Going Around in a Circle… of stars and things

Please be aware that this post contains Astrology, if you’re allergic to it… you know what to do, you’ve survived the vicissitudes of life thus far and don’t need me to tell you how to do it or what to do about it.

It’s one of those things which surprises me every time it’s brought to my attention – that some people react to the mere thought of astrology as though they’ve just swallowed a peanut and are allergic to it. A peanut can kill someone who is allergic to it, astrology on the other hand…

Would it kill you if just for once in your life… oops.

I guess you should always trust yourself and not listen to others… but don’t expect others to listen to you either, especially if you feel the need to share your dislike for something they like. We can all be narrow minded and choke on things which try to force themselves down our mind canal when it is narrow. The gagging reflex… it can make others gag too when we share ours with them, but not necessarily for the same reasons.

Pleasantries aside (is she kidding, that didn’t sound pleasant at all)…

If you’ve ever wondered about that place known as Astrology, but didn’t want to go there for yourself, you can take a peek at my holiday pics of it. Feel free to run away screaming at any time, deploy your wings and fly. You’re responsible for your own safety… please don’t transfer that responsibility to others, especially not me – that was an advisory warning for your own safety.

If you’ve wondered about whether Astrology can help you to figure out what makes you tick or what makes a significant other tick, then this may either end your wondering or prompt you to wander a bit further in your wondering.

And if you’ve ever wondered about me (I doubt it), what makes me tick, some of this may answer a bit of that (doubt included in that too).

The thing to keep in mind when exploring the land of Astrology is – it can’t tell you who you are or who anyone else is. Interpretations are generalised, and even if you get a personal reading from an Astrologer (a native of Astrology), it’s still up to you who you are, just as it is up to others who they are (that’s why when we tell people who they are, they often don’t look pleased about it).

And if you have a chart like mine (which can happen, sorry about that) then people telling you who you are is off the scale of not being pleased about it.

Please feel free to make an assumption about who I am (I won’t be pleased about it – which might please you) as I am also going to make an assumption about you – that you’re a tourist in the land of Astrology. That assumption is a creative licensing one, and it is only making an ‘ass’ out of ‘me’ not ‘u’ (I wish I’d never heard that about ‘assume’, but there you go, one of many things I regret hearing which is now stuck in my head forever).

Most people when they think of Astrology, think of its capital city – the Sun sign. Or its cosmopolitan second biggest city – the Ascendant/Rising Sign. It’s cosmopolitan because that’s the face that many people see when we’re out and about in the world, socialising and stuff. It’s often our go-to coping with other people face and facet. We’re New York or L.A. on the surface, and some people may think that’s who we are, what our capital is. And sometimes it is one and the same, we’re London.

The capital city and the other big cities of a place can tell you a lot about a country, but there’s more to it than that, visiting London and Manchester will introduce you to the UK but not to all of it, there are many nuances and differences within it. And visiting the UK is just visiting one aspect of Europe, there is more than one country in a continent. Astrology is the same… and different.

Some people have visited the Moon, they take the time to go to Devon and have an authentic tea with scones slathered with real clotted cream and homemade jam. They may have even taken day trips to Venus and Mars, ventured to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and other local places when passions are worn as sleeves not just on the sleeve. Or explored Mercury… I’m thinking Switzerland, but which part of it?

This comparison of Astrology with places in the world is quite a good idea, however I’m making a mess of it… as is the style of my particular Mercury who has ADHD at the best of times and is probably Disneyland… almost but not quite Disneyworld.

All of this visiting other places within one place, checking out other planets in your chart, fleshes out the bigger picture of the whole place itself, the map of a country, of the world, of Astrology, the map of you, of others. We’re all more than just our capital city or otherwise. We’re the whole country, and not just it’s geography, but also the history, and society, the people who live there, the millions of facets within the facets of ourselves.

To be a traveler rather than a tourist in Astrology… you need a time as well as a place and date of birth and… some of us when and where we were born, such information was not recorded, perhaps because that moment and momentous occasion was timeless.

If you want to play along, I’m using the Astro Click Portrait (in the Free Horoscopes section) on Astrodienst. It’s free and easy to use. And can be done anonymously so know one but you will know your dirty little secret (as long as you remember to clear your browsing history, cache and cookies too and not do this where people can look over your shoulder).

If you don’t have a birth time, you’ll need to enter one anyway to use it. Planets in signs won’t usually be affected by the time and will mostly be the same, your Ascendant/rising sign will change with the time as will the House placements.

House placements do make a significant difference to how your chart is read, and those are what I’m using for this post. I’m ignoring all the signs, except for the Ascendant. Just because that’s the sort of thing I do (as will be made clear, repeatedly, in the interpretations).

This is my chart, the circle around which I go, my personal map of Astrology:


Astro Click portrait chart


It looks like it’s drawn by a proverbial child. That’s a fun way to view it (travels to Astrology should be fun… okay ‘should’ is not a fun word, but… yadda), and it goes with the main interpretations used – by Robert Hand from “Youth Portrait” (there is a link on each one to alternative interpretations by Robert Pelletier, but they’re rather serious as that’s how adults talk to other adults). If you don’t like those interpretations you can search online for many more versions and variations.

I’m not going to be dealing with all the cat’s cradle of lines. They do however make quite a difference when reading a chart placement and often explain why the interpretation doesn’t fit you one bit (other things explain that too – like Astrology is rubbish – but that’s the easy way out). Basically, red lines = challenges (that’s the positive thinking way to look at them), and blue lines = supportive stuff (those voices in your head which tell you that you can do it even when you can’t… go on, do it, you never know…).

And so it begins… the bit of this post you can completely ignore because it’s about me (like everything else, all the posts on this blog (except for reblogs) and this blog itself).

What I just said, that’s my Ascendant/Rising sign summed up for you.



Virgo Rising  

You may be somewhat shy and not very self-assertive toward others. In fact you are a soft-spoken, neat and orderly person who is quite likable. Your only real problem may come from the fact that you are a perfectionist, and you may demand that others live up to the same high standards that you set for yourself. You are quick to point out people’s flaws to them, but you should learn to be a bit more tactful.

You are quite practical, and you do not like to waste time on impractical schemes. But in making objects of one sort or another, you have excellent taste, although very reserved, and you like everything to be both graceful and practical.

You believe in work, and you feel best when you are involved in some project. This attitude will intensify as you get older.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


So… any truth in that? Well, yes and no. I am very shy and that shyness tends to make me quite reserved around others, it also makes me less likely to point out flaws as that is the sort of thing a more assertive (and fool…hardy) person would do. And I tend to only use my flaw-finding skills on myself. I don’t like it when I do that so I figure no one else likes it either, ergo I don’t tend to do it to others unless they provoke me, then they invited me in (like a vampire – don’t invite me in!). The rest of my chart explains the ‘no’.


The First House is sort of your identity, how you experience the basics of being you.



Pluto in the First House

You are a very intense person who takes almost everything seriously. You tend to go to extremes, which may make other people uneasy.

You enjoy having power over people and being in a position to make changes. It is extremely important that you develop a strong sense of responsibility about using power, because you will probably always use it to some extent, and if you are not careful you can create problems in your life and the lives of those around you.

Other people will either be drawn to you very strongly or will not like you at all.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


Uranus - 1stHouse - TheAlienHand

Uranus in the First House

A very unconventional and restless person, you have a great need for freedom to do things your own way, which is seldom anyone else’s way. You are inclined to be rebellious, wanting to do the opposite of what anyone tells you to do, although not in a mean way.

On the positive side, this placement can make you a very creative and innovative person who is always the first to come up with new ideas.

Negatively, this placement can make you an erratic, unpredictable and unreliable person whom no one can count on for anything, because you always do just what you want. If you learn to use this drive creatively, you can be a powerful force for change in your world, rather than someone who irritates everyone without bringing about change.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


To put it simply – I’m a serious nutcase. Intensely insane.


The Second House is sort of your personal values, but is also considered to be the house of money matters.



Jupiter in the Second House

You are likely to collect material possessions beyond your practical needs, because they signify security and protection to you. And the more insecure you feel, the more extreme this trait will become. But if you feel secure and confident about yourself, this will not be so much of a problem, and in fact, you will share your possessions with others and give generously to those who need it.

You will arrange to get whatever will give you the most opportunities to live more elegantly and to expand the world in which you live. When you are older you may work to earn a lot of money so you can travel and get to know a great many people in as many different places as possible.

On the other hand, you may spend money recklessly to get what you want for some particular purpose, since the only value of money, to you, is what you can do with it. All you can count on with this placement is that however you handle your money, you will do it in a big way.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


Everything I’ve ever read about this placement never seems to get me at all. But that could be because my Jupiter is merged with my Uranus and that…. makes things rather erratic.

Explained partially by this quick dip into aspects (one of those red lines). I know I said I wasn’t doing aspects but… I never do what I tell myself to do or to not do… unless I do.



Jupiter Conjunct Uranus  

You have a great need to be free, and you hate to be restricted in any way. At the same time, you have an advantage in that your mind is quick and eager for new knowledge and a greater range of experience. .

Probably you are quite inventive, and you are usually first to see all the possibilities in a new situation. And you don’t mind going off in a new direction by yourself if no one else wants to follow you. You can be quite independent of other people’s opinions if you are doing what you want.

At the same time you are quite willing to let others do what they want, as long as they do not try to control you. According to your liberal temperament, everyone should be allowed to be themselves.

Interpretation by Robert Hand




The Third House is sort of your personal style of communication, the rational mind and other things I ignore (ah, the joys of a deliberately missed Oxford comma).



Mars in the Third House

You have a very aggressive intellect, so that you like to debate and argue with people, usually not to have a serious fight but a friendly argument.

Fortunately your mind works quite quickly, and you have a lot of mental energy. Just don’t lose your curiosity about getting answers by concentrating all your energy on winning the argument.

When you are talking with people, be careful how you speak, because you tend to express yourself argumentatively even when you have nothing to fight about.

Interpretation by Robert Hand



Neptune in the Third House

You have an excellent imagination, which you will be able to use creatively in writing, speaking, possibly acting and even in learning about the world. Do not believe what others tell you until you see it with your own eyes.

Some people with this placement are afraid to talk to others directly for fear that they will be misunderstood or thought badly of. But it is actually this fear that causes the problem. If you learn to talk directly to people without fear, you will discover that you can easily make them understand you.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


Something like that… *smiles at self, at private joke, doesn’t share it because… something, something, happy fanny (epiphany).


Nothing for me in the Fourth House… family, roots, home… unless you’re using asteroids and cusps, but the Astro Click Portrait doesn’t do that.


The Fifth House – creativity, that thing known as romance, children (metaphorical or otherwise).



Sun in the Fifth House

Above all, you want to be yourself, and you will resist anything that tries to make you conform to a standard that you can’t accept. You are quite competitive and have a lot of energy.

You take life itself seriously, and you want your life to be a successful performance. Because of your strong sense of pride, you get very angry when someone insults you

If you try to be the outstanding person in every group, you may get into serious conflicts with others who have the same drive.

Nevertheless, because you are very forthright and open, other people will respect you. And as soon as you get over the more childish kinds of showing off, they will like you, too, because you are warm and emotionally demonstrative.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


MercuryInAquarius by MoonVooDoo

Mercury in the Fifth House

You like to play games that involve your mind, such as puzzles, riddles, and especially as you get older, chess or bridge. And you like to read or study for amusement. Games and reading aren’t work for you, they are fun. If you have a hobby, you will try to learn everything you can about it.

However, you will have to learn enough self-discipline to study subjects that are necessary but not fun. You are best off in an open learning environment, where you are free to let your mind wander wherever your fancy takes you.

You enjoy expressing yourself through speaking and, when you are older, writing. You may write for fun and even become a professional writer, but only if you can express yourself creatively through your writing. You let people know your opinions about everything, and you find it very unpleasant not to be listened to.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


Blogging… yeah, baby!


The Sixth House – boring stuff… I mean health, daily grind, approach to things like work, duty, something along those lines.



Venus in the Sixth House

This placement of Venus is usually a sign of such good health that you may even be able to abuse your body somewhat and still stay healthy.

You feel that love is a kind of service, and the more you can do for someone you like, the better you feel about it. However, you may not find it so easy to accept favors from your loved ones in return. You may feel that you are unworthy of being liked by others, and in that case, you should try very hard to find out in what ways you are good, likable and worthy.

This placement can mean that as you get older you will choose a career in an area ruled by Venus, such as entertainment, arts or crafts, counseling, or work involving beauty or recreation.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


Someone just asked me to do something, a duty of sorts, while I was doing this… and now I’m distracted and stuff. To serve or to… put up a sign saying this establishment is self-service only? But…  that sign doesn’t work retroactively, does it? Maybe I should just do this other thing now and come back to my thing, but… (my Venus she be in Pisces, she swims both ways and never knows which way is which).


The Seventh House…. partnerships and personal relationships and that kind of abyss. Nothing here as far as the Astro Click Portrait is concerned (so, I’ll just ignore Chiron conjuct North Node, then and its opposition to my 1st house placements… if only it were that easy… maybe it is).



Eighth House – more partnership stuff, plus death, taxes, sex, and other goodies (baddies?) like that.



Saturn in the Eighth House

You may have to learn some important lessons about money, property and other material resources. In particular, you may have to decide while quite young what rights you and others have to each other’s possessions. You may have to learn to share your possessions instead of holding on to what you believe is yours alone.

A quite different expression of this position is a curious fear of change. It may be difficult for you to face the larger transformations that we all have to deal with, such as moving to a new home or losing a friend.

Your approach to life should be looser, for life always changes, and you should learn to flow with it. Unconsciously, you may be reacting to and fearing all changes as if they were death. But changes are really births, and if you can approach them that way, you will be much better off.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


Learning and still learning… yet never really learning. Thankfully (said with a tad of sarcasm or was that cynicism?) my Saturn is in Aries and that bleeper loves change!


A bunch of other Houses known as 9, 10, 11 – social stuff one way or another. Not my thang, kind of like wearing a thong. I do have Liliths (all of the Liliths except one) in the 10th but… let’s move on, shall we, she (all of them except one) is giving me the side eye.


The Twelfth House – no one knows what this house is about, neither does it. Something to do with hidden things, like enemies, and the unconscious, and… it’s hiding, go seek.



Moon in the Twelfth House

You are rather unwilling to talk about your feelings with others, because you feel that they won’t understand you or won’t think well of you. Often you feel that no one should see the real you, but that is not true.

You have a great need for emotional security, but you often feel you won’t get it. But even though it is difficult for you to trust people on an emotional level, you do like to help others. You may pretend that you are not really generous and helpful, but in fact you are.

Often this position means that you like to fantasize and daydream.

Interpretation by Robert Hand


Yes, and maybe, or not at all… I don’t know, but I do… maybe… and I’m not telling. You know… but do you? Does anyone? They think they do… and… the world turns on their thinking they know… perhaps…


The end… no, wait… it’s a circle, a wheel of life, something like that, so we can go around again, only this time I’ll do it a different way…


I’m bored of this too, so let’s save going around in circles for another day… maybe next time we’ll go backwards and make ourselves dizzy or… or not.

You are now leaving Astrology, thank you for visiting…


Billy Preston – Will it Go Round in Circles