What’s Your Melting Point?




“I am not an outsider. I am an insider who discovered that everyone else had gone out.” ― Stephen J. Day, Horizontal – The Recumbent Adventures of Philias Switchmoat



Warmth… Hmmmm… what is your definition of warmth?

Is it physical, mental, emotional, soulful, abstract or… a very real kind of thing which melts you (and hopefully melts you in a good way).

What is your melting point?

The good kind of melting point, that is…

If you’re made out of plasticine, like the chap in the photo above, your melting point is going be different than those who are made out of other materials. He thinks he’s very real, so don’t tell him otherwise as that may not melt his body (like studio lights do) but it will melt other parts of him, and that would be sad.

This gentleman is the creation of a very good friend of mine (or maybe my friend is the creation of the gentleman in the photo, hard to tell sometimes, they are symbiotically linked). A friend who melts my heart with his creations and his friendship.

My favourite melting point is one which is pleasurable… like friendship, or doing what the gentleman above is doing, lying in bed, snuggled under a cosy duvet on a cold Winter’s night and it’s that time of year when you don’t have to ever leave such a wonderful warm luxury.

The only being allowed to disturb me when I’m in hibernating mode is the cat… ’cause the way that it does it is meltingly lovely. A soft furry purriness rouses me from deep sleep, waiting, sometimes sniffing my face for signs of life, then gently taps my cheek (no claws, just soft pads) – time to lift the covers and let freezing cold air rush under and into bubble of warmth, while I wait for the cat to decide whether it wants what it wants. It does. Then it settles down and snuggles close, body against body for maximum heat experience, its head on my arm using it like a pillow… and soon I am fast asleep again, warm inside and out.


Cats, friends, cosy duvets, sleep, and a place to just be without all that other stuff…. that’s my melting point, the good kind of warmth. Ahhhhhh….zzzzzzzz.


“One final glance back at the hotel. Philias Switchmoat the Third, stepping from the curb and in to a puddle. Disappeared.” ― Stephen J. Day, Horizontal – The Recumbent Adventures of Philias Switchmoat



Many thanks to my friend for pretending not to notice that I  was sneakily taking this photo and for allowing me to use his creation for my own creative purposes. Melt away….


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Melting Point?

  1. my melting point…..walking with my black lab mix dog, Misty Mae, in the woods, or trails and always near water…a brook, a river, a gorge….and finding the sunny spot to sit, or gently stretch with my face to the sun……. 🙂 and think..or not think ~~~~and to remember to listen to the silence of nature…..which is never silent <3. that is my fav melting point lately~~ 🙂


  2. yeppurZ can relate to dat one snowed in in da’ wunderful ocky muntains another day lol 😎
    melting point , what boutt that point where its mud month now till spring lol…… Q


    1. TY 😀

      Some people spend a lot of money to roll in the mud, apparently mud is an elixir of eternal youth at expensive health spas… which is why hippos have such glowing skin 😉

      I quite like the muddy season, there be fun in the slush! Arrrgh (pirate voice). But then I live in a very muddy place, which is muddy all year round and things grow in the mud and you can eat those things, and they’re rather yummy!

      Have a happy!

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