I Never Talk About Sex…

Every now and then someone makes a remark… people make remarks all the time. It’s a basic of talking… that remark, however the person meant it, hits a soft spot within you and takes on a layer of meaning which is very personal to you.
What happens next…
Depends on the remark and the soft spot it hit.
That remark can turn a casual conversation into an argument. The person who made the remark becomes a target for what pours out of our soft spot, and what we say to them can in turn hit their soft spot and we become a target of their soft spot outpourings.
Things can go other ways too…
Soft spots… we’re very sensitive about them. And with good reason. It’s the place where we have much to learn, and through learning we also teach…
This is a post I did about someone’s teaching which helped me to learn more about my own soft spots.

An Upturned Soul

Barbara Brennan Energy chart

Energetic Defense Systems chart by Barbara Ann Brennan

I also often do what I say I never do. In fact, when I hear myself say the word ‘never’, I know that soon enough I’m going to do whatever it is the never was referring to. It acts like a curse, or a signal.

I usually don’t talk about sex because like religion and politics, it is connected to personal beliefs, and it is a minefield of arguments. Debate flies out the window and is replaced by dogma. Since beliefs get strengthened when more people agree with it, what may be an illusion becomes more tangible and real as more people pour their energy into making a dream a reality, people tend to batter you with their beliefs until you agree with them rather than accept that there are alternate realities coexisting in one place. That I can believe one thing…

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