On the Verge of a Con




Is this a photograph of a bicycle?

Yes or No.

Unless you’re feeling a bit Magritte today, you’d probably go with Yes as an answer.

I’m going with Yes, because I took the photograph (and took it this morning, and as far as I am aware not much has changed in my sliver of universe since then) and I am fairly confident with my answer.

That was an easy question which didn’t really need more than two options as answers, one of which is right and the other one is wrong (unless you’re in a Magritte frame of mind or feeling very contrary, solipsistic, or otherwise).

Is this bicycle right or wrong?

Is this bicycle good or bad?

I’m not asking about whether you think the photograph is good or bad – that’s another type of question entirely, with a very different set of optional answers.

Which is quite relevant in a way.

Apparently, according to that type of thinking known as psychology, wherein the mind of some study the minds of others and make conclusions based on not completely impartial studies – how can a mind studying the mind be impartial? – there are two types (amongst many other types of types) of thinking – convergent and divergent.

You don’t have to choose between the two, your mind most likely uses both depending on this and that and the other thing.

Convergent thinking is black or white, right or wrong, good or bad, type of thinking. Narrow, focused, limited. It could also be considered judgmental, controlling and prone to censorship. However we all need to do a bit of this or else we end up in a sea of that.

Divergent thinking is black or white and all the shades in between. Right or wrong and wrong is right, right is wrong, and what is wrong for one is right for another and vice versa and many other combinations of the two. Good or bad and good and bad, and good is bad and bad is good, and so on and so forth until nothing is good and nothing is bad and nothing is nothing and everything.

At least… that’s what I understood of what I discovered while exploring my options for the Weekly Photo challenge: Converge.

I did a quick search of the word and my results converged, then took me to the verge of a con. But what do I mean by that? What kind of a con am I talking about, because there is more than one meaning to the word, more than two, more than… is that too much or just right or not enough which makes less of a more?

Is there such a thing as too much… in a world where the inhabitants are focused on not enough?

Take this cake, for instance…






Okay, you can’t actually take this cake, it’s mine (evil greedy laughter… eats cake, feels sick shortly afterwards because it’s too rich… enjoy the schadenfreude!), and it’s real but not real.

Many ingredients converged to create this slice of cake. Many people converged to create the ingredients which created this cake. Many elements converged to help the people who converged to create the ingredients which converged and created this cake.

And someone had to make it, make something of the convergence, and it wasn’t me. I just bought it after converging with lots of other people in a supermarket. A supermarket is a convergence of many convergences. And so is this slice of cake (so is the bicycle, but we’ve forgotten that ever since the cake made its entrance and our focus converged on it).

Things converged to create this cake and to create an image of the cake – which isn’t as good as it might have been had some of the things which converged on the taking of this shot been less divergent.

We learn by doing… don’t try and take a photograph of a slice of cake when you’re hungry (or when you haven’t charged the battery of your lights – patience is not a virtue when you’re hungry), or when there are other hungry beings in the vicinity… other hungry beings who happen to be photographers who eat your cake while critiquing your methods. Kidding… or am I? Yes or no or maybe many other options.

And that’s my post and photos for Converge… which will converge with the posts and photos of others. When things converge, they merge and then perhaps through merging they diverge… due to being inspired by what we discover when we converge and merge.



“All sense is not housed in one single head.” – Norwegian proverb