Getting to know nothing about you…

Narrenskulptur_Ehingenphoto by Dierk Schaefer


“I am hungry, feed me; I am bored, amuse me.”
― Alexandre Dumas


Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you

This is the sort of question which people sometimes ask of others…


Why are they asking?

What motivates them to ask this of you?

Is it a desire to know more about you…

That’s how it is usually interpreted by the person hearing this kind of query.

You’re so excited by their apparent interest in you, and their seeming paying of attention coins to you, that you may launch full steam ahead to answer it without pausing to think… about who is asking it, why they are asking it, and other pertinent aspects of the interaction.

You’re so caught up in self interest that you’re not really interested in who is interested in you and why they are… and if they really are.

Before you know it, you’ve revealed your deepest heart’s desire, your darkest secrets, your passions, hopes, wishes, dreams, crimes, sins, and handed someone else the reins to reign over you, the strings to work you like a puppet.




“On what slender threads do life and fortune hang.”
― Alexandre Dumas


This kind of query is often asked by those who are bored.

When people are bored, they get hungry, when they are hungry they want to be fed – so they look to others to feed them a meal which will cure them of their boredom.

Asking you to tell them something which no one else knows about you is – food for the hunger of boredom.

What they do with the food you give them, depends on who they are, and if you haven’t bothered to find out who they are, you may be in for a shock.


“Upon my word,” said Dantes, “you make me shudder. Is the world filled with tigers and crocodiles?”

“Yes; and remember that two legged tigers and crocodiles are more dangerous than the others.”
― Alexandre Dumas


There are a lot of lovely people in this world, but they’re not the only ones around.

Those who are truly interested in getting to know you, usually don’t have to ask you these kinds of questions because they never get bored and hungry in that kind of manner. They learn about you the natural way, and learn your darkest secrets and deepest heart’s desires in a gentle, respectful and unobtrusive way.

Just by being with you, in more than a physical manner.

They take their time to get to know you.

Be sure to take your time to get to know them too.

Relationships flow both ways… throw some attention coins into the flow, see where they go, and see where it goes.


“Your life story is a novel; and people, though they love novels wound between two yellow paper covers, are oddly suspicious of those which come to them in living vellum.”
― Alexandre Dumas


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    • My favourite way of getting to know people is to just spend time with them doing nothing in particular, everything in general. People have a way of revealing themselves gently and subtly along the way 🙂


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