All the small things…




“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” ― Leo Tolstoy


You’re asking me… as though you think, expect, are more certain than I am that I have an answer. That I have a system, an order, a ritual which guarantees something.

And maybe, in a tiny corner of your eye, in that errant speck of green in an otherwise blue or brown iris, you’re envying me for it without even being conscious of it, such a tiny thing, or knowing me or caring to know me. Dust in the wind.

You’re not even going to bother to listen to my answer to your question, because that is an irrelevant detail to you.

Perhaps it is to me too. Or perhaps it is huge for me… but not for you and so you’ll not notice that your idle query has left me with a gaping hole the size of something very large. An elephant…? A meteor crater…?

It hasn’t, but it might have done so, either way, you won’t care… because you can’t, that would be too much to ask of you. You have you and all that is yours to whittle away any spare attention you may have after you have poured it out into all those empty vessels waiting for such a thing from you.

As it is with me too, and with many… perhaps with all.


“I’ve committed to nothing…and that’s just suicide…by tiny, tiny increments.” ― Nick Hornby


And so is committing to everything and everyone. A tiny suicide of self for the sake of the other. And others do this for us too.

All the small things… eventually add up.

And then someone has an epiphany, an Aha moment which erases all the small things which led up to it and helped to make it happen, and all they can see is the big thing.

This big thing which takes up all the space in their mind’s eye, and which then demands of them to expand upon it, take up space in the mind’s eye of others too for it is too big for them alone.

The big picks up momentum, just as all the small things which created it did to make it big, and it gets larger and larger, eating everything and everyone in its path…


“The Sun is such a lonely star. Whenever he comes out to see his friends, they all disappear.”

― Joseph Gordon-Levitt


But at some point the big bang fades and the little parts of it come into focus. Maybe not all of them, but many of them. Seeing them, acknowledging their part in the bigger picture, the bang, is of value. As life keeps moving, whether we want it to or not, and there are new small things which gather together over time, warning us of a big event on the horizon. We can see it coming if we listen and notice the small things which lead up to the big things.

Never trust someone who only remembers the big bangs but not the small things which are a part of the what makes a firework display happen. If they never acknowledge the small things, they’ll never acknowledge you and your part in their life, it will always be about them and how they did all of it by themselves. It’ll always be about miracles and magic… which can happen, but only because of all the tiny sprites, elves, fairies that work all night and day to bring it all together.

The tiny sparkles which make the world shine big and bright.


“What goes on inside is just too fast and huge and all interconnected for words to do more than barely sketch the outlines of at most one tiny little part of it at any given instant.” ― David Foster Wallace




  1. I love this one! I agree that many times a person forgets the smaller details of life that comprised a bigger moment that they remember much more clearly, because to them, it was so significant. I do not think that most people assume that they did things all by themselves though. They may realize that others had a hand in whatever the situation was; however, when it comes down to it, like most things, the final decision usually is up to the individual. This may be what they focus on. Nonetheless, this is one of favorites of your blogs. It is simple and concise, and still relates to your blogs on narcissism in an indirect sense.


    • Thank you 🙂

      It was a rather arbitrary statement which I made. I was aware of it and cringed a bit when I made it and chose to leave it in the post. I was thinking about a certain type of someone – a certain type of self-help guru who builds an empire on a miraculous moment. I’ve met quite a few in my self-searching travels. Ask them to explain all the small things which led up to that miraculous moment and they get rather defensive and may lose all their veneer of calm.

      We all experience big moments, epiphanies, miraculous moments of Aha. And in the moment all the small things vanish. However most of us can recollect those later on when we revisit the moment and figure out the details of it. The best self-help gurus show you how important all the small things are, they know the ‘miracle’ was a climax of often ordinary things which came together. Helping hands working together. Even unhelpful hands are a part of it. Knowing the small things, sharing those, is deeply inspiring because it can allow us to see all the tiny pixels in a big picture.

      Yes, I agree, the final decision is up to the individual, and that is an important aspect. To know we made that choice, to accept responsibility for it. It is also important to see how the decisions of others influenced our decision, because it shows the connections and connectedness of all beings, people, things. It shows the cornucopia of being, doing, living. 🙂


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