Sometimes I climb the Walls, and Lie on the Ceiling

. . “Let us dream of evanescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things.” ― Okakura Kakuzō, The Book of Tea . . The title of this post is the tagline for my blog. It wasn't always the blog's tagline. I changed it... I changed it... because I felt a shift within which changed... Continue Reading →


One of the so-called lessons of life which I've learned is that nothing is ever at it seems. That's twisted. Why isn't it just as it seems? What's your problem, Life? Why can't you just be honest? We often rate 'honesty' highly and come down hard on 'dishonesty'... why? Maybe this will shed some light... Continue Reading →

How to Get a Narcissist to Love You

A very insightful, thought-provoking, and brilliant post by a wonderful blogger.


If you’ve ever been in love with a narcissist, then you know the confusion that this kind of love can create. Narcissists turn love into a mythical, fairy tale quest – which usually involves you trying desperately to win their heart, but their heart is always just out of your reach like a carrot dangled in front of you.


At some point you want to grab that carrot and eat it… before it turns rotten.


But a narcissist’s love, as good as it looks on the outside sometimes, always tastes funny (and not funny-haha). This post explains why it tastes that way.


Thank you for sharing!

In the Net! - Stories of Life and Narcissistic Survival

The title of this post arrived in my search terms about a year ago. This query also came up for Ursula over at An Upturned Soul; she posted a excellent response that you can read here.

Frankly, I considered responding but then dropped it because I felt very ambivalent. I wondered if it was a real question or if it was in fact a narcissist who was just trolling. If real, what would I say to someone who is looking for an answer to this? I felt a little depressed every time I thought about it – there’s some poor, desperate person out there who is  trying to save a marriage, an engagement, a friendship, a relationship of some sort. But Ursula encouraged me to try – to give my take on it.

This person – I’m going to call him or her “Terry,” has likely done at least a little…

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How to be a Human Bean

. “For your information, I'm staying like this, and everyone else can just get used to it! If people don't like me the way I am, well TOUGH BEANS!” ― Bill Watterson . Hello, Human Bean! And welcome to life on earth! You're new here, freshly born, a little green, and probably wondering what the... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Go Home Again… if… your home is a narcissist

"And he never had the sense of home so much as when he felt that he was going there. It was only when he got there that his homelessness began.” ― Thomas Wolfe . . The other night I had a dream about finding the perfect house. Perfect as in it had everything that I... Continue Reading →

Goldilocks had Perfectionism Issues…

Leonard Leslie Brooke . Recently I’ve been catching up on one of my favourite TV series - Once Upon a Time. It’s an entertaining show for many reasons. The writers are having fun writing the scripts and storylines, and the actors seem to be having fun playing with what they have been given. Delving into... Continue Reading →

“Exit, pursued by a bear.”

“Exit, pursued by a bear.” ― William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale . . He does a bunch of stuff... "but is chased away in one of Shakespeare's most famous stage directions: "Exit, pursued by a bear." (It is not known whether Shakespeare used a real bear from the London bear-pits, or an actor in bear... Continue Reading →

I Should Tell Them

A very thought provoking post from a great blog and blogger, expressing an issue which can affect all of us, one way or another, when we’re faced with sharing ourselves, our stories, with others, especially when sharing our very personal and painful experiences.
The question asked is one which is difficult to answer.
Those are the best questions to ask, but the hardest ones for which to find just one answer.
Thank you for sharing!

The Patchwork Diaries

SO… I’ve pretty much worked through the emotional part of gearing up for my series next month. There is one final stumbling block that I really can’t get myself to address. I’m sitting here poised and ready to share my story with the world at large and I haven’t even really told my family. I’m sure at least one of my younger sisters has figured it out just because she follows me on Twitter where I post most of my private…er… well more private than the blog thoughts. I mean it’s eventually going to come to light so it’s not really an issue so much as the fact that I haven’t told my parents.

They are completely in the dark about it. Nary a clue that something so devastating has happened to their child. Of course just about everything I tell them in my life comes as a complete surprise…

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Doubt is the origin of Wisdom… or something like that

“Doubt is the origin of wisdom” ― René Descartes . . How do people view someone as an extension of themselves? This question popped up in my blog’s search term stats and jumped out at me, grabbing my attention. For the person who was searching for - how to make a capricorn woman pay attention... Continue Reading →

Going Around in a Circle… of stars and things

Please be aware that this post contains Astrology, if you're allergic to it... you know what to do, you've survived the vicissitudes of life thus far and don't need me to tell you how to do it or what to do about it. It's one of those things which surprises me every time it's brought... Continue Reading →

Who is Manny?

One of the first things Manny said to me when I met him was - I have only three years to live. That was a rather grim (reaper) introduction. . Paul Gustave Dore - Raven . However he didn't seem that bothered about his appointment in Samarra. So why should I be bothered by it,... Continue Reading →

Happy Thank You More Please – What Children of Narcissists are supposed to Say

First off, before I say anything else - Half of the title of this post comes from a film I saw last night which hit one of those buttons within that is a good trigger for someone who grew up with narcissistic parents. This - Happythankyoumoreplease - is a great Indie film, whatever your story...... Continue Reading →

Where is Abroad to a Broad like me?

Dortmunder Nashorn mit Weltkarten-Motiv (World Rhino) by Erich Ferdinand . . If you've got this far, please explain yourself. No, wait, let me explain myself to you, I'm sure that's what you and I would rather that we do. No? No..... Has he gone yet? Or was he a she? Has she gone yet? .... Continue Reading →

It’s All the Rage!

Letting it slide is in many ways my go-to coping mechanism for life, and when dealing with those complex beings known as other people. It's one of those ways of approaching life and relationships which grows out of a natural trait rather than something unnatural which you force upon yourself. If you're irascible naturally... trying... Continue Reading →

Is Your Blog Post Yours or Does it Belong to Someone Else?

My levels of stupid are fairly healthy... compared to my levels of other things. In fact (yes, I used the word 'fact' on the internet cue the theme from Jaws...) being stupid is probably the healthiest aspect of me being me. I have a sweet spot for stupid me. She (yup, I'm messing with pronouns)... Continue Reading →

Understanding Narcissists

Soylent Green by rob3rtarmstrong . . Why are you reading this post? The answer to that question is not for my benefit but for yours. I would like you to take a moment to focus on yourself and your motives for reading a post about narcissists. Pause to self reflect and centre yourself on you.... Continue Reading →

Shit People Say… and what we Learn from it

. . Last night I watched - Harmontown - and frigging loved it! Dan Harmon is that awesome teacher... you rarely get to meet in school. The one who tells it to you like it is. Whatever 'it' is. He tells you how awful the education system is. That's why he's a shit teacher, that's... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Orange is Blue…

. “When the light turns green, you go. When the light turns red, you stop. But what do you do when the light turns blue with orange and lavender spots?” ― Shel Silverstein . They say that nothing rhymes with orange. They say... a lot of things. They never stop talking, opining and making their... Continue Reading →

A Poem by Stefania about Precious gems abandoned and rejected

Happy Birthday, Seashell!
Auguri vivissimi per il tuo capodanno! Tanti baci e abbracci tenerissimi.
May this year bring you many blessings.
Thank you very much for sharing yourself.
“God placed the great diversity of shells on Earth so that mankind, in admiring their beauty, would more fully appreciate his sublime glory.” – Filippo Buonanni (he had a thing for seashells)

An Upturned Soul

Antonello_da_MessinaSaint Jerome in his Study by Antonello da Messina



Dustbin rue de Sèvres

At the heart of the 7th district

In a pretty little courtyard

There is a royal and posh dustbin

As every morning, an eccentric, someone who has been let down by life

Delivers a stunning and non recyclable waste


Which finds its acolytes indeed.

Second hand or brand new books, even old editions

Heaps of philosophy, poetry and history

The quadrivium subjects are not supposed to bring happiness in nowadays society

Seeing my studies in the waste stirs a weird feeling

Precious gems abandoned and rejected

But also a childlike curiosity to find an unexpected morning sweet treat

As the essence, the absolute is untainted even in the waste

In this society

Can be found in this unutterable place.

I have found

The Kreuzer sonata

The life of Stalin, Kupka the visionary

The myth…

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Bashing the X

If you read the title of this post and figured that I was going rip a past lover to shreds in it, think again. I only have one ex in my romance history, a teenage romance story, and he's lovely. I didn't always see him that way, but then again if I look at him... Continue Reading →


. . What a week this has been and promises to continue to be... whether it will live up to its promises is something that can only be found out by experiencing what comes next. . . . . Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of whatever and adapt to it by... Continue Reading →

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

. . “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut . . I am not... repeat NOT... a social human animal. I absolutely love being alone. The idea of being shipwrecked on a desert island sounds blissful (I couldn't relate one bit to Tom Hanks in that shipwreckee talking to a football film), sure... Continue Reading →

An Upturned Soul

Sometimes in my wanderings I come across a creative expression which leaves me speechless within and without… this is one of those.
A beautiful poem, mesmerising and inspiring, thank you for sharing!

Different Perspectives

Sometimes I climb the walls
To lie on the ceiling
Catch myself
From falling
From feeling

Lingering in the webs
Of memories
Holding back & healing
Suspended in guiding light
Permeated with insight

I balance on the wire
Afraid to fall into the fire
Stepping on the stones of light
Embracing the flame
Awakening the change

I challenge the steps
Taken with burnt toes
Molding me
Scolding me
With lessons learned

The burning feeds my life
Bruised & battered
But still whole
Walking the tightrope
Of mind, body, & soul

Uplift through newly formed wings
Integrated & aligned
All needs combined
Through you & me
And not material things

The flight is nice
And freedom’s calling
It won’t keep you from falling
Away from fear
And your true calling

I follow that voice
Still slightly unknown
Through mysteries unfurled
And problems uncurled
I make the choice

Its me at the…

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