An Upturned Soul – This and That and an announcement of sorts

“And still, because between us hung the veil,
The myriad-tinted veil of sense, thy feet
Refused their rest, thy hands the gifts of life,
Thy heart its losses, lest some lesser face
Should blur mine image in thine upturned soul
Ere death had stamped it there. This was thy thought.
And mine?”

– Edith Wharton, Artemis to Actaeon




I’m Ursula, the brains (cough, cough, cough, sputter, and stifled gaffaw!) and heart (boom, biddy, boom!) behind An Upturned Soul… at least this Upturned Soul.

I know there are many other upturned souls out there (like this one – An Upturned Soul on Band Back Together).

Many thanks to all those who’ve connected with me, it means a lot to me.

I’m taking a short break from my blog.

I know I’ve said this before and the break lasted for about a blink of an eye.

This blog has played a very important part in my life and still does, more than I will perhaps ever let on – there I’ve let on and revealed it.

This break however isn’t about me having a ‘maj’ – a ‘maj’ is an internal traffic ‘jam’ of mind, body, emotions and soul backwards. It’s simply… this and that and something else.

I’ll probably only be away for approximately a week – but my sense of time has always been a bit vague.


I won’t be writing posts, replying to comments, etc.

If you’re a new commenter and you get a message saying that your comment is being held in moderation, don’t worry it won’t be held in limbo forever.

I will be back – not in Arnold style, though.

So, in the meantime…

If you have a question, or would like to share something, yourself, your story, your blog, or would like for me to write about something (once I get back)… whatever you would like (within reason…?), please use this post to do so.

Cyber-see you soon.

Much love,

Take care of yourselves,

Best wishes!



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