Diamonds on Water




Do you ever observe all the permutations which your mind makes of that which your eyes see?

In a split second it can see…

The sun after a rainstorm playing with a puddle, a sea of stars, diamonds on water, reflections of light chasing away the dark, the cold absorbing warmth.

Or the darkness swamping the light, stealing away what is precious, tentacles of fear sucking the joy away drop by tiny drop, leaching the nourishment of the moment, transmuting it.

If memory is evoked, then it may see the past within the present. Remember that time when… and off it goes, and off you go with it, leaving your body here while your mind travels elsewhere, perhaps afloat on a feeling, or sinking into the heavy waters of the deep inner dark.

Do you ever watch your emotions fluctuate with the current of thought?

As thought changes the way that it thinks, so emotions shift.

A pebble thrown into the waters of your mind causing ripples. Add another pebble, more ripples. Perhaps clashing with the previous ones, causing turbulence, different directions meet and fight.

You thought someone was attacking you, fear streaks across the interior landscape, a jolt of pain electrifies, a flush of defensive anger rises like a tide to drown the offender.

But then another thought intervenes, perhaps they are not attacking you, a dam stems the flow of anger, the fear pauses, caught in the headlights, another type of pain flashes through your system. Did your right go wrong…how do you make a wrong right.

Tinged with conflict, the mind seeks a way to go… forwards, backwards, creating, destroying, into dark or light… this way or that.

Another pebble crosses the threshold, its ripples bringing news of other things… to the things which are already in play, in run and hide, stay and fight, surrender, dance…

A tango between life and death, water, earth, wind and… that other one… glinting.

Settle in between. That place where surface meets what lies beneath. A fine line, the merging point of above and below, a shimmering moment betwixt light and dark… sink and float… like diamonds on water, what do they look like form underneath.



โ€œIf you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.โ€
โ€• Lao Tzu



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