Forget meteors and zombies ā€” Giant rabbits are world’s biggest threat

A post full of giant… chuckles, laughs and other fluffy things which make you ache in a good way!

The news presented in the way… I wish all news sites would do it, because frankly I’m fed up of clicking on an interesting READ THIS NOW type of news headline only to find the article is just a rehash of a rehash of a rehash of ‘humans know nothing but think they know everything and panic about it on a daily end of the world basis’.

This is a news a la Doctor Who! Most excellent blog!

Thank you for sharing.

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image As a journalist, Iā€™m trained to recognize the most subtle signs of trouble:

A misspoken word.

A reluctant glance.

A horde of slobbering rabbits.

Thanks to my training and experience, and several highlighted newspaper clippings sent in by concerned readers, I have painstakingly pieced together what I, as a member of the conservative media, believe is undeniable evidence that rabbits are planning to take over the world.


By radiating themselves and producing offspring roughly the size of Volkswagen Beatles.

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