Tangled in Apophenia’s Web

Apophenia's web


Who is Apohpenia and what is this web she weaves which can entangle us?

We’re all Apophenia at times.

We’re all weavers of webs which entangle, and in which we get entangled.

We are atoms seeking to make connections between and with other atoms, creating worlds, realities, meaning, as we do.

A spark glistens before us, filaments flowing rays seeming to reach towards other sparks. We follow the trail, a cosmic traveler chasing a comet, riding the adventure, seeking a journey, looking for enchantment…




A knock on the door.

The telephone rings.

The person at the door is not the same as the one calling you on the phone.

This happens the very moment you relax on the loo, certain that no one would bother you, you had some time all to yourself.

This particular scenario occurs to me so often, I’ve concluded that it’s part of a conspiracy… to stop me from going to the loo.

I’m not sure why this conspiracy exists, it seems rather inane, but it’s not my job to figure out why those conspiring against me are doing so.

I have asked them why they’re doing it, but they evade my probing by turning things around on me, making me out to be the crazy one. These are obviously not the sort of people whom you can confront, they’re conspirers, it has to be secretive or else it’s not any fun… it was silly of me to think I could deal with this head on.

My cat is in on the conspiracy too, but you can’t interrogate a cat, they’re inscrutable.

And yesterday a frog got in on the act. It showed up in the bathtub.

Things are heating up just as the weather gets colder.

The pressure is on and being turned up.

Don’t relax!

When you relax, that’s when they come for you…


Being Amused by Apophenia - Bruce Poulsenextract via Being Amused by Apophenia by Bruce Poulsen


Or maybe it the universe telling me that when I relax… everything happens all at once.

Could that be a good thing, for a change…

Stop holding on to it, it’ll only happen when you let it go.

Or maybe it’s just a repetitive coincidence…like the way the sky clouds over when it rains. But not all cloudy days are rainy days, so that’s just a coincidence.

Perhaps… no… but… is it just something I notice when it happens, and don’t notice when it doesn’t happen…

I should pay more attention to those times it doesn’t happen, maybe that’s where the real conspiracy abides…



At home… not outside of it.