Being Human

Reminding myself that I am human, and that others are too… is something which can make things better in the smallest of ways.
It’s a pause, a moment to reflect and just be as is.
Sometimes the world can feel as though it is demanding that we be not human at all… which is a rather human demand.
Life is strange and so are we.
Take care of your very human and lovely selves!

An Upturned Soul


I had a chat with a friend recently about being human, and how sometimes humans try to transcend the experience of being human because it can be so very difficult to deal with the experience and everything which comes with it… and yet we are human for a reason, so in essence the experience of our humanness is a very important part of why we are human.

One thing I have learned from experience is that everything does indeed happen for a reason… sometimes that reason is very basic, sometimes it is complex and multi-layered.

Every experience you have, and every person you meet offers you a gift, even if that gift is pain – within the pain can be the inspiration which leads to a new land of undiscovered beauty.

Within us lies as vast an universe as the one which lies outside of us, exploring it can be…

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