Contrary To Popular Belief

This is one of my ‘One year ago today I posted this’ reblogs.
Every now and then I actually re-read my old posts, mostly out of curiosity to see what my crazy brain was up to then and whether I still agree with what I thought at that time, or if I have shifted to an opposite view.
Sometimes, after I’ve said something I realise how stupid it not only sounded but was… sometimes I realise that as I am saying it… on rare occasions I am surprised how smart I was, pity such things don’t always have a lasting effect.
Often I’m reluctant to re-read my writing because… perhaps it might cause some temporal rift in the fabric of the universe inside my mind. It’s held together with spit, so that thing is a definite probability.
Anyway this one wasn’t too cringe-worthy to re-read… so me now is re-sharing what me then said because me now is too lazy to write a new post.
Enjoy (hopefully)!

An Upturned Soul


One of the first posts I wrote when I started blogging was about labels, the ones which others give us and the ones which we give ourselves. It was inspired by the use of tags, and having to write an ‘About’ and other aspects of labelling which come with the territory of blogs.

I haven’t posted that piece on my WordPress and probably won’t because it was a tentative dip into post writing, a warm-up exercise in expressing myself, but here is an extract.

“We label ourselves as much as others label us and we label them. Labels help us to filter our surroundings, and the people in them. If we know what our labels are, then we can search for others who wear the same label, we know where we belong, and we know where we don’t belong. Very neat and tidy. Unless you are allergic to labels. Which…

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