Are You Being Served?

Today’s Daily prompt serves up quite a dish!


“You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?”


What happens next, at least the first what happens next which popped into my mind when I read this, is – The stranger hands you an envelop and says those familiar lines (which I’ve only ever heard in TV and film) – You’ve been served!


I’ve never been served with legal papers, a summons, a subpoena, whatever the legal term for those ‘served’ legal papers is.


Dear universe, who so likes to fulfill those wishes which I don’t actually make but which you think are wishes I want granted when I wonder about an experience which I’ve never had – with which you then serve me. It really isn’t necessary to answer all of my questions, fulfill my wonderings with a personal experience or grant all of my wishes which aren’t always wishes?



It's handled



There is one wish I’d like granted right now, but it’s a very bad wish and I’m a bit conflicted by how much I actually want it granted. It depends on my mood, depends on the news… not world news, but the news of my world. Perhaps I just like wishing it knowing it won’t be granted, not yet anyway. It’s the sort of thing which will happen eventually, and not because I wished for it, but because life… has a flip side.


I have been watching two TV shows, The Blacklist and Scandal, which have characters in them which can ‘fix’ things for you… but their ‘fixing’ comes at a very high price, money-wise and otherwise, for you and for others too.


There are moments when I wish I knew one of these people and could pay their sort of price. But I know that I’d be one of those characters who would end up as ‘collateral damage’, rather than one of those who sits on the cherry on top of the cake and nibbles it with a morally questionable smile.


Negative thinking… skeptic… realist… pessimist… full glass which keeps getting emptied by a straw that someone else is sucking?


Do those people who can ‘fix’ Gordian Knot problems for you really exist?

Maybe they do… but those are not the sort of people I know.

Not the sort of strangers I meet.



The Blacklist



And if I did meet them, know them… I may perversely wish I didn’t meet and know them.

I would probably reject their help,

their services.


Recently (this time last year) I was supposed to be served with legal papers.


However the person who was doing some legal shenanigans which involved a case I am currently (for the past few years) working on,

the person who was obliged by law to serve me with papers about their legal shenanigans,

‘conveniently forgot’ all the possible contact options they had to serve me these papers.


They even pretended they thought I was dead,

had been replaced by an imposter,

abducted by aliens,

turned into a zombie,

and other Twilight Zone conspiracy theories…


They did serve them to me…

at an address at which they knew I didn’t reside.

They knew that I did not reside there because I had never resided there,

because this property was a part of their legal shenanigans,

it had been abandoned for years,

no one lived there,

and because they broke into this property,

changed the locks,

were supposed to notify me of this too,

as by law they could not do that without my consent,

and so any papers delivered there…

well, they would be the only one to receive them.




Certain people have a flair for twisting details…

the law…


and the minds of those who think their minds can’t be twisted,

because they think their minds can’t be twisted their minds are easier to twist.


Of course I have lawyers to deal with all of this for me.


But they are not the sort of lawyers, fixers of problems, who star in TV shows,

do those kind of lawyers really exist?






Sometimes I wish they did and worked for me.


The line between fact and fiction…

based on a true story,

but made more palatable for our viewing pleasure,

our imagination,




for a happily ever after where things are fair,

for us,

screw everyone else,

just don’t let us know we’re screwing others over when being fair to ourselves.


Because the person screwing me over thinks they’re the hero.


The line between fiction and non-fiction,

is always a bit blurry…


The line between wishing,

and a wish being granted,

can also be blurry…



One eye may be visually impaired,

which will affect what the other eye,

which, let’s assume, is not also visually impaired,

will see.


We’ll see…


And our eyes are not the only ones looking at something,

we may all perceive the same thing very differently.







4 thoughts on “Are You Being Served?

  1. Amen sister. I think the heartless bastards have learned how to infect innocent minds with doubt knowing fear will follow. They’re like the leftovers, rejects, we get move on toward enlightenment, I guess the only question is do we try and help; or have we already sacrificed enough to say F’em, no contact. Is that my doubt that I’m doubtful I can help them evolve, or are they really that hideous and parasitic?

    PS. reading “A Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment” by Thaddeus Golas. Could be another game changer.


    1. I would never try and ‘help’ a narcissist, that’s just a fool’s quest… one they want us to undertake. They often cry ‘Help! Help!’ like Penelope Pitstop, but it’s just a lure for a hold-up. You get to be a knight in shining armour (amour) saving a damsel (male or female) in distress from a dragon… what a lure… good luck getting out alive! But so many people fall for it because it is oh so tempting… just as we once (twice, thrice, etc) fell for it, we should know by now that it is a trap, and we also need to realise that you can’t warn people about it because we are all blind when being led by our fantasies of who we could be for someone else, and by being that ideal for someone else we live out our own fantasy of who we are… until the whole thing goes tits up and shits all over our fantasy. And even then…

      I was playing Red Dead Redemption a while ago, and in the game there is a small side quest, mini game within the game, where a ‘female’ in distress cries ‘Help!’ and if your game character approaches her, it triggers an ambush by the helpless female’s highwaymen cohorts. That’s a metaphor for a narcissist’s trap.

      If we can ‘help’ others ‘evolve’… we do it by being ourselves, helping ourselves, evolving ourselves. They can see us doing our thing and help themselves, just as we see others doing their thing and help ourselves. We share our story, they share theirs, we find elements of our story in theirs and vice versa… we figure things out for ourselves.

      As I see it, I’m a mess… so it’s better if I don’t try and clean up someone else’s mess, because as far as I know, their mess is tidy… until I came along and ‘tidied’ it up. And so, it’s better if someone else doesn’t try and ‘tidy’ my mess too.

      Sometimes though… we have to involve others, what happens next… !?!

      TY for the book recommendation 🙂


  2. I know people who know people who “solve” people’s problems. I have even had offers to be introduced to someone who could solve my problem for a bargain price. But I declined their really really tempting solution to my problem because I have to live with my conscience unlike my “problem”. I HAVE to believe honesty and morality wins over evil in the end. I would rather die broke with my standards and morals intact than have everything and know I got it illegally or at the expense of some innocent person. But dang sometimes it’s nice to daydream about some asswipe getting what he deserves in spades. I would love to see his face when someone walked up and said “This is from Carrie”


    1. I agree with what you’re saying. It’s nice to fantasise, it can sometimes ease the stress of real life, remind us of our personal power in a situation which makes us feel powerless. Imagination serves many functions. But real life has real consequences, and those consequences ripple out causing other consequences which can hurt those who aren’t the root of the problem. I am not okay with ‘collateral damage’. The person who is the root of our problem often gets away even when they are the target. They seem to be bullet-proof. Perhaps because they live in a fantasy version of reality – the power of ‘positive’ (delusional) thinking works for them but not for others.

      I just remembered… I once met a Russian who knew some Koreans (that’s what they said), who could ‘sort’ things out. I didn’t take that option then and I wouldn’t take it now. I sometimes wish I was the kind of person who took those kind of options… but I don’t actually want to be that kind of person or have that particular wish granted.

      I don’t believe that morality and honesty ‘win’ over ‘evil’. Life is kind of neutral about that in my mind, we’re the ones who label things and imbue them with power one way or another. One person’s ‘evil’ is another’s idea of ‘good’, where we see a villain, the villain sees a hero. And the same applies to a ‘win’… except for someone to ‘win’ someone else has to ‘lose’. Which is which? We decide, others decide. It’s all opinion in the end… the victors, those who survive, write the history.

      Some of my attitude comes from the fact that the ‘law’ I’m dealing with happens to be of a country which is known for ‘switching’ sides, and black is white and white is black. So… it’s all a bit blurred in shades of grey.

      Thank you for sharing!

      Always be true to yourself, the rest is an unknown 🙂


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