Understanding Human

Ask me a question such as this one – If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? – and the answer I’m most likely to give is one which won’t make sense in any language…

Unless you speak Tangential Thinking.

Then it might make a fragment of sense.


communication problems


When I was younger I struggled to communicate with others.

That probably started when I refused to speak.

According to sources, I refused to speak. Whether this is true or not… I don’t remember as this was something which occurred in that too young to remember age range. If this was a real thing, which, knowing me, it could have been, it may have had more to do with the fact that no one in my early environment listened so there wasn’t any point in speaking. No one listened because everyone was too busy talking.

Why don’t people get that talking and listening (especially to the stuff you’re saying while talking) go together?


I really don’t understand human.


talking to myself


When I finally got around to trying to speak human… the futility of it often tripped me up.

However you’re supposed to keep trying when you fail, even when there really isn’t any point, until the whole exercise becomes trying to everyone involved.

The hardest part of speaking human is… the science of it.

Everything sounds copacetic in your head, but once it travels through those tubes which eventually lead to the mouth and hit the air with sound, then jiggles along airwaves to someone’s ears, in through those tubes to their head… it loses the copacetic and becomes chaotic.

Chaotic, as in… well… I always felt that I was talking Dr. Seuss to those who’d never learned to understand Dr. Seussian.

And talking is only a smidgeon of conversation.

There’s so much more going on, so many voices which aren’t always heard but are still vocal.

Body language is a loud substance.

Sometimes it is music, and sometimes… well… music can be cacophony to certain types of ears.

They say… in many languages… something along the lines of…


theracoachQuote via some quotey page which was all up in crediting itself for the quote but forgot to give credit to the image they used for their quoteCuban Smoking Ladyand didn’t explain why while doling out advice.


However being yourself is easier said than done. It sounds good… but it is sometimes only music to your ears, to everyone else it is noise compared to their music.

Try to communicate with others who have access to the same self-affirming quotes that you do and…

We’re all speaking human, without necessarily listening to ourselves or others, or understanding any of it.

If I could wake up and be fluent in any language which I don’t currently speak… it would probably be as useless as the languages which I currently speak… if I don’t also understand human.

Whatever the language… if humans are speaking it… you need to be fluent in understanding human.