Is That Embarrassing or Embracing?

I have spent countless (oops… that was almost a socially unacceptable typo – you figure it out) hours beating myself up for cringing sins, social faux-pas whiplash. You’d think a mortal would be more practical with their time, but this mortal is human, and humans only pretend to be practical with their time and everything else.


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I don’t see myself as a masochist, but how I see myself isn’t always who I am.

Crowning myself with that ignominious glory of being cringe-worthy is something I’ve done on many an occasion. However I’m loathe to do that to others. Share such a crown? No! Part with it? No! No one is allowed to be as worthy as I am of the crown of cringe!

Okay… some people deserve that crown of cringe more than I do. But I’ve worked long and hard (LIES! It’s a natural ability which requires absolutely no effort on my part) to be worthy of it, so I’m not passing it on without a fight to the death – whoever’s death induces more cringe in others, who gets others to squirm until they avert their eyes, wins!

I don’t see myself as a sadist either, yet again, how I see myself isn’t always who I am… or how others see me.

I don’t tend to cringe at what others do or say, I’m too busy cringing at what I’m doing or saying.

Although I have to admit when someone in a TV show or film is bathing themselves in every old joke in the book of awkward… I usually tune out, turn off, and drop it.


tripping over nothing


I never feel uncomfortable when someone else is being embarrassed… unless the discomfort is due to something else, such as others reveling in the supposed misfortune of another.

If you get your jollies from someone else being embarrassed and you’re laughing away or whatnot because you’re all safe in your glass house, and you’re part of the reason they’re embarrassed… and I happen upon this situation… I may feel compelled to compete in the embarrassment stakes for the cringe-worthy crown. I take prisoners… and torture them, one way or another, usually with the very thing they’re using to torture another – because that’s their weakness.

If I think someone else is feeling overwhelmed by embarrassment, I’ll often join them so they don’t feel so alone, worse still, I may try to impress upon them the power of being the one causing others to cringe at the embarrassing thing you’ve just said or done.

Embrace the embarrassing!




If they’re laughing at you – whether they really are or not – Carpe that thing to diem!

We’ve all been there, done that (and try to cover it up)… wear the T-shirt with flair! Make it cool or … whatever!

Digging a hole to make things better? Do it obviously until others aren’t cringing at what you’ve said or done but by the fact that they laughed so hard they’ve shat or pissed themselves and can relate to it! Enforced empathy! Or… something like that.

Comrades! Citizens! Tribe!

Being human is the most cringe-worthy thing you can be in nature, let’s embrace this embarrassing state of being and laugh with it!






  1. “I don’t tend to cringe at what others do or say, I’m too busy cringing at what I’m doing or saying.”


    • Everyone is usually focused on themselves. When we think others are thinking about us… they are, they’re wondering what we’re thinking about them, just as when they think we’re thinking about them, we are… thinking about what they may be thinking about us which is often what we think they’re thinking about us based on what we’re thinking about ourselves. Relationships and humans are complicated, yet… simple 🙂

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  2. “Being human is the most cringe-worthy thing you can be in nature, let’s embrace this embarrassing state of being and laugh with it!”

    I had to learn overtime, to embrace my inner fool. I suppose the most egregious faux-pas of my life (so far anyway) was telling all my friends and family that my husband was my bestest and dearest friend. hahaha on me! Embracing that embarrassing state-of-being has freed me to laugh at myself ever since!


    • Embracing the inner fool is one of the most liberating experiences we can give ourselves, it’s also quite liberating for others too when we share it, then others can relax too. It’s a great trait 🙂


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