Blog Awards Extravaganza!

“…winning awards is cool. Aside from the warm fuzzy, it creates publicity, and that helps spread the word…” ― Patrick Rothfuss



Hello and welcome


my blog awards extravaganza!



When I first created my WordPress blog…

I wasn’t sure about what I was doing. That is the how and why of my doing on a regular basis. I never really know why I’m doing what I do… I’ve learned over the years to just keep going and doing.

I like to question myself, but sometimes it is necessary to question the questioning itself. As in – Question everything… including the wisdom of questioning everything.

Sometimes, it is better not to question… But when are those sometimes…?

When I first created my WordPress blog, out of the blue I received a blog award nomination which inspired me to keep blogging… not that I had any intention of not keeping blogging at that time, but…

It is always a ‘warm fuzzy’ to receive encouragement and support, and a blog award nomination is a great way to encourage and support.

It is also a great way to publicise your blog and the blogs of others, to connect with the blogging community and give those who don’t have blogs but who enjoy your blog a way to discover other blogs. The blogosphere is very crowded with many wonderful beings and their blogging voices. It is a cornucopia of plenty… plenty can be overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. A signpost, a footpath is helpful, although it can also lead one astray (just thinking about all the times I’ve followed signs, especially ‘public footpath’ ones, and gotten hopelessly lost… then found something new).


I am not very good… obedient… when it comes to rules, so I’m not following the beat of the blog awards rules drum, I am listening to the beat of my own drum… which often gets me into trouble… with others… with myself… making things more difficult, more complicated, than they need to be… I happen… to myself… and sometimes to others.


Without further ado… taking inspiration from  –  deepsouldiver  – I’m going to bundle some award nominations which I have received and haven’t yet passed on… and pass them all on.


No rules apply… unless you want them to. For the rules related to the various awards, please see the noms I received below and click on the links.


These are the awards + those who nominated me (+ links to their award post):




































The Seven Awards was given to me by The Infinite Abyss(es) – The Seven




The Versatile Blogger Award was given to me by Cupid or Cats – The Versatile Blogger Award




The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award was given to me by Cupid or Cats – More Awards…  I’m gonna dress as a bear and hug you all





The Brave Heart Award was given to me by I Am A Survivor – Awards page



doncharimsa-org-inner-peace-award inner-peace-award


The Inner Peace Award was given to me by Don Charisma – The Inner Peace Award



The Most Influential Blogger award was given to me by Don Charisma – Most Influential Blogger Award



The Very Inspiring Blogger Award was given to me by Cupid or Cats – Very Inspiring Blogger Award


veryinspiringblogawardThe Very Inspiring Blog Award was given to me by Rants and Runs – Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Liebster awardThe Liebster Award was given to me by Bluesbibliophile – Liebster Award Nomination



Thank you!



And here are my nominees for those awards, all of them or whichever one or two, etc, you want to accept (if you don’t accept awards – never ye mind):

Rants and Runs

Cupid or Cats

Madeline Scribes

Feigned Affections


The Infinite Abyss(es)

Don Charisma

Army of Angels

Let Me Reach

Alien Aura’s Blog

Hunt for Truth

A Victim’s Journal

Better not Broken

The Nice Thing About Strangers

Julie Demboski’s Astrology

In The Net

I Am A Survivor

The Big House and other stories

U Be Cute

Soul Healing Art

Not A Punk Rocker

Irene Design 2011

Beth Byrnes

The Phoenix Again


No Diet Forever Lifestyle

Random Dorkness

Deep Soul Diving

I am a Survivor


Medicinal Meadows

Jo Robinson

Travel with Intent

Emerging from the Dark Night

Vennie Kocsis

Safire Falcon

The Out There Cafe

Lady with a Truck

Gambolin in the Grammar

Paula’s Pontifications



Yes, there are blogs which I follow and enjoy which I have left out… not deliberately. This sort of situation puts my scatterbrain to the test… it doesn’t like tests or rules, etc.

So if you’re one of those whom I did not include and it bothers you… carpe the blog award!

This is not Freshly Pressed, there’s no mystery to it, it’s not in someone else’s hands… it’s in your hands, go for it and grab it!


ps. I’m not notifying anyone… because…


awkward award by AZ


  1. thank you so much for the awards nomination! I love your blog and many of the one’s on your list. I am honored to be included in a list of blogs I think are far better than mine.
    I especially love that there are no rules! You rule!
    Congrats on receiving all these awards.


  2. Thank you this was so awesome to read and be included here. What an honour…I recognize many powerful blogs on your list. I especially love the last one “#1 most awkward human being on this planet”…literally laughed out loud. The best. Have a great day.


  3. See how much I care?? Haha! I have actually had to abandon the whole awards thing, as I let a lot of them gather dust..although I suppose I could do something akin to this. This looks like a lot of effort lol!

    I also love the last award 😀


    • Oh, btw… Super congratulations on the Blog Awards Ireland!!!

      I love blog awards, they’re a fun part of blogging… there is however that pressure which comes with them, which we humans kind of give to them and then give to ourselves. They can add extra complexity to blogging. I think the best tactic (and I’m not always good at telling the difference between best and worst) is to accept them, because someone gave you a gift and people who give you gifts like you to accept them because it makes them feel good, and that’s a gift too. Gift giving is complicated (especially if you’re Japanese), so much going on, so many levels and layers of human stuff. But what you do with the gift afterwards is up to you. Something like that 😉

      The last award is awesome!


  4. Awww thank you so much Ursula. Don’t really understand the awards but was amazed and honored to find you had my blog on your list, given I’m such a newbie to the blogging world. Thank you.


    • My pleasure 🙂

      Blog awards are a fun and friendly kind of chain letter linking blogs. It’s a good way of getting to know the community, of feeling a part of it, and feeling encouraged to keep at it.


  5. I personally will give you an award…I’m not a blogger and yours is the only one I peek at. I never comment anywhere on the internet but here. I do so, because without a doubt, I consider you the best! And you saved my ass, so I am even more in love with who you are & what you stand for. So my blog award for you is named “the most delicious food for the soul.” You ask questions, delve into the depths of issues and my most favorite trait is that you personally respond to most everyone…that is a feat upon itself. You have a gracious soul. The best kind to have in this life:)


    • Thank you very much ❤

      I'm honoured that you comment, I love our conversations, you have a brilliant mind and a beautiful heart and you inspire me, and what you share on my blog enriches it and me 🙂


  6. Well thank you. I am the last one I would’ve expected to see in any award list. I don’t keep up with it at all and have been thinking much too long about what more I can do with it to take it in some productive direction.

    And I don’t see how you can be the most awkward human being on earth when I clearly take the cake on that one. Lol.

    Also I appreciate the long list. There is a handful that I follow but there are others I haven’t heard of so I will be checkin’ ’em out.


    • We could have an Awkward-Off to see who is the most awkward, or we could share the status as there are as many types of awkward as there are humans on this planet 😉

      A few years ago I had another blog which I ended up deleting because I’d blogged myself into a corner and I’m allergic to feeling trapped, especially by myself. I’d limited the scope of that blog and didn’t feel I could express all of myself on it, and it got to the point where I got blogger’s block.

      So when I created this blog I made it open to everything which I wanted to express, which is why my posts jump all over the place subject, interest, thought and mood wise, positive and negative, deep and superficial, etc. I made it a guideline to evolve the blog with myself, to let it change with me, to have it reflect the now of my thoughts, moods and life. When I open the New Post page, I tend to just let whatever is the dominant thought or feeling, idea, of the moment splosh out of me, and see what happens. I find that I discover myself and new perspectives that way. It’s kind of spontaneous creative combustion and it makes blogging something which I look forward to doing as I never know what is going to happen 🙂

      Our blogs are a part of us, sometimes it’s the part of us those in RL rarely get to see and we don’t easily express, it’s the Aladdin’s cave within.


  7. So glad to see your accolades. You deserve them all & more!
    I really enjoy your blog’s format, content, and most of all your opinions, advice & insights.
    You have such a big following because you are very talented and brilliant in many, many ways. You’ve overcome so much. & are so strong . You are so generous with sharing yourself.
    Also you have a talent in your style of writing & communication skills that is irresistibly lovely. It tends to make people laugh, smile & it resonates with them.
    All these things & more is what makes your blog a very special standout place . A place that you created.
    I know you don’t like compliments cause they embarrass you but please take this as its meant.
    Congrats on your blog awards !!!!!


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