How To Play The Narcissist’s Game

A year ago today, I wrote this post.
It has since become the top post of my blog with 85,000 views.
Would I write it again if I could travel back in time to that moment when it took shape in my mind and then flowed through my fingers onto the page?
Would I write it now the way I wrote it then?
Would I publish it publicly on my blog again?
I don’t know…
It has received praise, opened dialogue, inspired people to comment and share their stories in the comments – and I think quite a few people are more interested in the comments on my posts than the posts themselves with good reason, provoked thought, and it has attracted some criticism – hence the disclaimer which I added a few months ago.
The other day I wrote a post which was sort of about regretting writing the very post which I was writing… it was a musing on the butterfly effect and related things.
This post is definitely one which reflects that kind of effect, what led up to it and what has led away from it.
There are times when we are compelled by something within to do something without. We do it for ourselves, occasionally it is done for others… sometimes what we do for ourselves ends up being for others too, and what we do for others ends up being for ourselves… and variations on that theme.
I was contemplating… what would happen if due to a glitch I lost this blog and all its content, and had no way to restore it as I had not backed it up.
Would everything be lost or…?
Would I be upset or…?
How would it affect me?
How would it affect you?
Would it matter, and if so… how?
Life is strange, humans are stranger, being a human living a life, surrounded by other humans living lives… what a strange experience!
Thank you.

An Upturned Soul

*I’m adding a disclaimer of sorts to this post due to a few people who seem to think that I’m claiming to be an expert. When I use the word – expert – to refer to myself, I’m being sardonic towards myself. I use humour to deal with my pain. I am not an expert, I simply grew up with parents who are narcissists, who made my life a confusing hellish nightmare.

I’m sorry if I did not make it clear enough in my words, I thought I had.

This is a personal blog (by a real person and human being) where I share some of my experiences and thoughts. This is one of the ways I have chosen to sort through my own issues.

When I wrote this post I did not expect anyone to read it, posting it publicly was a challenge to myself to break through the…

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