It’s happening… Barcelona Day!

Sometimes I do posts which are representative of a milestone in my life, this is one of them. They’re there for me to remind me… because I have such a scattered mind, prone to forget… my own name at times.

These posts rarely make sense… but that’s not unusual for my posts.

I’m not going to explain anything because, not sure I have words for this… and this is very private at the moment, but I just need to do this and so I’m doing it.

Today is Barcelona day for me…



  1. ~ this song ( no one! ) knows about….. typically rare. I chose this for my daughter to sing at her senior recital duet ( she is a classically trained ) it’s not just simple similarities anymore – it’s unreal. All of it. Not sure to go see a medium or put tin foil over my head. Nothing is RANDOM. ” eternal sunshine of a spotless mind ………”


    • You know those scenes in musicals where one person starts singing and suddenly the entire street joins in and bursts into song. Well, in the UK, if you hum or sing even a small bit of a Freddie Mercury song, everyone starts singing along. He’s a god of music over here, especially for my generation. Queen is musical royalty, and a few years ago Brian May played guitar on the roof of Buckingham Palace.

      If I just sing the word ‘Barcelona’ everyone around me knows exactly what song it is. It was part of Queen’s greatest hits and used for the Barcelona Olympics.

      So, I don’t think you need to invest in a tinfoil suit of armor. Not sure how a medium would be of use… unless it’s a happy medium. I bet there are as many differences between us as there are similarities.

      For instance, I don’t have a daughter. Wow! Singing Barcelona for her recital, that’s awesome! You must be very proud of her ❤

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