Venus is the new Pluto… or is Pluto the new Venus?

WARNING: This post contains the astrological musings of someone who isn’t an astrologer but loves astrology (and also someone who often talks complete nonsense which seems sensical enough to them).


Do Not Breathe Under Water


Why do I feel the need to issue such a warning?

It seems as silly to me as it may seems to you, but humans are… silly, especially when serious, sometimes that comes out in the warnings we give to others.

Please don’t tell me you’ve never had a belly laugh at some of the serious warning labels on products or warning signs elsewhere – come on, those things can sometimes be the best joke ever!!!




If you aren’t a fan of astrology, you may be a friend of its friend (and sometimes frenemy) – Astronomy.

Astrology loves astronomy, but astronomy sometimes finds astrology bloody annoying. It sees it a bit as its dopey cousin who keeps following it around wanting to play.

Once upon a time the two were one, then they had a falling out, went their separate ways, sort of, and astronomy still hasn’t forgotten and forgiven astrology for whatever happened. In fact astronomy is now calling astrology a narcissist… that relationship must have gone from honeymoon to hell for that to happen. And we all know how the story goes when our dreams become a nightmare for us…



One of the people whom I love to hate is a TV astronomer – they’re actually a brilliant astronomer (but a rather irritating human, as humans can be to others when we hit those disagreement bumps in the road), they do a great job teaching astronomy, passing on their enthusiasm for being spaced out, however they’ve used the media attention and cred they get for their astronomical genius to diss astrology as though it was some sort of antichrist virus, a black hole for intelligent life.

If you don’t like astrology, just ignore it. Why do you need to hate on it if you think it’s bollocks? Methinks you doth protest hater style a bit too much, as though astrology did something bad to you and you just can’t get over it. You’re obsessed with this insignificant detail, and you’re making it more significant because you keep insisting on its insignificance. If it really isn’t all that… stop making it all that! Did you perhaps get your chart done and it bruised your ego in some way that is unforgivable?

Astrology has a way of doing that… what an a-hole!


Fucking Astrology


Astrology sometimes tells us what we don’t want to hear… for humans that’s reason enough to get our hate on.

Astronomy, on the other hand, is always really nice to us and feeds our ego. It never tells us that planet Earth is a speck of dust from a Big Bang. It never makes us feel insignificant as though one random asteroid could wipe us all out, perhaps because it is having a bad day (in space time) and wants to share that with us.

Astronomy, viewed through human filters, always flatters us by informing us that we’re the only intelligent life in the universe. Aren’t we awesome!?!

Astronomy news lately has been filled with those fantastic (and slightly unbelievable) pics of Pluto.

Pluto, lord of the underworld, demoted planet (who doesn’t bear a grudge with us for that, for our fickleness, our proclivity to have to categorise everything and everyone, and then change our minds a billion light year times…), harbinger of doom sometimes in astrology… has a heart on it!




That heart on Pluto lets us know that Pluto loves us and… we are all loving Pluto at the moment. Astronomically!!!

Astrologically… our love for Pluto is less of love and more of… a human love for shifting blame from ourselves onto someone or something else.

Pluto is transiting Capricorn, a sign which so many seem to love to hate.

I got a missive on one of my old posts about Capricorn recently, wherein the commenter said something along the lines of all Capricorns really should be killed because we’re all so awful, except we’re apparently good at sex so… as long as we keep it up, other signs won’t kill us off even though they want to.

Wow! Thanks! That’s really very generous and so very kind! We’re such psychopaths compared to you!

Capricorn is known for being ambitious, quite good at survival, interested in power games, and… being kept alive as a sex slave is at the top of the ‘things I aim to achieve’ list for all power-hungry Capricorns.

Be careful though… if you think we’re toxic and you’re messing with us…


toxic waste warning


In Astrology, the transit of Pluto in Capricorn has had a lot of attention, partly due to its link to Uranus transiting Aries. This Square dance between them has been blamed and credited with a lot of things affecting all of us, personally and on a larger scale than that.

Our global financial mess is being linked to the Pluto/Uranus square… especially the Pluto in Capricorn side of it. Uranus in Aries… well, it’s Uranus… the freedom chaser and fighter (as in fighting for freedom rather than fighting freedom… although sometimes…), and Aries will be Aries… like boys will be boys… and like girls aren’t allowed to use that same excuse (although sometimes… PMS… and things…).

Some of the articles on this combo make a certain amount of sense… however… love for money and things material isn’t really just a Pluto in Capricorn thing. And the desire to break free from old systems of power and stuff isn’t just an Uranus in Aries thing…

All humans have a rebel gene…



…it just adapts to circumstances, and sometimes rebels by wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase. Perhaps the Yuppie generation were just rebelling against their dippy Hippie parents… Greed is good was a reaction to too much making love and not war.

It’s not a Pluto in astrology thing at all to get stuck in old systems, although… power is… a Pluto thing… something it is obsessed with… just as humans are… and humans often equate material wealth and stuff with power. Pluto… sometimes does that and sometimes it encourages you to burn it… burn it with fire!


burning bridges


Capricorn is materialistic… according to astrology, but the sign may only be materialistic because it is interested in what humans associate with power. The materialistic side of Capricorn is after power, not material things. If a blender is a source or symbol of power for people, we want it. But if all it is is a blender which mushes stuff up… then we can do without it. We can make smoothies with our hands if need be.

Am I kidding?

Maybe… perhaps…

Perhaps I should point out that astrologically I have Pluto in the 1st house of identity, self, and it aspects my Sun (ego) in Capricorn quite cheerfully with a Trine. And transiting Pluto is straddling my Sun… kinky!


sexy beastA great film featuring a Cappy in a very stereotypical Capricorn role…


However love for money… materialistic love… love… that’s the territory of Venus.

I recently came across a rather superficial article about Venus in the chart and what it means – Using Your Venus… – never dismiss the superficial, as it can sometimes be as informative (maybe more so) as the deep. Not in the same way, but still the surface of things often reflects the deep within for us.

What we see on the surface of others (and other things which represent something to us) can be what lies deeply within us… and we only see it when we project it onto the screen that others (or things) are for ourselves.


what we see in others(can you tell that this post is rushed, that there are things going on which you can’t see…?)


Complexities of human relationships aside… or perhaps delving into them in from a different angle…

Your natal Venus can tell you how you attract other people… what attracts others to you. It’s the charm you turn on or is always on to be appealing to others, sometimes it’s natural, sometimes it’s the natural nurtured, sometimes it’s a bit more artificial… but the artificial needs a natural base, like make up needs your face as a starting point. It’s your hostess with the mostest, your come hither look.

You don’t only use this Venusian charm to attract lovers of a carnal nature… for instance, an actor with a prominent and desirable Venus placement will attract fans. Fans = box office success. Box office success = money. Power also comes with that, but who holds it? The fans, the actor, the people behind the actor…?

A well-placed Venus can attract power, money, success… and be in love with those things too.

Venus is… adaptable in love. Love is an abstract… it becomes the vessel it fills. Can take any shape… form… become any object.

Speaking of which… my natal Venus:


Venus in Pisces.

… is kind of spot on when it comes to describing certain aspects of my relationships with others. Both the pros and the cons… and the cons of the pros and the pros of the cons. Okay it doesn’t capture it all… but… it’s there if you want to see it.

If I’d been willing to just be who others want me to be for them… maybe I’d be rich and powerful by now (pipe-dream!!??).

I don’t know… my effing Pluto in the 1st house tends to scupper things for my Venus.

It’s a bit more complicated than that… always is… especially with humans.

Basically… people often mistake me for someone they want me to be rather than who I am. I used to think that was my fault, sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s their fault for projecting a dream onto me and expecting me to live up to it without telling me what it is… then getting mad at me for disappointing them because I’m too human and not dreamy enough.

We all do that, project our dreams onto others… who happen to be blank at the time to us because we needed them to be blank. Then we took some time to get to know them and…


There’s more to it than that… there’s more to me than that… more to you…

I have tried to warn people about me, less because of me and more because of them and their projections… of which I’ve learned to be very wary.

…but… people don’t necessarily heed warnings…

…do they, do we.


warning label


If we did… well, many warning signs just wouldn’t need to exist.

Something, something… over to you!