Stop Kicking the You Who You are Now because of the You Whom You Once Were

My thoughts are like knives at the moment, sharp scalpels cutting through the flesh of matter, trying to figure out whether what once mattered still matters..
The mind is like a closet which occasionally needs a good clear-out, but doing such a thing… oh, look, I’d forgotten that I had that, I can’t get rid of that I might need it someday in the future never, it may be useful even though it hasn’t been that way for a while or ever.
Or something like that.
My blog is a reflection of my mind in some ways, and so… here is something I found, should I keep it or throw it away? That’s not really a question, as if I start deleting posts to clear out my blog closet… the entire blog will get deleted, and I’m not ready to do something like that at this time or maybe ever.

An Upturned Soul

Daisy by MoonVooDoo

That’s an ideal. To stop punishing the me today by regretting the stuff that who I was, even yesterday, did do or didn’t do, or said or didn’t say. Ideals are there to inspire not become a reality. If I try to make the ideal a reality, I’ll end up getting annoyed at myself if I don’t live up to it which will lead to more kicking of self every time I stray from the ideal.

It is important to remember that I am human. You are human too. Those others who seem perfect from a distance are also human.

Have you ever looked at someone else who seems to have the perfect life, the one you may secretly want and kick yourself for not having, and wondered why they’re not happy or as happy as you would be if you had their life? Because just like you and me…

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