Mars in Scorpio Eyes – The Eye for a Lie

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Stop looking at me that way.

Why are you looking at me like that.

You’re making me nervous, stop staring at me.

Just a few of the favourite things which people like to say to me about my eyes and the way they perceive them. The funny thing is that usually when people say this to me it makes me realise that I have been staring at them without actually being aware of it. I was miles away, which is a default setting for me, staring into space unaware of what my eyes were looking at because they were not the eyes I was using to see.

The sense of being watched makes all beings nervous. It’s a primal instinct which humans aren’t as conscious of as animals are. I read a book a while ago which discussed the effect that eyes have on different types of being, it explored the purpose of eyes and gazes, and things like that. A while later I read a guide to photographing nature, why it can be so hard and how to make it easier. The main advice was, don’t let nature know that you’re looking at it or, at least, don’t let it know that you’re looking at it by being obvious about it. Watch it out of the corner of your eye while pretending to look elsewhere.

Human nature is not that dissimilar. Except humans like to be watched, just not in the way that they don’t like it. They want to control your eyes and what they see. Humans want you to see what they want you to see and not what they don’t want you to see, which may also be what they don’t want to see about themselves.

Whenever someone utters the sentences above with regards to my eyes, they tend to get exactly what they are demanding that I stop doing. Partly because I wasn’t doing it until they drew my attention to it. Their sense of being watched made me decide to watch them.

Sometimes the quickest way to tell if someone is lying to you, or perhaps not lying but not being truthful either, is just by watching them after they have said something to you. If they are feeling guilty, they may give their sense of being guilty away.

Those who deliberately lie have a script for the lie, one which has lines and a part to play for you too. If you don’t follow their script for you, it messes up their cues for their own part in the play. And your non-expected-reaction may cause them to deviate from their intended course. Their deviation may include accusing you of what they themselves are feeling guilty about.

The eyes of their own projections are watching them. The reflections which they see in your eyes become mirrors and they do not like what they see in them.

When someone doesn’t like what they see in my eyes, I don’t look at myself for long (I do self-consciously check my thoughts and such, just in case it is me), instead I look at them and wonder what is going on behind their eyes.

I’ve also been told that…

You have such kind eyes.

Something said to me most often by strangers who are explaining why they came up to me in the street, or elsewhere, and asked for my help, or poured out their life story to me without even asking me if I wanted to hear it.

My eyes seem to be more talkative than my mouth is (Yes, I’m talkative on my blog, this is rather unusual for me in person).

My eyes seem to either disturb people or comfort them. Which is rather intriguing. Without saying a thing, or without someone even knowing me, a whole conversation, interaction, has happened. One of which I sometimes don’t feel a part. I don’t even need to participate other than through my eyes, and even then… it’s just what someone else sees in them.

For the most part, if those people knew what was going on behind the eyes, they wouldn’t be so paranoid, nor would they be so comforted. But I tend to keep that to myself, I don’t want to be rude and interrupt their conversation with a part of my body which seems to express so much for them. I’ll just pluck out my eyes and leave you to it, shall I?

This post was inspired by – Mars in Scorpio eyes – which keeps cropping up as a regular search term in my blog’s stats that has led people to my blog. I ran the search myself to see which post it led people to – Mars in Scorpio – The Scorpio Strikes Again – oh dear… just another one of my me-rambling (often nonsensically) posts. That’s the sort of thing going on in my mind when people think I’m staring at them and perhaps even thinking about them while doing it and accusing them of stuff with my eyes. When people find my eyes kind… that’s usually when my mind is completely blank (which is quite common an occurrence).

I don’t think I’ve ever thought of my eyes as being Mars in Scorpio eyes (I didn’t read all of the post on my blog which those who search for that term have been led (or misled) to because I got bored about 1/4 of the way through it). I’m fairly certain I think my eyes are Pluto in Virgo eyes, since I have Pluto in the 1st house, smack dab in the middle of it, and Virgo is my rising sign. The rising sign (Ascendant) and 1st house are usually what is used to assess astrology in physical form. However other conditions apply, and those who have tried to find a commonality of signs, etc, and physical appearance have been a bit hit and miss.

When I first started exploring astrology, I got my chart wrong. To be more precise (Virgo-rising style), I got my birth time wrong which threw my chart out of whack and into whack. I had Aquarius as my rising sign, and the physical description as well as other elements of it seemed to fit. Seemed right. I did seem to have an unusual appearance. But that could be because I have Uranus in the 1st (but only just in the 1st) or Mercury in Aquarius (which is my chart Dominant) but my natal Mercury does not aspect and connect with my Ascendant.

Mars in Scorpio was never factored in to my appearance. At least not in my eyes. My natal Mars does however aspect my Ascendant, and it aspects my natal Moon in Virgo, which conjuncts the Ascendant, droops all over it from its placement in the 12th house. I think that’s from where the kind eyes side of what people see in them comes. Big Moon eyes… but wait, they’re Moon in Virgo eyes… VIRGO!!!! a sign often accused of being hyper-critical in its pursuit of perfection. A sign which is one of the kindest of the Zodiac. But I’m biased, not because of my Virgo rising etc, but because I’m in love with one, and he is the kindest human being I have ever encountered on Earth. I’m not the only one who feels that way about him (the others who feel that way better not try to steal him away from me… my Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in the 1st wouldn’t like that). And don’t perceive his kindness as weakness (he has Pluto tightly conjunct Uranus, Mercury, Sun). He does have beautiful eyes, deep pools of soulfulness which when they look at you, melt you. He also has Mars in Scorpio. So I guess those are also Mars in Scorpio eyes.

What we see in others, in their eyes… is it them or us, their eyes or ours, that we are seeing. And when we comment on what we think they are seeing… watch out or be comforted, your eyes are showing their eyes what to look at.

I’ve talked and rambled on too much yet again (my Virgo side is getting pissed with me, or is that my Mars squaring my Mercury, or… screw it, I don’t know!). I swear I’m not like this in person… except when I am, but you have to get to know me really well (which is fairly difficult as I’m a Capricorn Sun) to have access to that side of me in person. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing or just an ambiguous ambiguity of nothing and…?

Dear me, please shut up…

Over to you…

Do you have eyes, and if so, what sign are they? And other questions along those lines…



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It’s kind of funny that, my favourite photos of me (like my gravatar) and of my partner (here) which I have taken are ones in which our eyes are hidden. Hmmmm…..

And weirder still, that in an ongoing project which I am doing to capture my astrological chart in photography, my phot0graph for Mars in Scorpio (here) depicts me wearing a Barong mask and the only eyes which you can see in it are those of the mask and of my cat (who decided to be in the photo, which is an honour of course).


  1. Yes, apparently my eyes are often seen as yours are. I have had to learn not to look at people quite so much, or quite so intently, when talking to them because a lot of people find it uncomfortable, and I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable. I had always just assumed the intensity that people felt from my eyes was due to my Scorpio Sun-Nep-Merc. But maybe it is from my strong first house… Leo rising with Mars-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo in the first. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • It’s interesting to explore the world of eyes and what we see in those of others and what others see in ours. That popular saying of the eyes being the window of the soul… whose soul is it which is seen through that window? Are your eyes a window into your soul or are they a window into the soul of the person looking into your eyes and telling you what they see in them, which is actually within themselves?

      Elsa Elsa has been doing a lot of posts on her blog – – about Scorpio in all its forms, some of the conversations in the posts and in the comments on the posts are great fonder for ponderings. Scorpio energy seems to disturb everyone, some of those disturbings are positive.

      It’s weird really because I don’t think about my eyes until someone points them out because I’m seeing through them. I do however tend to make eye contact with my eyes in a mirror when I want to ground myself. They have a calming effect on me. Perhaps because out in the world I feel a bit like a diffuse amalgamation of atoms which others mold to their perspective and needs, and seeing my reflection reminds me that I have a form, a perspective and needs of my own (strong Pisces/Neptune influences connected in hard aspects to my Asc).

      I used to worry (Virgo/Pisces stuff) all the time about trying to make people comfortable and not to make them feel uncomfortable, which they seemed to feel around me, and which I also felt with them partly because of their discomfort with me… then I flipped it around a bit because I noticed that how other people felt seemed to remain consistent with them when they were around others too. They blamed me, but actually it was them as they experienced this when I was not there – I knew this because they told me about it (funnily enough they felt comfortable doing that, so they contradicted themselves about my effect on them). While trying to figure out how to work with it rather than get rid of it and work against it, and I began to see the positive side of what appeared to be considered a negative. I have quite a few oppositions, and this flipping things around is a part of that.

      Leo rising always demands attention. Some people don’t like that kind of energy. However Leo rising also gives attention, a bit like the Sun shining on you. Perhaps some of your personal astrological puzzle has to do with the natural squares involved in the dynamic. Scorpio is always going to square off with Leo ( ). If that square is internal, then a meeting place between the two is needed where they can blend forces. Virgo is quite a good intermediary between the two, your Virgo placements actually can work with the energy of Leo and Scorpio to integrate them in a powerful formula ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Re eyes being the windows into the soul etc, I’ve always felt that people didn’t like me ‘looking’ at them in my natural intense way because I could see far more than they perhaps wanted me to see.

        Great links! Thanks! Lots of stuff I read about my Leo Asc is correct, except for the bit that ALWAYS says Leo Asc like to make a dramatic entrance and to be the centre of attention. I hate that, and avoid it like the plague. Not sure if it because of my Nep-Merc square to Leo, or Moon-Chiron-Saturn quincunx to Leo.

        Really good comments on the Elsa page about Scorpios and forgiveness, lots of people have ideas similar to mine on that issue.


        • I had a weird experience a while ago, my partner created a piece of art using a photo of me wherein he accentuated the eyes. It was placed on the wall and eventually I had to take it down because my own eyes staring at me really bothered me. It was very different from glancing at myself in the mirror. Those eyes would not quit staring. I got to find out what it is like for others to be on the receiving end of my gaze. It was insightful, taught me to be less prickly about the way others see my eyes as I could relate to being in their shoes. I did put the image on display again much later to see how long it would take me to get used to the eyes, and it wasn’t until I put it on the floor, and the eyes were looking up at me rather than down on me, that I felt comfortable with the stare.

          It’s funny the way we all seem to have pet peeves about our signs, particularly Sun and Rising. I think part of that comes from the descriptions being one size fits all, and part of it comes from the descriptions often being written by an outsider looking at the outside of the person with that placement and seeing that person from the perspective of their own placements.

          My mother is a Leo Sun, not sure about her Rising sign, and she fits the Leo stereotype – dramatic entrances, exits (she loves slamming doors) and in-betweens. Always has to be the centre of attention even if she is an audience member. She used to occasionally go to church and even there she had to make sure everyone knew she was there by making a noise during a silent moment or leaving abruptly during the sermon. However if she were to describe herself, how she experiences herself from the inside out the story would be different. I’ve listened to her descriptions of herself countless times, and my jaw always dropped at the disparity between what I saw and what she saw. She’s one of the people who always found my eyes to be seeing dark things in her, which is ironic because she was the one who always saw dark things in others, and since she’s a Leo, she had to share it with them loudly and dramatically, then she’d have a tantrum if they disagreed with her view of them. Her view of others is the only one which is allowed to exist. She has to have the last word on everything and everyone. But she doesn’t see herself that way, she tends to view herself and a cuddly kitten purring softly rather than a rogue lion on a rampage trampling and hurting as it goes.

          I roll my eyes a lot at the stuff that is said about Capricorn. One of the best descriptions on the sign which I’ve read was written by a Capricorn, Steven Forrest. I think many of the descriptions of signs, particularly the stereotypical stuff, is about how others see the sign rather than how the sign experiences itself. Which is useful to know, to know how others experience you, but not so useful when trying to get to know yourself… although it does work as a ‘not me’ self knowledge exercise.


  2. again, I like this, I’m very big about eyes too. I’m a Leo, but its been a long time since I’ve looked up the rising houses and all that, I really have no idea what any of that is anymore. I don’t find eye contact uncomfortable with certain people, but I don’t particularly like being watched. I tend to act a bit differently, not that I’m lying, but that I’m nervous. I’m a special kind of crazy sometimes and there are some people I don’t want bombarded with that knowledge all at once. I easily get embarrassed by saying certain things, mainly bc I’m nuts. lol hope no one is out to steal your man, too funny ๐Ÿ™‚


    • TY ๐Ÿ™‚

      I like some of the applications, uses and perspectives which astrology offers. I rarely deal with it solely on an astrological level. It’s more like using a tool, a pair of funky spectacles, to give my eyes a different way of seeing things, myself, others, life, etc.

      Growing up with Narcs… you get used to and never get used to being watched. Narc eyes are always watching, to own what is watched, to control, and finding fault with what they see.

      I love eye contact, but since I don’t blink as regularly as perhaps I should, I have a tendency to space out and stare, that can make people uncomfortable, and I don’t want to do that so I have learned to make my eyes jump around a bit, which can be seen as evasiveness or just plain weird. When you do something which isn’t natural… it’s weird in a way that natural weirdness isn’t.

      If I am staring at someone in a way which makes them slightly self-conscious, and I was actually staring at them rather than just staring, I do try to explain why I was doing it, which they don’t always accept because their personal issues may have been triggered and are overriding anything I may say. I sometimes get caught up in staring at something beautiful about them, an abstract art of their being, like a ray of light glinting in their hair, or the way their lips curl and all the lines which connect to such a subtle movement, or shadowplay on their body, a pattern of freckles, long eyelashes with flecks of dust perched on them, but if I say that… it can comes across as creepy, or they are too wrapped up in more conventional things such as thinking that my eyes were critiquing them, finding a fault or flaw. Self-consciousness makes all of us paranoid. And if you say that’s not what you were doing, they don’t believe you because that may be what they were doing to you, what they do when they look at others, or what they do to themselves when they look at themselves in a mirror.

      This special kind of crazy which you sometimes are, is it really crazy or just individuality being spontaneous. Sometimes we can only appreciate ourselves when we are unobserved, we know that something is just us being us and we rather like it when we’re alone, but once it is observed by someone else… it becomes something else.

      I used to be excruciatingly shy, every move I made, word I said, I was convinced was so peculiar that I was afraid to move or speak, and I saw that too as being painfully peculiar. I tackled it by realising that no one was as focused upon me as I thought they were (not even the narcs – although my mother…) and that I was too focused on myself. I switched my focus onto others and blanked myself out. It’s an interesting perspective, you begin to realise that pretty much everyone is awkward, feels awkward about themselves, when under the scrutiny of others, and that the scrutiny is more about what they are telling themselves about themselves (people are very critical of themselves, no wonder they are so self-conscious) rather than what you may be thinking.

      When I’m doing my own personal version of crazy… and there is an audience or witnesses to it (which is why I think it’s crazy rather than normal)… I try to make it popular entertainment, as in just in case others view this as crazy, I’ll make it funny-haha rather than funny-strange, then they can laugh and relax rather than feel uncomfortable. It’s a great ice-breaker. If you’re awkward first, other people aren’t so afraid of being awkward themselves – and almost everyone is a bit afraid of that ๐Ÿ™‚


      • I did end up looking up my astrological profile after I read this, its been quite awhile. Most of what I found, I’d forgotten about, but it explains a lot if there’s any accuracy to it. I love your description about why you sometimes stare at others. I couldn’t agree more, there are just some things that catch your attention and you find beautiful, interesting, etc., but yes, unfortunately, most people will find that creepy if you say that to them. Especially, if its the same person who constantly catches your attention.

        My crazy may be spontaneous individuality, but it generally does come across as crazy in public. Of course, my alone time has also become public, so my MANY crazy quirks, really have been perceived as being crazy, or at the very least truly abnormal. I think they may be abnormal too, but as you mentioned, I did not mind them until they became known to others. I definitely do tend to attempt to make light of the situation and turn it into entertainment when I am caught though. I am a bit self-conscious with some things though, so I have not really noticed that anyone else seems awkward. Most people I’ve noticed seem to have it together a bit more than I do, but I guess I just must not focus on them as much as I think I do, as you stated you have. Guess I’ll have to work on that.


        • I think the accuracy of astrology is more in what we learn about ourselves when we read interpretations, our own accuracy about ourselves using astrology as a starting point or a point of reference, comparison, whatnot. It’s quite a good way to discuss yourself with yourself and perhaps gain some insight. It’s also a good way to test your own susceptibility to the opinions of others, because some interpretations can seems very confident and we may override our own knowledge of ourselves because of the way they present their opinion.

          I like to check out the natal chart of the astrologer whose work I am reading to get a better idea from where they are coming, and how much they can relate to my chart based on their chart. If an astrologer makes their own chart and astro info unavailable… I get a bit suspicious of them, and begin to question their astro-credentials.

          The thing about other people is, often we only get to see the surface of things with them. Everyone, pretty much, wants to look like they have it all together because they think that’s the way to appear. And they kind of like it when you look like that too because it confirms the ‘norm’ and doesn’t rock the pretending to be something they’re not boat. But then they pick holes in your appearance due to the holes in their appearance.

          It’s quite intriguing to note that some of our heroes of popular culture are way out there. They’re the ones who take their ‘crazy’ and make it ‘cool’. Those who are all-together end up being a bit too stiff and perfect to love as we always feel awkward in their presence and when we think about them. We love underdogs who make being an underdog fun and liberating.

          Have you ever read The Outsider by Colin Wilson. I can’t recall anything about it, but I can remember feeling very liberated and understood (and understanding of myself) when I read it.

          It’s all a bit of an experiential experiment this thing called being human and living life. We try things out and see what happens, learn from that, try some more, adjust, adapt, accept… and then simply say eff it!


  3. Smiles ๐Ÿ™‚ and best wishes.

    In 2009 you posted a piece by Julie Denbrowski about tertiary progressions. I like tertiaries more than secondaries โ€™cause they seem so spot on for the immediate. Even more, tertiaries have corresponded with the major events in this life from marriage to first-born only-born, trance-ending of each parent, and much more.

    As before, these comments are speculation โ€™cause I do not have your actual birth info … However, if I have come even close to deciphering your chart, please compare your tertiary progression against the natal chart: e.g., on your birthday, tertiary prog (TP) mars was conjunct moon on your birthday.

    April 2015 may bring some growing-learning learning-growing with TP Sun conjoining natal Pluto in Virgo, TP Jup conj natal Mars (Scorpionic Jupiter & Mars), TP Taurus Moon opp natal Mars, TP Jup quint nat Sun, TP Jup semi-sq nat Merc and Plu.

    The Ginger Girl may be having red on red?? ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      Tertiary progressions are often used in predictive astrology and I stay away from predictive anything, although I sometimes dip my toes in it I really don’t want to know what lies ahead as that may influence what lies ahead due to knowing what may be up ahead and what that stirs and causes.

      If I had known what I know now in the then… I might perhaps not be here now.

      I’m here now… the rest is possible history.

      I like winging it, perhaps due to having a dominant Mercury ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Hello again. I enjoy this repartee, especially the โ€œpartyโ€ quality of lively minds. That Aquarius Mercury which you like, with trines to Jupiter and Uranus, a square with Mars, and quarto-square with Neptune … and magnified by Hair in Red … whether you lived with Narcissists or Ventriloquists, you certainly were a โ€œgrowth factorโ€ for Mom and Dad!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Have you read Sandbachโ€™s interpretation of symbols for Mercuryโ€™s degree? (Remember, in symbol systems, a 5ยฐ17′ is read as Aq 6 or Tau 6 or Can 6.)


        • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

          That’s a fun one for my Mercury degree! Especially considering that my father was an artist and I often watched him turn something or someone in his environment into a painting. I was able to observe the process. He never stood still when he painted, he was always at his most animated and that energy infused his work, even when the image was a still one, the paint vibrated. And he used to take me to museums a lot as a child, but he walked very fast… adults rarely understand the leg difference factor between an adult and a child, so many of the paintings and artworks which I saw were always on the move.

          Probably one of the most distressing places I ever visited as a child was the Central Park Zoo, back in the 70’s when it was just tiny cages spartan with very large animals trapped in them. We do that with our thoughts and ourselves, and sometimes with other people and how we perceive them – trap them in cages which suck the life, the natural, the wild, out of them.

          Intriguing… as always!


  4. Eyes are very important communicators – the windows of the soul. Cheesy but true. An telling thing about my ex-narcissist was that he didn’the want me to look at him during sex. The communication of intimacy was something that he couldn’t tolerate.


    • That’s very true and insightful, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      In body language, the eyes are used to decipher many subtle clues, cues and communications. In theory you can tell whether someone is lying from their eyes, whether they’re making something up, recalling a memory, and so much more. It’s a fascinating subject, part of the body, and sense to explore. Eyes are the hardest part of the body to control, and those who try to control their eyes… it tends to show.

      There’s a couple of fun ‘tests’ on this BBC site – – one of which is spotting fake smiles, always check the eyes for that, real smiles tend to cause the skin around the eyes to wrinkle because the emotion is using all the facial muscles, so the eyes are smiling too.

      There’s a film which I saw recently which touches upon the eye-to-eye contact in sex. It’s a bit on the explicit side, but not in a OTT manner. Don Jon (2013) by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Very good film, cleverly written, acted and observed. It has a narcissistic theme which is very interesting and informative, it shows the difference between being narcissistic and being a narcissist.

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      • I tried the link but couldn’the see the smiles because of something with this new tablet – still learning the ins & outs, and the auto correct is driving me insane! ๐Ÿ˜  I’ve done some study of this as a part of my job and do feel that there is quite a lot of validity. It’s not always accurate but is usually a good indicator. For instance, people who look up and to the left when answering a question are usually accessing the creative centers of the brain rather than memory. An interesting area of research.


        • I came across a funny post on Buzzfeed about autocorrect – the bane of every user, but often a source of humour.

          There was a blog I used to enjoy reading a few years ago (until it got a bit ‘iffy’ for me due to some inconsistencies and such), long before I joined the blogosphere, which discussed eyes and lies (you can find the blog using those words as a search term). Then I watched a film and later a TV series featuring Tim Roth, which coincided with an increased interest in body language in the media, psychological and otherwise, and what it reveals.

          I think we all naturally take in all the different ways which others communicate with us, we’re just not always consciously aware of it because there’s too much information and we filter it out from out awareness but we’re still aware of it. I think we also rely on it when we’re communicating. At least I do, I rely on others to check what I do with what I say to confirm things for themselves, because I do that with them.

          I also come from an Italian background – the body talks more than the mouth ๐Ÿ˜‰


          • The discussion of body language may be based on an anglo-european mindset. I grew up in Venezuela, and traveled extensively in South America. In some cultures, direct eye contact is considered confrontational. Among the Navajo, especially the elderly, and in some areas of Japan, one avoids eye contact as a sign of politeness and respect. Funny thing about the eyes … deception may be built into the system … how easy it is to create optical illusions (and delusions?). Ever heard of an olfactory illusion?


            • That reminds me of a post I saw on Buzzfeed recently which shared photos taken in the mid 1800’s. One of the people who commented on the post decided that the person in the photos was ‘ugly’ because she wasn’t smiling. Someone else replied to that comment and pointed out that smiling for a photo is a fairly recent invention, and is predominantly an American idea.


              There are certain communications of the body which are universal, but others have to be considered in context of nationality, culture and cultural setting. Which is a fascinating study in and of itself. So many rules, which change based on where you are in the world, who you are with and who is watching and making judgments based on what they see and what they deem is right and wrong, and many other variables.

              Have you explored solipsism?


              • ๐Ÿ™‚ What sort of conversation occurs between a solipsist and a narcissist? Do they see I to I? Does the word โ€œyouโ€ exist in the mind of solipsists and narcissists?

                Are solipsism and narcissism both forms of absurdism?

                What might a solipsist or narcissist say to Kierkegaard, โ€œBe that self which one truly is.โ€ ?

                In another reply you wrote of your Dad, โ€œ…he walked very fastโ€ฆadults rarely understand the leg difference factor between an adult and a child.โ€ In contrast to your experience, I can remember holding Dadโ€™s hand. Exquisitely patient, he must have minced his steps to walk with each of his three sons.

                Also, you wrote, โ€œI often watched him turn something or someone in his environment into a painting.โ€ In a paean to your skills with word-painting, you seem to do the same as him. Do you sit still when you write? ๐Ÿ™‚


                • I think narcissists are solipsistic, they just don’t know it. Nothing and no one exists beyond them and what they think it and us to be. They believe what they think is what is, and that is that, no one else gets a say in what is.

                  I never sit still even when I look like I’m sitting still, something which frustrates my cat who would like a long sleep on my lap (and often tries to sleep on my lap while I’m writing). ๐Ÿ™‚

                  Your father sounds like a very thoughtful man ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I am also a Capricorn sun pluto/virgo rising with mars in Scorpio. Venus and Jupiter hopped into Scorpio just to lighten me up a bit. Oh and obviously I also got uranus /libra first house too.
    All I can say is best of luck to you and your insights are cool.


    • Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

      That’s an awesome chart you have!

      I read an article a while back which said that it takes a while to get a handle on the energies of Uranus and Pluto when they’re connected to the 1st house and Ascendant, because they’re outer planets, which means they represent universal energy and that part of the chart is connected to the self, so basically you have this powerful energy trying to fit itself into a human, it’s a bit like trying to pour the entire ocean into a glass. Those with that kind of placement in their charts tend to come into their own as they get older and learn to work with the intense energies.

      Capricorns right now are going through some major transformations due to Pluto transiting the sign, therefore conjuncting our sun at some point, plus there’s been the square from transiting Uranus in Aries – which means a square from Uranus to our Sun, and for those with Uranus in Libra a Uranus opposition. Lots of crazy stuff going on, but also acting as a sort of signal that your time is now because if anyone can handle crazy energy, transformation, it’s those who know Uranus and Pluto personally ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Best of luck to you too!


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