Answering Questions about Capricorn

Since it’s Capricorn season (not open season on Capricorn – which is all year round), I thought I’d have some fun (yes, Capricorns can do that thing known as having fun) and take some of the search terms in my blog’s stats which people have asked their search engines to answer for them about Capricorn… which led them to a post on my blog that probably didn’t help matter at all or answer anything other than perhaps confirming their suspicions about Capricorns.


Capricorn relationshipsIf you ask a Capricorn what is wrong with Capricorns… we’ll most likely turn your pointy finger around at you, because you’re the one who thinks that there is something wrong with us, so the problem is yours to solve not ours, therefore only you can answer it.


First things first… Capricorns are actually people. A people just like you are a people. We may seem like Borg sometimes, and we do assimilate, however appearances can be deceiving especially when you’re looking at us from the outside and judging us based on your own personal criteria of how someone should be, behave, look, etc, for your benefit. Remember when looking at others… others are not looking at themselves but at you. If you’re having a problem with a Capricorn person, just apply some empathy, put yourself in their shoes and take a look at yourself from their perspective… of course, if you’ve already done that and that is what created the problem, then you’re… um… (see image below).


Capricorn perspective.

I can understand how that can be annoying, disturbing, disruptive, and all sorts of other negative things. Capricorns do this to themselves when they look in a mirror. I’m a mermaid (sort of similar to our sign’s ancient design), we say while looking at our reflection, all magical, mystical, mythical and shit, and our reflection just looks at us with that stony-faced look and says – you’re just a regular human wearing a stupid costume, and the colour doesn’t suit you, but you could work with the scales, kind of goes with your dry skin.

So, yes… we’re not the most supportive (of idealistic personas) or polite sign. Look elsewhere in the Zodiac for that. But if you insist on having a relationship with a Capricorn, then there are some guidelines you might want to consider, especially if you intend to accuse your own personal Capricorn of something…


Capricorn memoryI read somewhere that Capricorn is associated with the elephant who are renowned for their memory.


We’ll take your accusation on board, and consider it at our leisure… which leads me to one of the recurring search terms about Capricorns.

1 – capricorn silent treatment.

About that… it may look silent, but it is not silent which is probably why you’re so uncomfortable with it. You’re imagining all the things we’re thinking about you… yes, we are thinking… yes, it may be about you… it is however probably not what you think we’re thinking about you. The more paranoid you are about our silence… that’s something you might want to look at within yourself. Our silence is usually not The Silent Treatment, not as in…

2 – capricorns narcissistic

We’re not silent for your benefit or punishment or to manipulate you, this is the kind of silence which is for us. As someone pointed out in a search term…

3 – capricorn perceiving but he is quite silent


Capricorn silence.

So, if a Capricorn is silent, let them be silent.

It is not about you, if you think it is about you… pointy finger turning around.

It is about them taking a time out to work thing through internally. Don’t try and force your way into their inner sanctum, if they want to share with you, they will, if they don’t want to share with you, they won’t and the more you try to force your way in the more they will block you. Privacy, for a Capricorn is precious. Respect it.


Capricorn respect


Do you really want us to share this side of ourselves with you? You may say that you do, may even believe what you say… but words are words and… we’re not always as into words as others are where belief is concerned, we tend to trust other aspects of human communication more than words.


Marlene DietrichMarlene Dietrich – Capricorn


We listen, but we also watch… we tend to trust what we see more than what we hear.

Talk is cheap and easy… we prefer doing things the hard and expensive way. That’s where the long term value exists.

So if you’re searching for this…

4 – capricorn man trust issues

or this…

5 – capricorn sociopath (a popular search term)

or something along those lines… then this…


Capricorn takes their time


We take our time to get to know you, who you really are rather than who you pretend to be… if pretending is your thing then we’ll annoy and frustrate you until we become a nemesis to you in your eyes because you want us to buy into your talk and not check out if your walk matches your glibness.

We always check out what we are potentially buying into… and what you are trying to sell us. We like to know more about who and what we are investing our time (ruled by Saturn) in and what the consequences of our investment will be.

Your view of our Anti-social disorder… will inform us about your social order views. Such as…

6 – best way to piss off capricorn man to make him do what u want

Basically this is all about you getting what you want. And a Capricorn isn’t giving it to you so… you want to find a way to get it from them (force them to give you what you want without respecting them and what they want) and you (naively – as in a lamb volunteering itself for the slaughter) think that pissing off a Capricorn will do the trick… perhaps because this trick works with other signs? Does it? Does pissing someone off really get you what you want?

Not with a Capricorn, unless you’re willing to face your own demons. Are you willing to pay that kind of price to get what you want?


samuel-l-jackson-pulp-fictionSamuel L. Jackson – Capricorn (I thought he was a Sagittarius!?!.. oops)


Still want to piss of a Capricorn…?

7 – how to destroy a capricorn man completely

Then be aware that you may get what you want…

8 – do capricorn men say what you want to hear to get you to shut up

… in the short term, but the long term is a very different story.


the edge of Capricorn


Wile you’re celebrating your win over a Capricorn… enjoy it, for now, we have Saturn on our side and that is a mean planet when viewed from certain angles, which may explain…

9 – why are capricorns so mean

Saturn is a hard taskmaster and right now we also have Pluto on our side (or against us yet still in our sign). Which may explain…

10 – why are capricorns so emotional right now

Capricorns and emotions seem to confuse others…

11 – how do u know u hurt a capricorn


Capricorn hurt


And even then, if we’re admitting that we’re hurt… watch out!… or, more practically, it’s too late… and soon you’ll be searching for…

12 – capricorns suck

… because…

13 – don’t lie to a capricorn


jim carreyJim Carrey – Capricorn




Capricorn lies


That’s what we’re doing when we are silent… figuring things out, reviewing what you said and …


14 – capricorns, don’t forget and don’t let go

Memory of an elephant… a human kind of elephant.

So while you’re wondering…

15 – when your capricorn man is giving you up at time of need

16 – how can i make a capricorn to love me again

17 – capricorn men in relationships confused

18 – how to make capricorn man listen to you

19 – capricorns don’t show their feelings

20 – do capricorn men test relationships

21 – capricorn can’t communicate

22 – how to resolve issues with a capricorn


We’re wondering this…


zooey deschanel - Cap thoughtsZooey Deschanel – Capricorn


or not really wondering anything but just…


zooey deschanel


’cause when you’re a Capricorn… sometimes you just think in ways that other signs can’t figure out.

23 – how do capricorns think [you might want to check out your Capricorn’s Mercury sign and 3rd house sign, amongst other things, for this question’s answer]

For instance, this particular Capricorn (author of this post) has an Aquarian Mercury, as well as Mars and Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd house of the mind, and natal Uranus/Jupiter also aspects my Mercury… and natal Pluto aspects my Capricorn Sun, as does natal Saturn… so… stuff… stuff which won’t fit neatly into Capricorn Sun yadda yadda…. and it will affect other signs, Sun signs and otherwise, differently. If you’re a Leo, you won’t ‘get me’ the way that a Scorpio might…. and probably would find my sense of humour funny, and are more likely to think I’m being serious when I’m not, such as if I wore this…


the assassins have failed t-shirt


A Scorpio would find that hilarious…. as would another Capricorn… Leos, Cancerians, or otherwise inclined signs might take it all too oh-I’m-all-wounded-now seriously… shame it isn’t a fatal wound which would make you focus less on what I’ve done to you and more on what you are doing to yourself using me, and then maybe healing would occur rather than more wounding of you inflicting yourself onto me.



Denzel-ismsDenzel Washington – Capricorn


If you have…

24 – issues with a capricorn

perhaps the answer is… try another sign, this one isn’t for you. There are 11 other signs for you to explore, maybe one of those (like your own sign) is better for you. We’re not walking on ego-shells for anyone and we don’t expect anyone to do that for us either (if you meet a Capricorn who does… check the rest of their chart out… or stop using astrology to explain and excuse humans for you).

This is our signs usual view of expectation…


Capricorn expectations.

Although that usually comes across as this…


sexy beastYou have to see the film to get this one. Ben Kingsley – Capricorn.


Stop trying to figure out Capricorns… figure yourself out instead, that’s easier and is more fun as you get to know yourself better, and when you do that a whole world of wonder opens up for you.


25 – do capricorns forget about you when they leave

No and yes… enough said. You do not want to know what they remember and you may wish that would forget that part of it and that they wouldn’t forget what they do. Because you want to be in control… that’s not going to happen for you with a Capricorn, although they might lead you to believe it… and you might actually be tempted to believe it.


Ralph fiennes voldemortRalph Fiennes – Capricorn


Happy Cappy season… best wishes with that!