You are Cordially Invited to a Private Jacques Cousteau Style of Adventure



I’m probably misleading you with the title of this post…


It wouldn’t be the first time that I did that…


It has been done to me too…


Being mislead…

is a common experience.


We all mislead and we are all mislead.


Sometimes it is deliberate and sometimes it is accidental…

Good luck trying to figure out which is which,

sometimes it is easy to tell, sometimes it is not.

Sometimes the deceiver thinks they are being honest… and sometimes they know they are not,

sometimes the deceived know they are being deceived and let themselves go with it, and sometimes they do not on all counts,

but it happens anyway.


Welcome to the human experience adventure.




I empathise…

whether I am empathic towards you… rather than otherwise,

is another thing entirely,

and depends quite a bit on how you interpret that notion,

the notion of empathy.


Frankly… my notion of empathy seems to deviate from that of others,

therefore their notion deviates from mine,

or so it seems to me.


And is such a notion mutual,

a mutual experience,

mutually shared…?


So… my notion of what an adventure entails may well differ from what others think it is and could be.


Such is life.


Such is the human adventure.


Adventures, at least in my mind, are often about misadventures,

being mislead and… lead astray…


Considering how many variations of descriptive terms which we have for being lead astray…

in fiction, non-fiction and otherwise…

it is a common occurrence.


We still find our way somehow through it all.


Finding our way,

some way,

in the myriad of ways,

which may be misleading or may be leading…


Be careful of the signs which you choose to follow,

be aware,



Is part of the adventure and experience (points) we gain through all our adventures and misadventures…


Blah blah blah…




Jacques Cousteau.


Oceanic adventures… and so much more.


Influenced my life,

as a child,

as an adult who is influenced by the influences which influenced my child self.


Some things just stick,

get under your skin and stay there.




Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…

when did you ever think that once you knew the water wasn’t as safe as it at first seemed?

In a bathtub maybe,

or a swimming pool…


Maybe you never saw the films which I saw.


The bathtub and swimming pool… same as the ocean.


Look before you leap or leap and then look…





Only in games, it seems… but sometimes we survive the first chance in RL and get a second one.

Do we squander it or…?


It’s all an adventure, no matter how careful you are…

sometimes being careful…

is what makes it all so much more dangerous.


Love it…

Hate it…

Danger, that is…


Sometimes it is the attraction and sometimes it is the repulsion,

sometimes it is both,

all at once.


Sometimes you’re the bait and sometimes you’re the shark,

and sometimes the shark is the bait,

and the bait is the shark…

and sometimes you’re Jacques Cousteau.


Enjoy your adventures, love it and hate it…


Best wishes from a fellow adventurer in this thing,

this adventure,

called being human,

and life.



Tiger_shark by Albert kokTiger Shark (galeocerdo cuvier) by Albert kok

This image is under a Creative Commons license which allows me to use it and alter it as long as I credit the original photographer.

I used this image in my photo, as a layer, the other images, layers, used are mine, which are also under a creative commons license.


Thank you for sharing.

I share too.

Share and share alike.




    • Yes, that’s an excellent observation 🙂

      I read voraciously as a child and much of what I read were fairytales and fables. I particularly loved Old Peter’s Russian Tales, which can be found in its entirety here – – my favourite was Salt. Except that’s not the version of it which I remember, there’s another book with a different take on that story which I prefer, I think that version is called Salt and Gold.

      That’s the thing about many traditional fairytales, there is often multiple versions of them. Reading the different versions is intriguing. Like the many versions of the same reality in RL.

      I also watched TV a lot, as TV was both my babysitter and my escape. No one monitored what I watched – one time my father walked in on me watching erotica and had a fit. But then he allowed me to watch erotica too, as long as it was what he wanted to watch. Typical narc double-standards.

      I still read and watch TV and film a lot. For entertainment, but also it’s a way to train the mind to spot patterns in RL by spotting patterns in plots.

      I almost shared the Dire Straits’ version of The Bug instead of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s cover of it. I prefer her version of this song as I heard hers first and it struck a chord with me. 🙂


    • I once had a dream in which I was trapped and ran out of air underwater, I was panicking when a calm voice informed me that I could breathe underwater. I argued with this idea, but since I was about to drown I tried breathing the water as though it was air. And it turned out that I could indeed breathe underwater. Which was very cool! This dream had a bit of a theme going on with my dream self getting into trouble which caused fear and panic, which caused mental paralysis, and this voice guiding me through it, showing me the illusion of fear. The voice was what is sometimes called – the higher self – the wise part of us who guides the less wise part of us when the less wise part has guided us into a pickle 😉

      I think sometimes that we mislead ourselves as a way to learn to listen to ourselves differently.


  1. I have a tough time following along with many of your posts lately but here is one that I can- sort of. I was a Merchant Mariner when I met my N. After meeting her, little did I know that my next mission would be my final mission. Anyway your shark pic resembles the Bull Sharks I wrestled with late at night from the back of my ship while at anchor inside the lagoon of the isle of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. They tore my gear all up like I knew they would. Must be nice to be the apex predator. They would visit me at night, looking up at me as if to say … come on, throw the best you have at us. I must have provided them with some real entertainment out there late at night … I wonder if they miss me? They drove me half mad.

    Little did I know that the love of my life waiting for me half a world away and helping me to hang onto my sanity while in that forlorn place, had a surprise waiting for me … a sleeping N inside of her. Oh yeah, being with her was an adventure but would turn out nothing like my deep sea adventures. My time with her would turn horrific and completely ruin the life I once had. I will never get it back and I now truly know the definition of hell on earth. Was the adventure with her a learning experience … oh yes, but not one I would wish on anyone else. I hate the knowledge I have now. All that I know now – is nothing but a curse on my life. I wonder whether I would have been better off to have just jumped in with my shark friends that night.


    • I am expressing myself slightly differently at the moment. However I am still saying the same things, just in a different style. This style is stream of consciousness, I simply spill my thoughts as they occur. It may be harder to follow for those reading it, but I can see the connections clearly this way, in some ways for me this penetrates deeper into the heart of the matter – what matters to me. What I need to know and understand, what is still bothering me and where i am getting stuck.

      My older posts are more laboured, in other words in those I took my stream of consciousness and analysed, explained, expanded in detail. I don’t have time to do that kind of analysis at the moment, and besides I’ve already done it in other posts. So this is just me figuring things out in another manner.

      My blog is a place where I am consciously selfish and self-indulgent. Where I only consider myself. It’s the only place I can do that without feeling ‘guilty’ about it. Feeling obliged to feel ‘guilty’ about it because someone else wants me to consider them and cater to them.

      Relationships require a balance between self and other… it’s a complex interaction.

      I love sharks, always have. Never met one up close and personal as you have. What an experience! I recall reading an account of Peter Benchley’s, where he met a white shark face-to-face shortly after the release of Jaws, and he thought he was done for, but the shark spun around and shat in his face then swum away – sounds like a bit of a porky pie (a lie) but I love the anecdote!

      Sharks are very honest… they are what they are and do what they do… unlike humans. We are what we are and do what we do, but we lie to ourselves and others about it, often lying to others t believe our own lies to ourselves. We don’t like it at all when our illusions are ripped away from us and we see reality stark naked. There are times when we’d rather die than see the truth.

      Such is life and being human.


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