When is the Solution to a Problem worse than the Problem?

I’m feeling a bit brain dead at the moment. The weather inside is blah with a case of the blerghs about feeling blah. But it’s nothing terminal, or serious, as far as I know, but I don’t know anything right now.

I’ve been here before, and it goes the same as it comes.


a case of the humansFor the rest of this story – Earth’s disease.



In the past, when I’ve felt this way, I tried to fight the feeling.

I saw it as a problem and therefore the problem needed solving.

The solving of the problem… made the problem worse than it actually was.

It also tended to make the problem last longer than it would have done had I let it run its natural course, and turned it into other problems which needed other solutions. The whole thing became one big mess of knotted problems… and the solutions I came up with to solve things became increasingly extreme.


the problem is not the problem


I’ve had moments of resorting to… dark fantasies of an apocalyptic sort.

We all have moments like that.

Even the goody-two-shoes of this world have their shadow dreams.

I know this because… popular culture tells me so. As does History.

As does History + popular culture…




Speaking of History…

That thing which often repeats itself because it’s not sure if we’re listening and learning anything from it…

I found this solution to a problem waiting for me in the ‘pending’ comments on one of my posts about narcissists:

“Why don’t we just round them all up and kill them all?”


I can empathise with the feeling which inspires this kind of questionable question… and solution to a problem.

Because I’m human, and sometimes humans think that this is the ultimate way to solve a problem… for good (?)… especially when we feel pushed to our limits, we’re on edge, at that kill or be killed threshold.

Primal instinct may kick in.

The dark side beckons…




And people who are narcissists…

Or whom we perceive to be narcissists because of how they affect our lives…

Do have a certain talent for bringing out the worst in us, of stoking and provoking our latent homicidal tendencies and bringing them to the fore.

This is also the way that narcissists solve problems, because they tend to think others are the problem and the best solution is to get rid of others as that way you get rid of the problem, then all will be well for the narcissist… until they realise they’ve killed everyone and there’s no one left to blame for what’s wrong… except…

Sometimes the lines can be very blurred.




There are many reasons why I can get where this person is coming from…

Not sure if I like getting it for that many reasons…

Or if getting it is a solution or a problem…



“Why don’t we just round them all up and kill them all?”

…. is genocide.