Relationship Software and Hardware Issues…

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, and once I did I had one of those dreams which explains everything to you about you, and those relationships which affect who you are, past and present, and possibly also into the future.

I woke up very late, around noon (OMG!?! – courtesy of how my cat felt about this tardiness), and considered to what I had been a sleeping yet aware witness…


Great Mistakesvia The Meta Picture


That dream briefly explained – I was a child being pushed around town in a Chitty Bang Bang toy car by a parent. The parent pushing me around town was filling their personal identity bank account with the attention they got for doing what they were doing. How awesome a parent were they!!!

When parents are being awesome… most adults don’t take into account how awesome the child is being (’cause most adults are afraid of things known as ‘child’ so they ignore them and give the credit elsewhere, onto ‘adult’).

In the dream I was one with the car… just a vehicle for this parent to get what they desired the most in life – kudos from others.

Someone in the dream didn’t give this parent kudos, but gave negative feedback, a critical review… the parent did not like that one bit…


the dream changed direction after that.

Kind of like in life…

you start going this way, and stuff, not always your stuff (but maybe), pings you like a ball in a pinball machine… and off you go in another direction which isn’t the way you intended to go…


pascal KobehPascal Kobeh


This dream scenario was similar to… those things which people use to get attention of the admiring kind from others.


That kind of attention is something we all seek, even when we wish we wouldn’t. Why do we need this stuff… which creates so many complications!?!

That thing you do… is all about how others see you sometimes.

This is me… what do you think of me like this!?!


bubblesvia I Can Sum Up Marriage In These 11 Texts


Not always, but…it’s there, that sense of being watched and judged in some way. You don’t want it… and yet…

You want it – hoping for the ching-ching of positive attention, approval, coins feeding your personal bank account.

Even negative attention, disapproval, coins can be positive if you’re personally financially savvy.

Sometimes that thing you do…

uses others as things for that thing you do.

Sometimes we use things to do that thing…

I’ve got a gadget which you don’t have…

how awesome am I!?!

…to get that other thing which gets us attention,

which gives us identity coins for our personal bank account of Me, inc.

Sigh… we’re all a bit… very human about it all.

Take the word ‘very’… it’s a ‘bad’ 4 letter word and you’re supposed to use other stuff instead of it… blah blah… blah…

While not sleeping I happened upon this…


tech support


… this is getting my coins of attention and kudos and lol and very!

Whoever you are… you made me smile in a way which wasn’t about my teeth being hackles wanting to bite you! Ching-ching!

Happy Ea(t)ster!


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