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“Breezy, we always called it, be breezy and forward thinking and expect good things. Your upturned thoughts and actions write the script for a better day!” – Satori, via Elsa Elsa – Daily Forecast: January 7, 2015



“Just let it all go…” I whispered to myself as I eased my way towards sleep last night.

Not sure if I listened. My dreams were troublesome… the bizarre kind of troubles we encounter in dreams.

I was fighting some sort of supernatural force, not so much fighting it as dealing with it in a rather… me type of way.

There was a lot of wind effects involved, and I can remember being distracted by the pleasure of it. I do love wind… the external kind. It is so uplifting even when it is fierce. Which the winds where I live often are as though they are trying to flatten the world, take it back to a time when we believed it was that way.

I wonder what it was like to believe such a thing, to feel one’s feet upon a flat surface rather than a spherical shape.

Wondering is a breeze to me, one which blows at times gently, at times roughly, in my mind.

It is my oasis… because I can wander in my wonderings without fear… of getting lost even if I do get lost… or of anything else because fear is just another thing to wonder about and wander through in the wondering.

The other day as I was browsing the wonderful blogs which I follow, I wandered into the share your world of Cee and was inspired to wonder about one question – What are you a β€œnatural” at doing?


Such a stimulating thought journey, inviting us to explore that place known as us… to get to know ourselves a bit better as we try to answer a question which… is harder to answer than it appears.

As soon as we try to grasp our natural self… it becomes unnatural. It is shy, perhaps… does not like to be observed, all it wants is to be. Don’t analyse it, just be it… but… we so love to capture the essence of something elemental, don’t we? To capture ourselves. Even if by trying to capture it we may corrupt it…

“I love your ability to think outside of the box…” is something people say to me regularly, something like that or otherwise. People have said this to me all my life… although they don’t always love it, sometimes they hate it.

It is something which I do naturally, it is something which I don’t always appreciate… what is natural is often unappreciated because it is natural, too easy perhaps, too close for comfort, in our skin, sometimes itchy, and other things, such as, for me, my natural ability makes me a natural outcast who can’t belong not matter how hard I try to do so.

I live outside of boxes… naturally.

Until someone points that out to me, and then suddenly I’m inside of a box wondering how I got in there and trying to figure out how to get out of it.

Getting out of a box… that’s a natural impulse, which is why I am the way that I am whether I want to be or not.

When I do it without thinking about it… it sometimes becomes something which others admire and would like me to share with them.

When I try to do it while thinking about it… it’s a mess.

Don’t mess with your natural talents… don’t try to do them, just do them naturally. Just be you as is, you’re exactly who you’re meant to be, here, now…you…

Just let it all go… and do what it does, just let yourself do what you do…







  1. It’s very beautiful and meaningful to me. You are very wise as usual.I am struggling to accept that I am out of the box too, and maybe one day I will succeed at it.
    i love your camera’s portrait, it reminds me of Pandora’s box.
    So have a very happy birthday, my dear friend.i hope your life is on its way and is kind to you.I hope you can accomplish all your creative plans in this inner year of the soul, may it bring you all you cherish. I am very happy somebody like you is on the same planet I am.
    Ti abbraccio forte, S. xxx


    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      Being able to think in the box is as valuable as thinking out of it, they’re two sides of a coin of sorts and complement each other. Beginning inside and then getting outside I think is more productive as you know the ins and outs.

      I’m naturally outside and figuring out the inside has always been a challenge and a stumbling block, getting a bit better at it, still struggle with it though πŸ˜‰

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