Things You Should Know – About Love

I’m recycling… love… or at least some thoughts and words about a subject and concept with is both abstract and real.

An Upturned Soul

Love. Such a simple word for something so incredibly complex.

Everyone desires to love and be loved. From the very first moment we set foot on Earth until our very last breath. We arrive with arms wide open, our hearts free of all the pain which we have yet to taste, we give our love without concern for whether it is returned, and we embrace everyone equally. With each passing year, we gradually learn that love is not as easy as we believed it to be. Our hearts get bruised, our feelings hurt, and our unconditional love slowly accumulates conditions. Our arms cross over our chests to protect our tender hearts, until we hug ourselves so tightly that nothing gets in or goes out.

Love means so many different things to so many different people. It is a double-edged sword, able to cut us free from our chains, allowing us…

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