Sometimes I climb the Walls, and Lie on the Ceiling




“Let us dream of evanescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things.”
― Okakura Kakuzō, The Book of Tea



The title of this post is the tagline for my blog. It wasn’t always the blog’s tagline. I changed it…

I changed it… because I felt a shift within which changed how I viewed the purpose of my blog for me.

The new tagline came from a tweet I wrote while feeling an inner climbing of the interior walls. As I wrote the words – Sometimes I climb the walls – I asked myself where I ended up when that occurred. An image came to mind, of lying on the ceiling looking at my world from a different perspective.

That’s something which I enjoy doing. It’s just as well that I enjoy doing it because it is innate.

It’s an innate trait which frequently drives other people crazy. Why? People like other people to be fixed entities. Known. Stable. Safe. I am that to myself, but not to others.

Who I am can seem ephemeral to others. I know this because I have been told this about myself by others all my life. Some say it affectionately, as a compliment, more have said it as a criticism.

Compliment… criticism… when you lie on the ceiling, it changes how you perceive those concepts.

I too have seen myself that way, as vapour. It’s an intriguing way to view yourself.

I could say more… but I won’t. I feel a shift within changing how I view the purpose of this blog for me.



“The world owes its enchantment to these curious creatures and their fancies; but its multiple complicity rejects them. Thistledown spirits, tragic, heartrending in their evanescence, they must go blowing headlong to perdition.”
― Jean Cocteau, The Holy Terrors


    • TY 🙂

      I’m having one of those ‘bored with myself’ moments, which tends to trigger a rethink of the things I’m doing, the way I’m doing them. For the blog, I’m considering stopping my posts at that point where I usually go off on a long meandering thought, of doing short spurt posts.

      What I’m thinking of doing and what I actually end up doing… *shrugs and winks.


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