The “Dollhouse Effect” of Narcissism

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Upon the welcome mat of a narcissist’s world is a sign:
Welcome to the Dollhouse… you can never leave.

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I had posted relatively recently a surprising interaction with my husband’s ex-wife, who I believe has narcissistic tendencies.

In the phone call exchange that I overheard, she asked him. “What was Kim doing talking with another mother?”

As I wrote previously, this “another mother” had called me in regards to a situation. I then returned the favor and called her in regards to another situation she needed to be informed about.

My husband’s ex-wife floored me at first. I could not believe someone was so clueless as to not realize that there is a whole network of communication around each of us. None of us live in a bubble. Then, I remembered she saw the world through the eyes of narcissism.

To her, we are all flat, one-dimensional doll figures that exist in her world to be subject to her manipulations, much like a doll is a one-dimensional object…

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2 thoughts on “The “Dollhouse Effect” of Narcissism

  1. “This “doll” has a life and won’t be living in your dollhouse anymore”…that is utterly fantastic! Amen to that!


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