Mystery Keeps Repeating

the present


Here comes the disclaimer part of the conversation…

I’m not a believer in anything much, I’m more of a maybe-er, as in this may be but maybe it may not be, and there are many maybe’s and may be’s or not in between.

The tarot.

I don’t believe a word the tarot tells me, especially when someone else is doing the reading. If I do the reading for myself, then… I might believe it simply because whatever I read into the cards is going to be about me one way or another.


the past


Here comes the historical reference part of the conversation…

I first came across the tarot when I was a child. I spent a lot of time in Italy, where the tarot are used as playing cards. I loved the illustrations, and wanted my own pack to play with, study, explore, whatever.

At that age the way I played with cards was similar to playing with model cars. I’m not explaining that.

I eventually ended up with a miniature pack of Rider-Waite which came with a small booklet with tiny writing all about tarot, the card meanings and how to do readings.

I was very into mysterious things, particularly mysterious ways – a walk in the woods with me, even if you were an authoritarian control freak adult could get you into all sorts of lost. But I always knew where I was going – to wherever the mysterious way led.


the future


Here comes the reason I wrote this post part of the conversation…

The cards shown in this post are the ones I received when I did a quick reading today on – Tarotsmith Divination – using the Diary of a Broken Soul Cards by Ash Abdullah.

I wasn’t actually on the site to do the tarot (of course she wasn’t – suspicious eyebrow raised and raising a question). It doesn’t matter why I was there (Hmmmm… even more suspiciamouse). What matters is… nothing really, however the reading I received was incredibly accurate, and usually when I have done tarot readings I tend to feel that they are so way off I begin to wonder if I’m in the wrong body. If somehow when I woke up that morning I did so in someone else and… that means they’re in me (something which will get sorted out after we both go to sleep again).

That’s it!

Hope you’re having a happy Fool’s day!

This post is not a prank on you.

I like to celebrate April Fool by doing something foolish, what about you (and I don’t mean me doing you, and you’re the foolish something… just in case it sounded that way)?

That last bit (in brackets) was the awkward moment of the conversation…

Time to make an exit.


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