We Are Not As Invisible As We Believe Ourselves To Be

Recently while looking something up on an astrology site, I did a double-take because I saw a familiar pic being used to decorate a post. The pic was one which I had taken as part of a personal project to photograph my astrology chart.
There was no credit given on the pic, but I didn’t mind too much about that (I mini-minded about it, not a biggie), this is the internet.
What did strike me about it was how much I still think of myself as being invisible. My pic being used gave me a surreal moment – it made me feel visible yet visibly invisible. I was partly happy about it and partly unnerved by it.
In today’s Daily Post prompt – Happy Radars – they asked – Are you a good judge of other people’s happiness?
That prompt reminded me of this old post, because although I didn’t mention it in the post, something which I did mention in the post, which made me happy happened to make someone else unhappy, which then made me feel conflicted about my own happiness when I found out about their unhappiness. I couldn’t really understand why they were unhappy… but I did my best to work things out.
People, ourselves included, are complex.
Feeling invisible sometimes makes me happy and sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it’s a bit of both, a moment of simultaneous fleeting happiness and unhappiness.

An Upturned Soul

The title of this post comes from a tweet I wrote the other day. Which came from a post I wrote on the day that Oblivious (by Fernanda Suarez) pulled me out of oblivion on tumblr and rocked my world with a huge dose of the awesome unexpected.

Today when I visited Twitter I found that the tweet had been made Tweet of the Day by a very lovely Twitterer. I did a cartoon double-take with sound effects, then I felt so overwhelmed by the gesture, so tenderly touched and loved, that I wanted to hide and savour it.

I never know how to behave when people give me a compliment, do I hit them and tell them to get a grip of themselves or do I hug them and shower them with kisses.

I often read tweets and wonder what is the story behind them. What inspired the words…

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  1. Just keep doing what you are doing. You are visible because I am seeing it. You are very prolific on the internet. And you have a peculiar insight into all of this. I think there will be a time when the media will be contacting you. Just a matter of time.


    • Thank you very much, that’s very kind and a wonderful compliment 🙂

      I like doing things the way I’m doing things. I like my visibility as is. I sometimes think about the what if’s of getting more attention, mostly because I’m curious about what if’s. I prefer wondering about it as I think the idea of it is more appealing than the reality of it, kind of like cake, it tends to look more delicious in the mind’s eye than it actually is when you eat it, at least for me. I’m shy unless I feel comfortable, then I can be quite gregarious, but it takes me an age to feel comfortable. I’m mainly shy because I’m a bit of an oddball, which is normal for me but others sometimes find it perplexing so I tone myself down. I’m comfortable here, now, the way things are. It’s rather copacetic.


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