Making Friends with Astrology

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This post is sort of about astrology and it sort of isn’t about astrology.

It’s a bit like talking about the weather, yet not talking about the weather. When you talk about the weather with someone, what you’re often doing is filling an awkward silence which you think needs to be filled. You don’t know what to say, maybe you don’t know the other person, and they don’t know you, so you use a neutral subject, make some small talk, see where it leads… usually it just peters out and you’re faced with another awkward silence which you think needs filling, so another neutral subject needs to be thought of and used as a space filler.

Astrology probably isn’t going to be one of those space fillers. It’s not a neutral subject. Well, in and of itself it is, but people’s reactions to it usually are not.

Some people react to the mere mention of the word as though you’ve just summoned a demon. Others view it as a sign that you’re an idiot for being taken in by such foolishness. And they think better of themselves for hating or disdainfully dismissing a subject they usually haven’t bothered to explore, and if they have it explored it at all they did not like what they found and that was the end of that. It didn’t make them feel good about themselves, so as far as they are concerned it is toxic waste.



Astrology - Dane RudhyarAstrology or astronomy… maybe a bit of both?



I came across an article, written by a psychologist (at least he said he was and I didn’t check his credentials) who was examining something called ‘The Barnum Effect’ (because we always need to give things titles), in which the first thing he did was denounce graphology and astrology as bunk. This made me chuckle because there are a lot of people who think that psychology is bunk and would lump it in with astrology, graphology and other bunkum.

Take any subject and you will find people who think it is bunk, and people who think it is not bunk. There are people who devote their lives to proving something is bunk and those who devote their efforts to proving something is not bunk. Both sides can be proved equally often using the same proof.

The human mind is a wonderful tool, a multi-purpose maker and breaker of things, creative in constructive and destructive ways. Some people like to take things apart and others like to put things together, a few like to take things apart and then put them back together (why are there always two screws left over?).

We are the creators of our own reality. Of course not everyone agrees with that notion, and they create a reality in which who we are, what we experience, and everything else which makes up life on Earth is predetermined and that is that.

You were born a pessimist and nothing you do will change you into an optimist. Depending on whether you’re pro-pessimism or pro-optimism, this is either a good thing or a bad thing. Mind you, if you’re pro-optimism then you’ll think that change is not only possible but completely doable, and will embrace clever wordplay which turns the word impossible into I’m possible.

People are fascinating. You are fascinating (even the fact that you may be shaking your head at the idea that you’re fascinating is fascinating, it’s proof of it).



Paper_Source_Colorscope_2Did you decide this was bunkum before or after you tried it out? It’s here (in pdf format) if you want a bigger and clearer version.



Why did I call this post – making friends with astrology?

I’m asking myself the question, please be patient while I try to figure it out. I thought I knew, but now I’m not so sure – probably due to having aspects and placements in my natal chart (Mercury in Aquarius and Neptune in the 3rd house, I’m pointing at you) which make me an airhead with a side of blur. I’m one of those people who walks into a room with a determined gait, then stops after I’ve crossed the threshold and stares blankly around me as though I’m not really sure how I got there and I have no idea why I’m there. I can try to retrace my steps, but chances are I’ll get lost on the way backwards just as I did going forwards.

The journey from having an idea and then executing it has many distractions along the way. I enjoy following those distractions because they can lead to interesting places and I may find something for which I did not know that I was looking. Which is why I ramble so much in my posts, and although I know that I may lose readers along the digressing detour which I take, I never lose myself.

We are the one stable entity in our lives, even when we may feel and view ourselves as being a teeter-totter. We may wobble, do it constantly, make ourselves dizzy, feel like we’re falling, but we never really fall down. We are always here for ourselves.

This post began at the end of this post – Scorpio Amputation – Why you can’t figure it out – on an astrology blog which I enjoy perusing for the very reasons mentioned in the post. It too is about astrology but not about astrology, which is the kind of astrology I like.

When I explore a subject, what I want most from the subject is for it to explore me too. For the interaction to be reciprocal, a mutual flow of interest. When that in which you are interested is interested in you too, it increases your interest in it, and that increases its interest in you – and this increases your interest in yourself. When you are interested in exploring yourself, the energy goes inwards but it also flows outwards, and the world and everything in it becomes more fascinating.

And astrology does that, if that is what you invest in it and do with it. How you view a subject will inform you more about yourself than it will inform you about the subject itself. To know more about a subject, you need to invest more of yourself in it, which may require opening yourself up and making yourself vulnerable.

Which is what we do when we undertake that other subject known as ‘making friends’.

When we meet someone all we’ll see is what is on the surface. We will make a snap judgment based on that, because that’s what humans do. People are doing the same with us, however with ourselves we know there is more to us than what is on our surface – yet we sometimes forget that when we look at others. That’s human too. It’s elemental… or did I mean elementary?






There is a lot going on in the world. There are a lot of subjects. A lot of people. We are flooded with sensory data all the time, and to stop ourselves from being overwhelmed and therefore feeling as though we are going crazy, we apply filters. We look for what we like and what we don’t like, organise things, subjects, people, into one or the other, and then sort through whichever pile interests us more, while the other pile piles up.

We’re tribal, we’re judgmental, we’re human. As long as things flow along smoothly, our system works well for us. It’s when our system jams up, goes haywire, that we tend to find ourselves needing to re-think, re-jig our system. Some people do this by trying to control what is outside of them, others do it by trying to control what is on the inside. Most of us do a bit of both.

When things are out of control, at least out of our ability to control them or us, then we may look at change as an option. We may explore a new avenue, subject, group, tribe…

Astrologically we’re moving into Sagittarius season, a good time to explore other countries, cultures, beliefs, philosophies, systems, subjects, people… don’t curb your enthusiasm, indulge it, and be thankful for the bounty of fascinating things, and people (including you) with which we are blessed in this life on Earth.

Yes, there is a lot of bad shit, and batshit crazy… there is also a lot of goodness and beautiful crazy out there and in here.

Explore what you can… let it explore you too! Don’t worry about what you missed, it’s missing you too!

And if someone asks you what your sign is (for whatever reason they’re asking)… perhaps you should tell them your subject instead or as well, the one which stirs your passion the most, then ask them about theirs… and invest some interest in the answer, see where it leads. Push the envelope. Carpe the fascinating adventure…!



The universe within and without

4 thoughts on “Making Friends with Astrology

  1. Blessings and grace to you and all whom you love. I really enjoy your out-of-the-box mind. Very creative. Very original. Helps me look at a world with wider horizons than just my own. What I like about astrology – a little bit of knowledge is just that, very little. Like looking at a chart and thinking, “I’ve got Scorpio Sun,” then discovering Vedic sidereal astrology and finding out that the Sun is Libra. Or thinking that Moon and Mars are connected ’cause that’s what it looks like on a piece of 2-D paper; then discovering declinations, and finding out that real space is 3-D, and now the Moon and Mars aren’t connected. With a 2-D flatlander-mind horoscope wheel, there is not even a box. Dimensionless. Amazing to me that so few web astrologers use 3-D. Like everybody spewing about “Uranus/Pluto square.” In 2-D they seem to be connected; however, they are 24 degrees apart by declination. Not even close. Geez, like attempting to quench your thirst by drinking a mirage.


    1. Thank you very much:)

      I love that image – ‘like attempting to quench your thirst by drinking a mirage’ – it’s a poetic description of a side of human nature.

      Sometimes a mirage can quench a thirst, but it depends a lot on what the thirst is. A thirst which is also a mirage may find replenishment in drinking a mirage. However if the thirst is real, then drinking a mirage will never satisfy it, however it may keep the person who owns the thirst going until they find a real source of quenching. And the mirage may inform them of that which will not quench their thirst. And if they realise it is a mirage, then they may realise many other things too.

      For me astrology is just another way to converse with myself and the world around me. I use psychology, philosophy, science, politics, and everything else in a similar manner. They are tools of exploration, the more tools you open yourself up to, the more open you become to yourself and since you are connected to everyone and everything, the more open you become to yourself, the more open the world becomes to you.

      Sometimes what we reject, don’t like, think is wrong, can be more insightful and informative than what we accept, like, think is right, because it finds somewhere where we isolate and separate rather than connect and embrace. When we see something, it is our eyes seeing it, therefore it exists within us. If what we see is flat, that flatness is ours, it belongs to us as much as we think it belongs to what is flat. Exploring what we see outside as a part of ourselves becomes a most intriguing journey.

      When I think something or someone is wrong, I tend to ask myself – Why did this particular point get your attention? Does it matter if it or they are wrong? Why does it matter so much to you that you have to point at it and cry ‘wrong’? – and other questions like that. I do the same when I think someone or something is right, however positivity is not always as powerful as negativity when it comes to the quest for knowledge (which is a mirage of sorts in and of itself because it is a solipsistic experience).

      How do we know what is a mirage and what isn’t a mirage? Is a mirage right or wrong? Is our view of the rightness or wrongness of a mirage right or wrong?

      Thank you very much for sharing, great food for thought (is food for thought is a mirage eating a mirage).


  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ This!!! "When I explore a subject, what I want most from the subject, is for it to explore me too." Yes!!
    It is Thanksgiving Day here in the states…Thankful Dear Ursula for your Gift of Pen & Lens~~~~ I look forward to your abundant, persistent and always thought provoking posts!!!!! And, yes I like to explore you through your words and thoughts and images!! They help move me, challenge me and inspire me !!! ❤ cool 😉 With Thanks, jackie 🙂


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