The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Romance

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Our ideals, our dreams, our wishes, our hopes, can sometimes make us vulnerable as much as they can make us strong through their inspiration.
Ideals, dreams, wishes and hopes are there to inspire us… but are not necessarily a goal to be reached.
The goal is the journey we take in trying to reach them…
The desire to reach the goal and capture it… is always there.
If someone is too good to be true… if someone is everything we ever dreamed, hoped, wished for, in another but thought was a fantasy never to be real… until we met this person who embodied our fantasy, our dream, our perfect person… are they real or are they… relying on us to believe that what is unreal is real.
Dreamer beware… be aware… the person could be real… or not.

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We are all familiar with the fairy tale romances we grew up with, two come to mind, Cinderella and Snow White there is always a competition between the women for the handsome eligible prince and the most beautiful woman wins and the old mean step sisters are jealous and the wicked old witch is left alone and lonely. A bunch of cute little forest animals come to the rescue to help the poor beautiful girl be the belle of the ball and when the prince sees her he is gob smacked with her beauty and must have her. The narcissist is the perfect prince of every young girl’s dreams. In my case, James walked into the bar, our eyes literally met across a crowded bar and he was my knight in shining armor saving me from the boring pompous ass lawyer I was there to meet. 


The narcissist really gets…

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  1. So true. The person is a fairy tale. Nothing but a miserable, pathetic fake! It will be hard to get past the fact that you were taken in by a back stabbing Narcissist.


    • We need to forgive ourselves for loving them and getting caught up in their fairytale. Forgive ourselves for believing in fairytales and fairytale characters.

      It’s one thing to be angry with the narcissist for deceiving us. They deceive themselves so it’s ‘normal’ for them to deceive others – that’s partly why they deceive others, to maintain their self-delusion. Everything they say and do is always about them and their life story – their fairytale in which they live and think is real. It is real for them, they need it to be real for us too so they can confirm the reality of it for them.

      It’s another thing to be angry at ourselves because we feel we betrayed ourselves for another person, a person who was not who we wanted them to be. We allowed ourselves to be deceived because we wanted something which was too good to be true to be true. That’s one of the hardest parts of recovering from a relationship with a narcissist.

      There are many narcissistic characters in fairytales. So those tales also warn us as well as inspire us. But many fairytales have been edited, have had the dark side of happily ever after removed, changed. Been Disney-fied. A narcissist is in some ways a Disney character on the outside, which seems great until they take off the ‘cute’ suit.


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