombie?


I was uncertain about the monsters,

so many monsters,

relentlessly spawning,

making of the night,

a terrible fright,

a primal fight,

and scurrying flight,

for shelter.


Trapped within shelter,

counting the seconds as hours,

what an endless night.


This world would be better without monsters…



Minecraft monsters.


Then I could explore,

come rain or shine,

dark or light,

roam far and free.


Free from practicalities…


Free to be me…


Free to live the life I was born to live…



I am doing that,

of that I am certain…

I was uncertain, but I kept going…

This is the life I was born to live,

uncertain about that and everything else,

but I keep going…


Keep going.


Keep digging.


Dig yourself into a hole,

keep digging,

dig yourself out of the hole.





I was uncertain about all the digging,

it can go on forever,

deeper darker,

no end in sight,

running out of torches,

out of light,

running out of tools,



but not flight.


Wondering if death is an option…

dying here and now,

to be reborn,


Not here but there, elsewhere…

and start all over again.


But just at the point,

of no return,

as death seems more desirable than life,

one last block,

broken by hand,

gives way and…

Light streaming in,

sight greets the weary,

with a welcome…


I was uncertain of leaving the dark,

the hole,

the hole I had dug with bare hands in the dark,

the hole which had become a home,

even though it was not the home I wanted,

dreamed of creating,

it was still a home,

because I was here,


as much as I had wanted out when I was in…

I was uncertain what lay ahead…

But I kept going…

And before me I saw a paradise,

stretching far,

in vivid blues and green,

a new land to explore…


It’s a big world out there.



paradise by cheri lucas rowlandsParadise by Cheri Lucas Rowlands