The Wisdom of Crocodiles

“It Is The Wisdom Of Crocodiles, That Shed Tears When They Would Devour”
― Francis Bacon


Be yourself - no - society


Which subject in school did you find impossible to master?


To be as honest as a human being is ever going to be,

and probably not even that,



beware of crocodile sittingno idea if that actually means that – human language barrier 101


…considering amongst others things the perils encountered when you think you are being honest,

the different definitions of what being honest actually means,

to you and to others,

and the diverse ways every individual interprets a definition…

… the subject which I found hardest to deal with in school was…

… not on the official curriculum.


What I found difficult in school was…

… the same thing I found difficult out of school…

… and still find difficult out of school.


Dealing with social politics.


Francis BaconDid someone say bacon?


In other words,

trying to figure out what is actually going on,

in an interaction,

between myself and others,

me, myself and I,


their me, myself and I,


society’s me, myself and I,



inside and out,

of all the variations and facets,

of varying me, myself and I,


and so on,

et cetera…


 we've always done it this way


In school this could play out…

between you and your peers,

between you and your teachers,

between you and the education system,

between your teachers and their peers,

between them and the education system,


… the list can seem infinite,

and infinitely confusing.


If a teacher likes you,

your peers may hate you,

but you get good grades,

for which you may be hated or admired,

praised or criticised,

by your peers,

your teachers,

your parents,

your parents’ peers,

at school or at home,

or by society in general.


reducks - subnormality - virus comixvia Subnormality


Why does everything touched by humans,

have to be so complicated,


pretends to be simple,

that kind of simple which is anything but.


I could say more but,

social media politics apply,

which is similar to social politics,

which is similar to humans being human,

not having a clue what that’s about,

but pretending otherwise,

while doing the opposite,

et cetera…


crocodile sign


  1. As soon as I read your question about which subject I found impossible to master, I thought: figuring out how to interact with my peers and teachers. I thought I was awful, awful and turned myself into a pretzel trying to “conform” to a confusing social mess. The whole “be yourself; no, not like that” mixed message almost sent me into orbit. I was exactly as you describe – not having a clue but pretending otherwise while doing the opposite. (Love that phraseology. 🙂 ) I still sometimes behave that way and even though I try to be conscious of it, it can go by without my immediate notice.

    You’ve really nailed a description of this stew of human behaviour. 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂

      I moved around and went to many different schools, so I was invariably the odd one out who had to make an effort to fit in to the established social norms of a place. Except for one school which was a misfit school from top to bottom, the headmaster was a weirdo, as were all the teachers, and pupils. It was great. It was a time in my life when I became an extrovert.

      The problem with changing yourself to fit in is that you have to keep doing it, it’s a full time job and the reward for it is that you get to not be yourself and may forget who you actually are. You can succeed, however do you ever really fit in? The one time I thought I’d bent myself perfectly into the shape that I was supposed to be, I later found out that I was still considered the outsider weirdo. Even when we lose ourselves, we’re still ourselves apparently 🙂

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