Maid of Honour

A magnificent tour de force of writing, creative thinking and feeling! – that’s what I felt and thought after I had finished reading this story. There are so many nuances within, insights into the psyche, the cupidity of cupid, and the vagaries of life, of relationships, or ourselves.
Please read and enjoy!
Thank you for sharing!


I saw this prompt yesterday and was drawn to that tiny little dark window in the background. I’m not even sure exactly what it is, but this is the story I instantly saw in my head. I’m not sure it exactly fits the prompt, but I had fun writing it *wink*

They forgot about this place. Huntsford Country House has many little nooks and crannies, a half dozen disused and ignored buildings, but I remember where they all are. I spent most of my childhood running around the estate when my dad was groundskeeper here. I reckon I know the grounds better than I know my new, speciality apartment. Good thing really, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here today.

Dad taught me lots of things, how to set traps, how to hunt, how to forage and how to load and fire a rifle. Useful skills, not the ones I…

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