One of the so-called lessons of life which I’ve learned is that nothing is ever at it seems.

That’s twisted.

Why isn’t it just as it seems? What’s your problem, Life? Why can’t you just be honest?

We often rate ‘honesty’ highly and come down hard on ‘dishonesty’… why?

Maybe this will shed some light on it:


lies:truth - intelligence ?


The most annoying plot device in Hollywood films is the self-righteous female character who accuses a male character of lying to her, usually in a romantic scenario, and that’s the end of their relationship. Or the beginning of the guy having to grovel to win back the trust of the female.

She’ll always hold this over him. Even if they get together at the end and ride off into the sunset – she’ll bring this up to win any argument they ever have which threatens their happily ever after story (according to her version of how it has to be and play out for… ever).

She claims that she can handle anything except someone lying to her.

She rarely mentions how she handles her lying to herself.


he versus she


Because she rarely spots her own lies (especially the ones she tells herself), she’s too focused on other people and what they’re doing (wrong – according to her doing it all right) and not doing for her benefit to pay attention to her own hypocrisy.

She’s lying to herself each time she judges someone else for lying to her.

But… Apparently that’s okay?

If you think I’m being harsh, consider this…


a job interview


What is the most common reason why we lie to other people?

Think about it… think a bit more about those little white lies you tell which please other people and which you think aren’t really lies because everyone does it or because it makes life easier or because it’s just a tiny omission of the truth but you haven’t not told the truth you’ve just edited things a bit.

You’ve just put a tiny dab of spot-concealer on a spot – that’s not a lie!

Have you ever told someone – I’m fine – when they asked you – How are you?

Have you ever said – That’s delicious – when someone served you something they cooked which wasn’t tasty at all.

Have you ever said – You look beautiful – and not thought what you said, but knew that what you thought wasn’t what you should say.

Have you ever smiled when your facial muscles didn’t want to do that, but… you didn’t want to upset someone or seem negative when being positive is ‘in’.


Did you have one of these moments:


you can't handle the truth


You know what comes next, don’t you?

Someone insists they want the truth, and then you give it to them. They then prove to you that you were right to withhold it.

They didn’t want YOUR truth, they wanted THEIR version of it which isn’t YOUR version of it. THEY wanted YOU to confirm what THEY want to be the truth.

Ah…. relationships!




Some relationships in particular are all about surviving them, and not because they’re necessarily abusive, but just because relationships are always complicated even when they pretend to be easy, and we try to live up to the pretense… for our own benefit.

Of course, some people prefer things to always be complicated even when they’re very unusually straightforward.

I could tell quite a few tales which fit the brief of this prompt:

“What a Twist!  Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming.”

And those stories aren’t fictional… but when told, they sound as if they are. People don’t tend to believe them… which often ‘prompts’ me to lie.

Let me tell you something which you can believe, instead of something which is true and which you can’t believe.

It doesn’t matter anyway… most people only care about their version of things, of the ‘truth’, and others confirming those versions of things and ‘truth’ for them. Don’t challenge that… unless you want to end up in a reject pile, twisted into shapes unusual for you but normal for them, branded a liar or something like that for telling the truth.

People love quotes like this:


what screws us up most


People who love quotes like this… don’t do what quotes like this say, they just love the idea of them and of who they are for loving quotes like this – the truth is subjective and prone to lots of editing.

That picture inside your head… is always a bit twisted.