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On Twitter, Tuesdays used to be known as Truthful Tuesday, where you confessed something via tweet. I have no idea if it is still a Twitter trend because I rarely tweet. Nothing to do with Twitter, I still love the format, I just… have been too distracted to participate.

Reminds me of what my teachers in all the schools I went to used to write on my report card – She needs to participate more.

Easy to say, but not so easy to do… I did try to participate more, but when I did I was ignored. I’m quick to take a hint, perhaps too quick as I take it right away instead of ignoring it the way the teachers ignored me when I did participate.

It takes two.

Dear Teachers, I took your issues on board, tried to adjust to suit you… and what suited you was to be conflicting in your messages about who you needed me to be for you, what you needed me to do for you.

If I had been a child of today, I’d have simply printed out all the information available on Introverts and handed that dossier over to the critiquing teacher. That would have gone down really well and improved the situation by clearing up a misunderstanding (Yes, I’m being sarcastic).

It’s trendy these days to admit to being an Introvert and to join Introvert forums, groups, discussions… that’s a bit too Extroverted for me. A gathering of Introverts has the same effect on me as any other social gathering…

Run the other way! And when they call out to you to come back (if they even notice your presence or absence at all), say – I’ve gone too far to come back!

I’m not just an Introvert, I’m an INTP kind of Introverted, which means that as soon as such a thing became trendy…



INTP trends and fads and popularity



Which brings me to my first link on my travels online:

INTP Thought Processes and Learning Style

A certain kind of awesome – the sleeping patterns of ants + Very British Problems + observing other MBTI’s. Check it out… um… but don’t let on that you’re paying attention to them.






And more speaking of INTP…

Keeping My Sanity … One Private Joke at a Time

A Start

The INTP and the Dreaded Emotions – I enjoyed this post very much, so why do I feel the need to ad lib here. Basically I’d like to point out that for me personally emotions are not a problem, they are the weather in my world, and when they are mine they are a natural force which I accept the way that I do the actual weather of this planet. I also feel this way about the emotions of others. However dealing with the emotions of others when they don’t have a handle on them and expect me to handle them for them… and/or then having to deal with others wanting me to be more expressive emotionally, then deciding that they’ve changed their mind about that because they can’t handle my weather and really only wanted me to reflect their own weather – feel what they want me to feel regardless of what I feel… that comes under ‘dreaded emotions’.

INTJ & INTP Discussion: People – this video is fascinating (I’m like the guy on the right only I’m not a guy or that young, so… variables of perspective, experience and understanding apply).


Speaking of videos…

This will make you laugh – Episode 2 – of This cat is NED – if you’ve ever wondered why my posts are such a rambling mess… cat.


Speaking of cats…



You are a Cat



My results on a fun test (these sort of tests can get you through those other tests which this time of year (and the rest of the year) may impose – the internet is your friend!!!! when dealing with RL) – which I took on –  Blogthings – while doing a distraction dance.

I also got the result below on a different test (if you’ve read my ‘About’ you might find this amusing like I did)… I swear I didn’t cheat this!..You are a Bear.


Speaking of Abouts…


About being a child of a narcissist:

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About words:

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About life:

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About blogging:

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So why did I think I needed to flap my trap?

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About photography:

25 Male Survivors of Sexual Assault quoting The People Who Attacked Them – from a project by Grace Brown

Olduvai Gorge

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The Librarian’s Bridge

Seeing Double

Cee’s Photography



Geraldine's hand by Cee's photographyI hope Cee – Cee’s Photography – doesn’t mind my using this image of hers, it is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen of hands because you can feel what the hand is feeling with your eyes.



And About the personal side of community:

An Emotional Golem – this is one of the many posts from Julie Demboski’s astrology which I have enjoyed and liked (and remembered to actually ‘Like’), and gained insight and wisdom from reading. The other day I noticed in my stats that I was getting views to my blog from hers. I couldn’t figure out why… I was being particularly dense (as usual). Then I saw a link to my blog at the bottom of one of her posts. I was surprised, grateful and honoured. Thank you.

Links are the veins which connect us, not the only veins or connections between us, but they help us to travel and explore and through those travels and explorations… discover, ourselves, others, the world, and so much more.



Thank you… Enjoy!