When a Tree Crashes into to You…

“The world spins. We stumble on. It is enough.”
― Colum McCann


With the sort of winds which we sometimes get around this part of the world… they could uproot a tree and blow that projectile onto you, like a hammer hitting a nail on the head, missing the thumb.


That’s not exactly what happened to inspire the title of this post.

Truth be told… I crashed into the tree, but… it felt the other way around at the time.

The biggest motion in daily life is e-motion.

And when you do something intensely stupid… your emotions go all over the place, bubbling up and spilling over, and you’re going to blame everything but yourself for it.

That tree crashed into me!

Even though I was the one who got dizzy, lost complete control of my body and hurtled into a surprisingly bendy tree hitting its trunk with my incredibly hard head.

I now have a cartoon bump on my noggin, proof that this actually occurred, which I am endeavouring to push back in in cartoon character style.

This sort of thing happens all the time if you’re me. My brains get scrambled on a regular basis. To the point where I’m rather optimistic about such an event. I keep hoping it’ll knock some loose screws back into place or be advantageous in some other way. You never know when what seems like a curse turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

The reason for my stupendous prat fall was for the sake of photographic brilliance… I saw stars, so there was indeed some brilliance involved even though it seemed more like a dark descent into folly.

The shot I took during fall was deleted by the motion of a fit of pique.

The shot herein is one I took later when I wasn’t behaving like a drunk, and had significantly sobered up in my photo experimentation enough not to end up introducing my head to a tree trunk for a second date.

I decided spinning around while taking a panoramic photo was a terrible idea and instead I chose to walk the line…


stretching the truth


… while capturing my movement from A to Z…

stretching the truth and leaving a shadowy skid mark (perhaps that’s what happens when a tree hits you in the head).

All in a day’s mess!


“What we want most is to be held…and told..that everything (everything is a funny thing, is baby milk and papa’s eyes, is roaring logs on a cold morning, is hoot owls and the boy who makes you cry after school, is mama’s long hair, is being afraid and twisted faces on the bedroom wall)…is going to be alright.”
― Truman Capote