When I came across this quote: . . . . I recognised myself in it. . According to my mother - myth-maker extraordinaire about all sorts especially who I was as a child and a person, personality, before I could access my own self-knowledge as a point of reference and even then... - my 'first'... Continue Reading →

Why Is No Contact So Difficult?

Great Post!
Great blog for those who’ve been in a relationship with a narcissist… and really even if you haven’t been in a relationship with a narcissist, society (especially society in media) can be narcissistic or experienced that way, and these tips, ideas and ‘mind hacks’ are useful in life in general.
Awareness is key… the key to ourselves and our well being.
The most important relationship in your life is the one which you have with yourself.
Nurture that relationship… nurture yourself!
Thank you for sharing!.
Brilliant blog, from a talented blogger and beautiful soul!

After Narcissistic Abuse

One of the hardest things about narcissistic abuse and going no contact, is getting to that point in time where we cross the line from WANTING the narcissist to love us & being devastated by the feelings that they don’t, along with everything that means to us and ACCEPTING that they are entirely and forever incapable of it.

Whether or not we loved ourselves before we met a narcissist, is irrelevant. The fact is, we were sold on the idea that a narcissist did love us in a grandiose narc fashion, then they went about the business of abusing us. In that abuse, they also relentlessly verbally berated us, insidiously blamed us over and over again, sending us the message that somehow the abuse was our fault and that we were not worthy of anything more. 

By the time we wise up and decide to put them behind us, the…

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