1. I loved this response, and the pictures (especially that first blast of colour), and who doesn’t love them some Alabama…. but oh dear…. now I just have ‘karma karma karma chameleon, you come and go, you come and go’ twirling round and round in my head 😀


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      Haha! I got the name for the sign from the Culture Club song, it popped into my head because I saw the word ‘karma’ just before I read the Daily Prompt, and every time I see that word, that song begins to play, so I decided to use it as inspiration. It’s funny how our minds retain certain songs and then decide to drive us nuts with them. I’m not always sure why certain songs are embedded in my brain, they just are, they seem to be connected to other bits and pieces and if those are triggered so is the replay. Oh dear, indeed! 😀

      The Alabama 3 song popped into my head because back when I had an FB one of the band members friend-requested me out of the blue (it was a friend of a friend thing) and he happens to be the same zodiac sign as I am (and as weird as I am too… well, maybe weirder). I love their music, and my mind adores the lyrics (so I don’t mind if their songs are stuck in my head).


  2. I know I was born under a bad moon. I figure I have that in common with these Karmacreatures. Maybe that’s the attraction? They sound an awful lot like those N-creatures I know and I have definitely fed those freaks after midnight. Yep, I might be doomed.


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