What Am I Doing… She asks and explains

Do you like being asked questions?

Do you like answering questions?

Depends on the questions, doesn’t it?

What if those questions are about getting to know yourself, and the answers you give reveal you to yourself in some way?


astrology of aging


You may have noticed that the last few posts on this blog have a theme – at least the titles have a similar composition.

I thought I’d explain what I am doing, share the source of what is prompting my writing at the moment, in case anyone else would like to participate in whatever shape or form suits you.

One of the tools which I use to get to know myself better (or worse) is Astrology. Sometimes it can hit the nail on the head about something which nothing else does, and if only just for that I love it very much.

The transits in particular have a way of relieving the pressure which I sometimes feel about living life (Oh, why did I wake up this morning… because two juicy flies buzzed loudly while dancing a jig around my head).

If I’m having one of those – Why do I feel like dung? –  days which can’t be explained by what is happening on the day itself, then I check my daily astro, and more often than not I find some transit is messing with my mojo (or what I’ve told myself my mojo is). Usually Saturn is the heavy hitting culprit, especially lately as it is conjunct (sitting on top of) my Neptune – my happy has a sad due to feeling very squashed by serious.

This is my natal chart, with the transits of the moment (transits are in green on the outside of the circle).


Natal Chart-Transits - june 2015


You too can own one of these drawings of colourful gobbledygook for FREE just by going to Astrodienst, popping in your data and pressing the right cyber buttons.

But what does it all mean? Can sense be made of it or is it all nonsense (that’s a nod to a friend of mine who still can’t decide whether I believe in astrology or not, and I like keeping them in suspense because it really doesn’t matter if they ever come to a conclusion about my belief or non-belief).

You can explore what all the symbols, squiggles and lines mean by searching through Astrodienst’s many articles or you can use the interactive Astro Click Portrait in the FREE Horoscopes section. It’ll give you a guideline from which to start.

The rest is up to you and whether you’re interested, curious, or adventurous enough to take things further (if that sounds like a poke, it is – if it doesn’t, it isn’t).


 Mercury Retrograde by Sara Zimmermanvia Unearthed Comics


While off on one of my exploratory adventures, I came across this article –  Astrology Lesson 8 – planets in houses – from a site which has a name and some links that almost had me clicking the ‘back’ button (in a panic) on my browser to get away before I’d perused anything. I know that sounds childish, but I served my adultish time when I was a child, so now I’m an adult I get to be childish (faulty logic? you decide while I suck on a lollipop – hope it’s one of those with bubblegum in it!).

I have to confess I didn’t really read anything, I just looked at the first picture and thought – this is awesome as a writing prompt!

Here it is:


writing prompt -astrological houses


I’ve covered the first three in these posts (no need to read them, they’re just me rambling away – if you have read them, thank you very much):



I didn’t use my natal chart for this, or astrology at all, I just asked the question and then blurted stuff out in cyber ink on a cyber page… my posts are basically a form of free association writing (if my blog goes kaput, so do the posts as they aren’t ‘saved’… probably for the best). Although I think my chart came through anyway, which is an intriguing aspect about delving into your personal astrology, you learn to see it and hear it in your words and actions. Gives another perspective on being, saying and doing… like a kaleidoscope.

My ramblings and their normal crazy are courtesy of Uranus/Jupiter trine Mercury. My recklessness is mainly because of Pluto in the 1st which is very ‘Yippee Ki Yay!’. My not ever really knowing what I am doing, but doing it anyway and not remembering anything but recalling it all later, yet never being sure if it happened or not as I recall it, with much grief about it is a Neptune thing which permeates my chart. My arrogance, aggression and tendency to swear like a tar (Arr, me mateys) is thanks mostly to Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd. My self-effacing side, the need to apologise for being an a-hole, whether I actually was or not on that occasion, and everything else is due to a Pisces Venus and Virgo rising with a drippy Moon there.

And they all lived happily ever after

Or something like that (Mercury in Aquarius being precise as ever).

If you would like a bit more precision about things, check this chart out:


the houses in astrology


That’s all folks…

If you want to share a post inspired by this, or anything really, plop a link into the comments.

As always,

Thank you…

for being you!




  1. I am a Leo married to a Leo, which is supposed to be very good or very bad – in our case, very good. A lot of the time, I don’t feel very Leoish, though my husband fits the paramaters fairly well.

    It’s fun poking around Astrodienst. 🙂


  2. Good to be able to see an image of your chart Ursula. I find it hard to put it all together without seeing it drawn out, and even then so many different elements in terms of houses and signs. I find synchronicity really fascinating in as far as when someone comes into our/your life and expresses a certain energy which we are then getting a “hit” of by planet transit to sign or house. Just noticed your Capricorn Sun in the fifth house which makes so uch sense. I “met” your blog with Pluto transiting my fifth house and that has lots of resonances since so much of what you share is about feeling comfortable to express your true identity…(and then just noticed your Mercury is in that house too.)

    At the moment I cant upload any images to wordpress due to having upgraded the computer and changes having been made which is frustrating and so much else in life seems to be demanding attention at the moment that getting time online is limited. Anyway, still loving all of your posts. 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂

      That’s very true and rather wonderfully weird… how we tend to meet certain people at a specific time who have certain energies that we may be in need of developing in some way. Their influence resonates within us.

      Pluto in the 5th is an excellent transit (and I say that even though it’s conjunct my Sun and causing much… um… Pluto stuffage 😉 ), the challenge, in Cap especially, is about authenticity of creative self expression. Be creative and create, but make sure it’s something which is very YOU, and a foundation you’re willing to build on.

      Don’t forget it’s Merc Rx still… so computer mayhem is the norm.

      I’ve spent many years in a Siberia of the self… hating who I was naturally because it has always seemed wrong. Somewhere, somehow, this… became right or sort of right… basically that feeling which I’ve lived for so long is one which resonates with others, and it also resonates with things globally. Our nature, as well as the nature of the planet, needs… to just be as is.

      So I express the mess that I am and… see what happens when we are just who we are, as is, and say t others, just be who you are as is… see what happens 🙂


      • I think that is one of the really great gifts you have to give the blogging world. There is such a great feeling in hearing you express a truth which embraces the mess. I wonder when those painful feelings started to transform for you. Was it when you started taking the risk to blog and say what you felt, even if it was messy because that can be a journey full of fear and one in which the inner critic rears its head? And yes, checking out I it is coming from our true, authentic self or another part that may be seeking approval on some level due to having been criticised in the past for being real is an interesting question.

        Have you ever read Stephen Forrest’s take on Pluto in the first house. He says this is the child who says the truth, even if it is deep and painful or confronting and is then told not to say it due to others being embarrassed or exposed. He says the healing of this wound comes when we find a place to express that deep dark so true thing and it seems that you did and do this with your blog. I can only say how much it has helped me to feel freer. IN a way you remind me at times of my Capricorn sister who had this capacity to look at what was really dark and messy and speak for it. Though you are you and different too.


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