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“Every reader, as he reads, is actually the reader of himself. The writer’s work is only a kind of optical instrument he provides the reader so he can discern what he might never have seen in himself without this book. The reader’s recognition in himself of what the book says is the proof of the book’s truth.”
― Marcel Proust


Every person is intricate.

An individual… intricate combination of intricacies.

When two people meet, those individual intricacies intertwine.

Stories… one, two, soon becoming three… many become plenty.

Sometimes these stories create a new story as they intertwine, one made of both people, and their separate stories finding themselves in each other.

Sometimes one person overlays another with their own story, one story becomes dominant and the other person, their story, is lost underneath.

There are many intricate variations to an intricate theme…

We find ourselves in the stories of others…

We lose ourselves in the stories of others…

We discover new stories about ourselves and others by exploring the intricacies of the intricate, the stories within the stories…


Indigo by MoonVooDoo


These images herein have stories.

Both old and new…

The mask in both images has a very intricate tale of…

an artist, his work, his creations, and why he was creating them…

those who ended up, through travels and journeying far, in his shop, where he worked, who saw one piece and loved it…

the piece itself, what it meant for itself and what it meant to those who beheld it, whether they were the one who made it or the ones who bought it, or the one who passed by, saw it without seeing it, and…

so many other intricate moments…

this one…

the seen and unseen…

what is hidden behind what is seen and unseen…


“Even in the most insignificant details of our daily life, none of us can be said to constitute a material whole, which is identical for everyone, and need only be turned up like a page in an account-book or the record of a will; our social personality is created by the thoughts of other people.”
― Marcel Proust


  1. Far out images! I love the intricate artsy creativeness. Enjoyed reading this very much. And the quotes to go with—Love Marcel Proust. Wonderful post!


  2. Ursala- very off topic but is there something really unusual planetary aspect at this time?

    Besides the full moon, the planets I can see with my naked eye. it feels like everything in my business – every contact I’ve ever spoken too, every prospect I’ve ever had, all seem to be coming in and bearing fruit simultaneously. I’ve never really had a ….. I don’t know what to call it…. A frantic period with the positive culmination of many things business I like it and I hope it never ends. But was wondering if you saw anything for those of us w Cap influence. I am Gemini, Cap, Cap


    • What wonderful news, thank you for sharing! Sounds like your time is now! 😀

      I have to admit I’ve been lapsing in keeping up with what’s going on astrologically at the moment. I did read a couple of things about the full Moon tonight, but I skim-read. The Uranus/Pluto square which has been affecting everyone, causing major changes and huge stress, especially for those with Cardinal signs dominant in their charts, is easing up and allowing culminations to happen.

      Since you mention that this is business related, then it may have to do with your natal chart’s 10th house, either going on in your 10th – Is Libra on the cusp of your 10th house? The transiting North Node is in Libra. Or an aspect to it.

      I don’t know what the astrology of this flood of wonderful for you is, but frankly… it’s awesome, you deserve it, enjoy it!


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      The mask is hand painted by a Balinese artist in Ubud. Each design he created was different and had a story attached to it, unfortunately I can’t remember the story about this design because it was over 15 years ago, so much happened on that trip, and he also shared his entire life story. I think the design had something to do with a local myth, and this mask was the female part of a pair, but we couldn’t afford to get both. I wonder where her male counterpart is.

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  3. I truly enjoy the way you think and write. I’ve always liked the fotos you include in your posts. Is this one of you?


      • Wow that’s a really cool picture. Is the one inside the box one of you as well? You look alot like Jackie Onassis Kennedy. Has anyone told you this before?


        • Which box?

          Nope. Never heard that one before. I’ve been likened to Meryl Streep, I almost punched the person who said that (although I can see what they meant, I was just not in a Meryl Streep mood at the time) 😉 I see myself more like Amanda Plummer (loved her in Pulp Fiction).


          • lol at almost punched her. I see alot of Jackie O, especially in this foto. I just realised looking through your blog, you take alot of very talented fotos. Do you have a page to where I could view some of your works?


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