Mars in Scorpio Eyes – The Eye for a Lie

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Stop looking at me that way.

Why are you looking at me like that.

You’re making me nervous, stop staring at me.

Just a few of the favourite things which people like to say to me about my eyes and the way they perceive them. The funny thing is that usually when people say this to me it makes me realise that I have been staring at them without actually being aware of it. I was miles away, which is a default setting for me, staring into space unaware of what my eyes were looking at because they were not the eyes I was using to see.

The sense of being watched makes all beings nervous. It’s a primal instinct which humans aren’t as conscious of as animals are. I read a book a while ago which discussed the effect that eyes have on different types of being, it explored the purpose of eyes and gazes, and things like that. A while later I read a guide to photographing nature, why it can be so hard and how to make it easier. The main advice was, don’t let nature know that you’re looking at it or, at least, don’t let it know that you’re looking at it by being obvious about it. Watch it out of the corner of your eye while pretending to look elsewhere.

Human nature is not that dissimilar. Except humans like to be watched, just not in the way that they don’t like it. They want to control your eyes and what they see. Humans want you to see what they want you to see and not what they don’t want you to see, which may also be what they don’t want to see about themselves.

Whenever someone utters the sentences above with regards to my eyes, they tend to get exactly what they are demanding that I stop doing. Partly because I wasn’t doing it until they drew my attention to it. Their sense of being watched made me decide to watch them.

Sometimes the quickest way to tell if someone is lying to you, or perhaps not lying but not being truthful either, is just by watching them after they have said something to you. If they are feeling guilty, they may give their sense of being guilty away.

Those who deliberately lie have a script for the lie, one which has lines and a part to play for you too. If you don’t follow their script for you, it messes up their cues for their own part in the play. And your non-expected-reaction may cause them to deviate from their intended course. Their deviation may include accusing you of what they themselves are feeling guilty about.

The eyes of their own projections are watching them. The reflections which they see in your eyes become mirrors and they do not like what they see in them.

When someone doesn’t like what they see in my eyes, I don’t look at myself for long (I do self-consciously check my thoughts and such, just in case it is me), instead I look at them and wonder what is going on behind their eyes.

I’ve also been told that…

You have such kind eyes.

Something said to me most often by strangers who are explaining why they came up to me in the street, or elsewhere, and asked for my help, or poured out their life story to me without even asking me if I wanted to hear it.

My eyes seem to be more talkative than my mouth is (Yes, I’m talkative on my blog, this is rather unusual for me in person).

My eyes seem to either disturb people or comfort them. Which is rather intriguing. Without saying a thing, or without someone even knowing me, a whole conversation, interaction, has happened. One of which I sometimes don’t feel a part. I don’t even need to participate other than through my eyes, and even then… it’s just what someone else sees in them.

For the most part, if those people knew what was going on behind the eyes, they wouldn’t be so paranoid, nor would they be so comforted. But I tend to keep that to myself, I don’t want to be rude and interrupt their conversation with a part of my body which seems to express so much for them. I’ll just pluck out my eyes and leave you to it, shall I?

This post was inspired by – Mars in Scorpio eyes – which keeps cropping up as a regular search term in my blog’s stats that has led people to my blog. I ran the search myself to see which post it led people to – Mars in Scorpio – The Scorpio Strikes Again – oh dear… just another one of my me-rambling (often nonsensically) posts. That’s the sort of thing going on in my mind when people think I’m staring at them and perhaps even thinking about them while doing it and accusing them of stuff with my eyes. When people find my eyes kind… that’s usually when my mind is completely blank (which is quite common an occurrence).

I don’t think I’ve ever thought of my eyes as being Mars in Scorpio eyes (I didn’t read all of the post on my blog which those who search for that term have been led (or misled) to because I got bored about 1/4 of the way through it). I’m fairly certain I think my eyes are Pluto in Virgo eyes, since I have Pluto in the 1st house, smack dab in the middle of it, and Virgo is my rising sign. The rising sign (Ascendant) and 1st house are usually what is used to assess astrology in physical form. However other conditions apply, and those who have tried to find a commonality of signs, etc, and physical appearance have been a bit hit and miss.

When I first started exploring astrology, I got my chart wrong. To be more precise (Virgo-rising style), I got my birth time wrong which threw my chart out of whack and into whack. I had Aquarius as my rising sign, and the physical description as well as other elements of it seemed to fit. Seemed right. I did seem to have an unusual appearance. But that could be because I have Uranus in the 1st (but only just in the 1st) or Mercury in Aquarius (which is my chart Dominant) but my natal Mercury does not aspect and connect with my Ascendant.

Mars in Scorpio was never factored in to my appearance. At least not in my eyes. My natal Mars does however aspect my Ascendant, and it aspects my natal Moon in Virgo, which conjuncts the Ascendant, droops all over it from its placement in the 12th house. I think that’s from where the kind eyes side of what people see in them comes. Big Moon eyes… but wait, they’re Moon in Virgo eyes… VIRGO!!!! a sign often accused of being hyper-critical in its pursuit of perfection. A sign which is one of the kindest of the Zodiac. But I’m biased, not because of my Virgo rising etc, but because I’m in love with one, and he is the kindest human being I have ever encountered on Earth. I’m not the only one who feels that way about him (the others who feel that way better not try to steal him away from me… my Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in the 1st wouldn’t like that). And don’t perceive his kindness as weakness (he has Pluto tightly conjunct Uranus, Mercury, Sun). He does have beautiful eyes, deep pools of soulfulness which when they look at you, melt you. He also has Mars in Scorpio. So I guess those are also Mars in Scorpio eyes.

What we see in others, in their eyes… is it them or us, their eyes or ours, that we are seeing. And when we comment on what we think they are seeing… watch out or be comforted, your eyes are showing their eyes what to look at.

I’ve talked and rambled on too much yet again (my Virgo side is getting pissed with me, or is that my Mars squaring my Mercury, or… screw it, I don’t know!). I swear I’m not like this in person… except when I am, but you have to get to know me really well (which is fairly difficult as I’m a Capricorn Sun) to have access to that side of me in person. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing or just an ambiguous ambiguity of nothing and…?

Dear me, please shut up…

Over to you…

Do you have eyes, and if so, what sign are they? And other questions along those lines…



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It’s kind of funny that, my favourite photos of me (like my gravatar) and of my partner (here) which I have taken are ones in which our eyes are hidden. Hmmmm…..

And weirder still, that in an ongoing project which I am doing to capture my astrological chart in photography, my phot0graph for Mars in Scorpio (here) depicts me wearing a Barong mask and the only eyes which you can see in it are those of the mask and of my cat (who decided to be in the photo, which is an honour of course).